I Saw My Sister-in-law Naked

Summer of 2010: The girls (my wife and her sis) were giving the kids a bath one night, and I was working on the computer in a corner of the room just outside the bathroom. My wife came out first (naked of course) after drying off leading one of our kids to the other room to get clothes on. One by one, the other kids came out and suddenly my sister-in-law came out with her oldest. She was crouched down drying him off, and then he ran to join his cousins and she stood up to dry herself off. I was crouched down hidden from view by the desk the computer was on, and with her glasses off she couldn't see me. I tried not to look, but she stood up...What a beautiful view. Like a twin of my wife, but with milk engorged breasts. I almost had a heart attack! I wished I had a camera, but I took a quick picture with my mind and went back to work. The funny thing was, I was hoping to see something like that this summer, but had no idea how much I would fulfill that wish!
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Thats what cell phones are made for.

have your camera in your pocket, just in case