All Part Of My Awful Timing

I was walking over to one of my teacher's classes Mr. Germain one morning very early and he wasn't there. It was freezing around that time and didn't want to stay outside and wait for him to show up so I started going to all of my teacher's classrooms trying to find a teacher that would be present so I can hang out in his/her classroom until school starts.

Well, I finally walked over to the very last teacher's class whom I haven't checked on and I turn the knob to go inside. I open the door to see my teacher doing these weird ninja motions by the side of the door, fumbling around for a towel. I looked at him all confused at first, wondering what was wrong with him until I finally saw him... REALLY saw him...

He was naked and getting dressed barely in the empty classroom. All he had on was his underwear and socks. He seemed like he was right in the middle of putting his pants on when I saw him and he dropped them and started flinging around for a towel. We started at each other speechlessly until for some weird reason, I finally reacted...
By going inside the classroom at the far end and just reading a book in the meantime while he continued to quickly get dressed.

It just didn't hit me at the time that my teacher was getting dressed and I saw him half naked. Not until hours after it happened. I was like whatever at first. O.O My reaction was so incredibly slow. I must have been really shocked.
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I was wondering why he was doing a ninja motion in his underwear and why do it in the classroom?

Luz!! :D

Not as bad.... :)

Just one of those weird situations we get ourselves into, LOL, more than likely as stated, he was just getting changes, but awkward none the less....

That is funny lol hope he didnt look horrible.

did he talk about it. I by mistake touch a feet of a teacher under the table. I thought i got into trouble and got scared. she touch my feet in in returned and say it is ok.


Thank you for the laugh, I needed that.

Omg lololololol!

I don't know if I got to send my comment before I left last time,so I'll just recap.I can imagine the awkward moment for both you and your teacher,But! I've never laughed so much in a long time;and I needed it.Thank you.

Wow. Late reaction, but yeah...seems like he probably just came in early and changed. By the way you mention the towel, he probably jogged to class.

I'm not sure why he had a towel in class. O.o I always wondered that, but either way, I'm glad he had it. Although, who knows? Maybe my reaction would have been the same.

bet he was thankful he had his underwear on lol

I'm betting that he routinely came in with casual clothes on, and changed into a fresh suit when at work. Either that, or he had hooked up the night before and didn't have time to change.


Good question. I always wondered that...<br />
He probably did it more often, but that was the first time I walked in earlier than usual. He probably didn't feel the need to lock the classroom door since nobody ever came in that morning until that one day when I did.

O.o Why was your teacher getting dressed in a classroom? o.o