On A Class Trip

I went to a private school as a kid up till I graduated. I was very good at math, and I went to a mathamatics compitition at the state capital. It was great because I got out of a day's school, and my math teacher and myself drove there and back. She was a good looking rookie teacher in her 20's. It was a catholic school and it was her first year teaching.
The drive there was ok, nothing to report. The event itself was fun for me, even though I came in 5th. After the event we all went to a Dennys to eat and that was fun as well. It was after dark and it was time for a four hour drive back home. We got snacks and coffees but I still fell asleep. After the first hour I had to pee. I didn't say anything but soon it started to get bad. She said she had to go too and we would stop at the next rest stop. We drove for another forty minutes and I could see her squirming in her seat. We both confessed we really had to go soon or else.
After a few more minutes she just pulled over. She ran to the other side of the car, and dropped her pants and squated. I got out, she made a start to protest but then just stopped. I could see her peeing, and I really had to go, so I unzipped and peed too. I didn't go to far away as it was dark outside of the circle of light so we could clearly see each other. My **** was fully out and at first, I don't think either of us thought about the situation as much as we were just happy to finally go. When she was done I watched her stand up and she reached into the car and got some napkins from the seat, so I saw her *** too. She stood infront of me and wiped herself then pulled up her pants. I saw her bush, i saw it all. I was done at this point and let it linger out for a few seconds. We got in the car and we both agreed that it was much better now.
After that she was my favorite teacher. She got married and left the school two years later.
Difara Difara
Nov 30, 2011