Saw My Sister In Law Naked

hi everyone,

I have always fascinated about seeing my sister-in-law butt naked.. she is in her early teens.. perfect figure for her age... wheatish complexion.. couple of times I tried to record her undress n dress during bath using my mobile hidden in the bathroom.. but it was in vain.. I cudn't succeed in doing so.. this time I did not want to miss... she come to ur home during vacation & I want to make best use of this vacation... I was dying to see those budding boobs..  she was using our room n bathroom to take bath & that was a belssing in disguise.. I kept my laptop in my room with the web cam on and it was recording the happenings in my room.. after she used our room, I was dying to view the vedio that was recorded.. I kind of ran to my laptop in my room... blood was rushing top to bottom.. I became horny even before viewing the vedio..  I unlocked my laptop and stopped the recording to view it... started viewing the vedio.. first one minute passed.. nothing came in so far.. beginning of the 2nd minute.. there she comes now with a towel wrapped around her body.. water dripping from her face n neck.. she slowly removed her towel.... WOW......... what a scene to watch.. nice firm, wheatish, budding boobs.. though I am watching **** from my school days.. it is really fascinating to see someone from ur family naked in front of u.. that too a teen girl......... it was just awesome.... the vedio was avilable for around 10 mins.. I saw her butt naked and every inch of her body..  planning to record more such vedios.............. plan is on for this vacation ;)
StuddYash StuddYash
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1 Response May 9, 2012

who wouldnt want to see..I have a thing for my SIL too

yes u r right.. SIL has always been very special