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My Sister-in-law Caught Me ************

Years ago, before I married my (now ex) wife, we were staying at her mother's house for about a week. One night, I really needed to get off, so I went to the bathroom for some alone time.

I was really getting into it, but I had neglected to notice that the bathroom door didn't lock. That became apparent when the younger sister walked in on me with my fat, throbbing **** in my hand. She had a slender build, small B-cup breasts, and for her size, a pretty nicely-shaped ***. She certainly wasn't dressed with the possibility of seeing me in mind, since all she had on was a t-shirt that barely covered her *** and green bikini panties.

She saw what I was doing and had a shocked look on her face as she offered her apologies. Of course, I accepted them since it wasn't her fault, but as I looked at her face, I could tell she was also curious, and couldn't seem to look away from what was happening between my legs. I casually remarked, "If you're going to stay and watch, you should probably close the door."

Much to my surprise, she closed the door and took a seat on the bathroom counter, her eyes never leaving my ****. Realizing that it would be a lot more erotic to make it last than go for the easy ******, I changed my technique slightly so that I would continue to stimulate myself and maintain my erection, but not *** as fast.

After a few minutes of that, I could tell she was very into the show but also a bit apprehensive, as I watched her shifting her position as she sat on the counter. I asked her if anything was wrong, and she replied, "Oh, I'm great, this is really hot. I just don't know if I should do something as well." Since we were way past the point of no return, I said, "Whatever you want to do is fine with me."

No sooner than I had the last word out, her t-shirt had disappeared, revealing a very nice set of **** with nipples that were hard enough to cut diamonds. Her hand immediately found the growing wet spot on her panties, and without any delay, she diddled herself into an earth-shattering ****** while pressing hard on her ****, as I watched the wet spot on her panties double in size from the flow of her juices.

Amazingly (to me at the time), she continued to rub her ***** through her panties, so I meekly suggested that her removing them might make it easier. Soon enough, they were off, and I was observing a very nicely-trimmed, swollen, barely-legal ***** being expertly manipulated by my sister-in-law. I could see copious amounts of thick **** cream pooling between her swollen labia, and dripping down into the crack of her ***. The smell of her arousal was intoxicating as we continued to ********** for each other.

When she threw her head back and announced her second ****** with a throaty groan, that was all I needed to have a nut-wrenching ****** as I shot several thick ropes of my *** across the bathroom, including two that splattered on her thigh. My balls were completely drained as I watched her ***** quiver and twitch as it continued to produce more sticky sweetness.

The first words out of her mouth after she was done climaxing were, "That was so amazing, but I could go one more round." Without even asking, I got up and immediately put my head between her legs, pausing to lick my *** off of her thigh. I feasted on her soaked, swollen *****, introducing her to the joys of oral sex. I took extra time to use my tongue to clean up every spot between her **** and her tight, puckered *******. I made no attempt to restrain myself when my ******* cleaning became a vigorous tongue-******* that sent her into orbit. Indeed, she did have one more round in her, and a healthy serving of her **** cream was my reward.

The next day, my obviously tired sister-in-law discreetly motioned for me to join her in the basement. She greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and a pressing of a wad of fabric into my hand. She whispered, "These are for you. I was up all night." It was the pair of panties she had worn the night before, with even more signs of **** cream and moisture coating them. She had stayed up all night ************.

Later that week, I helped her learn the fine art of sucking **** and swallowing ***, but that's for another story...
cbryant215 cbryant215 36-40, M May 16, 2013

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