I Was About 12 And I Saw My Little Sister And Her Friends Naked

My mom and dad went on a vacation and left me home to watch my little 5 year old sister and a couple of her friends that were staying over. 2 of her friends came over to sleepover a couple of days. I was just sitting up in my room and they were playing downstairs in this giant playroom thing. In about 10 mins they asked me if i would be their mom and play house with them. I said sure and they told me i had to put them in diapers and treat them like baby's. I saw my chance to see them naked and said sure. First was her friend Brooklyn, i ******** her and her little ***** was so cute, then i put a diaper on her and she went over and sat down shirtless in a diaper. Next was her friend Mariah, i ******** her and her ***** was cute too, i put a diaper on her and she went over and sat down. Last was my little sister Molly. Since she was my sister i ******** her and rubbed her ***** a bit while putting on her diaper. Then they all said now you have to let us suck on your breasts. I said okay but i only have 2 and their is 3 of you. Then i said how about this 2 of you can suck on my boobs and the other one can suck the juices from my *****. They all said yay we all get to do something. Molly and Mariah quickly took my shirt and bra off and started sucking away on my boobs. Brooklyn had no idea what to do and i told her to pull my pants down so she did(i was sitting down) My red panties were wet in the front and i told her then pull my red panties down. She took them off me and my hairy wet ***** was exposed. She thought it would be funny to make me suck on my panties well they did this so she shoved them into my mouth and made sure they stayed in. She started licking up the juices flowing out of my ***** saying how good it was and asking why my ***** was hairy. Brooklyn kept licking and sucking then made me squirt and she licked the squirts up so fast. Then they all switched and Molly was sucking my juices now. She made me squirt and they all switched again. They continued doing this again and again until i was too tired to keep it up. I changed their diapers and when i was changing Brooklyn's diaper i leaned forward and she peed all over my naked body and in my mouth. They all decided i was also their toilet so i had to drink all their pee and occasionally eat their tiny poops. We continued doing more fun things.
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mommy breast feeding babys

so ****** hot

become my sister please we can do all this

I would do the same thing minus having a ***** because I have a penis.

that sounds hot

Please contiune that story

Interesting... You were a mean sister, but I understand what you were doing... I would do the same thing... Except for the part that I would have to explain to them why I had a penis!!!

if my sister was thhat young i would have done the same thing
also explain y i have a penis