Canning Tomatoes

I have posted stories about doing corn to freeze and having sister-in-law(SIL) over to help, her name is SAndy. While wife decided to do tomatoes today and casually mentioned that Sandy was coming over also. I thought that was kind of neat after doing corn twice nude when she was here and now she wants to help with tomatoes.

How cool, she brought the same friend that caught me working in kitchen that day. My wife is very flustered and the other two women are watchful.

While to say I was surprised when Sandy showed up and brought the same friend with her that had caught me working on kitchen cabinets nude. My wife was absolutely dumfounded that Linda the friend came along. I guess Sandy had asked Marilyn about helping out with the tomatoes. When they arrived, water was just getting warm enough to start dipping the tomatoes to loosen the skins. It turns out we had a little over two bushels to do, and Marilyn and I were glad for the help.
Sandy mad a comment about watching out for the hot water seeing as how I was nude. Finally got some tomatoes started thru and into sink to cool after the hot water dip. Things were moving along and kitchen was getting warmer, I was also baking my italian bread. After about 15 minutes, Linda said she was warm and had to go to bathroom, when she came back, she was in bra and panties, but no one said a word. All of a sudden sandy says she is warm and casually takes off top and bra in kitchen, again no one said word. After a short break for coffee and a slice of fresh bread, we started back to work on tomatoes. I left kitchen to take tomato skins etc and dump on garden. As I came around corner of house, I meant Sandy and Linda having a short smoke break and imagine my surprise when both were nude, I walked by and just said nice to see you are comfortable.

I was in kitchen and packing tomaotes in jars when they came back in and started peeling tomatoes again, my wife looked at them and just shook her head. In another hour we were finished with the tomatoes and now just had to start filling pressure cookers and get things to rolling. Linda and Sandy said they would stay and help, My wife decided she was going to church. After she left for church, we went on deck with coffee and donuts. We sat around and talked the hour and a half my wife was at church. I thought both women were acting normal for what they said was first time nude with someone other than hubbys.
They both did ask if there was some place where they could go in a social setting and I told them of Brushwood and if they wanted to hike, the Chautauqua Gorge and both seemed interested. Time will tell.
My wife returned and started to prepare lunch. The two women stayed for lunch and remained nude. After lunch, they helped clean up got dressed left. My wife said she did not know what to think as it never occurred to her that the two of them would end up nude.

All in all, was a good time and we got all of daughters tomatoes done and had fun doing it.
showmee55 showmee55
61-65, M
Sep 13, 2012