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Right. This story is from my high school years, in my sophomore (world) history class. The teacher was pretty new (2nd or 3rd year teaching I think) and was a really young woman, in her mid 20's if I recall correctly, almost certainly the youngest teacher in the school, but very good at her subject. She knew her stuff and knew how to work with kids our age. In fact she was close enough to our age group that having a conversation with her like two students to each other wasn't out of the question. She was also really nice and extremely good-looking (blonde hair always in a ponytail, bright blue eyes, very funny and always a radiant smile) and (to top it off), somehow we learned quite a bit too. She told a lot of funny stories, both about herself and about historical events, which kept the class in a light mood. Pretty much the best teacher ever in a nutshell, and I'm quite certain the entire lower division class was in love with her. She was Miss Miller.

She was very attractive and she was no doubt humbly aware of this, and of the fact that she was working in the midst of tons of adolescent boys. From the class, you'd hear the occasional sexual(ish) joke (nothing too over-the-line of course, mostly innuendo) or cat call or whistle now and then, it was all in good fun. Miss Miller was totally cool about it (she thought it was cute I think). I'm from a good area so she never got seriously harassed to an inappropriate level. By the time the year had gotten rolling, it was pretty well-established that everyone thought she was really hot (I'm speaking for the guys of course, as I am through this whole story. There we plenty of girls in the school but it's not too relevant to the story).

I guess I should fill in some more background, sorry if my jumping around-ness is a little disorienting. My school has music as part of its core curriculum whereas other schools around don't, so you have to actually be interested and send in an application and audition and be accepted and stuff to attend. Because of this I think, almost all the students are "nice" kids, even more so than other schools around and as I said, I live in a good area. So this is probably why Miss Miller wasn't harassed to being uncomfortable (or didn't seem to be anyway) even in the face of all the boys melting over her. No one ever gave her a hard time really, and she liked us. I think she may have enjoyed it a bit to be honest :P She also wore skirts a lot. I think that contributed to her overall attractiveness. Never mini skirts, she kept things professional in that sense and dressed and acted as conservatively as you'd expect from a teacher. She usually sort of floaty knee-length cotton skirts or sometimes a little shorter. Her sort of "rest position" when she was teaching (forgive the musician metaphor) when she wasn't standing up/writing/using the board, was on a stool at the front center of the class, behind a podium with her notes on it. And by podium in this case I don't mean like a solid wooden block type, I mean the more "music stand" type where it's just a thin pole for the body of it. In fact I think it may have been one of those oversized music stands that orchestra conductors use. That's what they get to use when they work at a music-focused school I guess. In any case, when she was up there she always had her knees closed or legs crossed, but we could always still see up her skirts a fair bit. Not enough to reveal anything, but you could see far enough up her legs to make it a pretty tantalizing tease. In retrospect I wonder if it was part of an evil scheme to ensure we stayed awake XD not that it was needed, she was able to deliver the material well enough that it was interesting (kudos). Some of us would catch glimpses of a little white once in a while when she stood up from the stool or switched her leg crossing, but they were few and far in-between, and hardly anything. Sometimes when her skirts were thin and lightly colored and she wore dark panties, you could see through the skirt just a faint impression; sometimes you thought you were imagining it. A few times the sun shone through the window directly onto her when she was up at the board, and then you could see the dark shape of her panties quite clearly—which was awesome—but that only happened a few time in the year, as that combination of things all at the same time (light skirt, dark panties, sun shines in during lesson) didn't happen all too often. And anyway, even with that, the skirt was still always there, shrouding what was underneath, so these things were never more than a tease, fuel for a daydream.

I'll point out directly, also, that she wasn't married, and didn't seem to be dating anyone (not that any of us would really have known). She spent most of her time on the job, since I guess there wasn't much difference to her between her classroom and her house as far as sitting and grading papers went. So every day she always had her classroom open pretty late (5-6pm) and it was a bit of a hangout (as it was intended, I think) for everyone who had to stay after school (not detention kids), whether they just had to wait for their parents to get out of work or had to wait for a sibling to finish band/drumline/whatever before their parents would pick them both up. There were usually 10-15 people in there on average in the afternoons, usually either all or almost all boys. There was some studying and some conversation and eating that went on there. Never library-quiet (until late, >5pm when there was no one or almost no one left) but rarely super rowdy either. Miss Miller was sometimes at her desk grading, and sometimes around the room sitting on various desks, chatting with students or at the front telling a story about college or something. I always stayed there after school as late as she was open, not for any specific reason, my house was very nearby about a 10 minute walk, but in general I just liked it better there than at home where my obnoxious siblings and overprotective/intrusive/controlling mother resided (My father's passing a few years earlier contributed to her out-of-sorts psychology). So I was witness to a lot of great moments and jokes in that room, of great value and/or hilarity, but one of them stands out a mile further, I'm sure it's the one you've been expecting too, given how I've been leading this thing.

So. We were all in Miss Miller's room after school, hanging out. She was standing next to a desk toward the middle of the room chatting with a student. Often she puts her hands behind her bum and leans back against the side of the desk in the next column of desks (the desks were arranged in isles, if you know what I mean by that) but there was someone who happened to be sitting in the desk one isle to the side of the student she was talking to, so she was just standing straight, in the middle of the isle (sorry if that image wasn't quite clear lol). I was in the back of that isle, because I'm quiet and I like at least one empty desk in every direction if possible :P Some of the following is pieced together from what I saw and from what the other guys said, since I wasn't paying much attention until a second or two into the action. Apparently one of the guys in the room headed down that isle she was in and as he turned and entered the isle, his foot snagged on the arm-hole-thing of a backpack on the floor in the isle and tripped forward. As he fell he let out a little "woah" which is when I looked up, just in time too (:D) He reached out in front for something to break his fall... And ended up wrapping his arms around Miss Miller's waist from behind and pulling both her skirt and panties straight to the ground. She was knocked off balance too of course and her arms shot out on both sides and grabbed the desks on either side of her to steady herself on instinct for a good few seconds (in reality probably only like one) giving us all an amazingly long view of her vagina before she put a hand between her legs to cover herself, and another few precious moments before she could pull up her panties and skirt. She was super red of course but managed to try to laugh it off, but wow, I can't imagine how embarrassed she was. She did (I think) manage to live it down though. At any rate, she must have known known she had at least fulfilled all of our fantasies. In conversation after the fact with the other guys who were there, the guy who tripped swears that it was "sort of intentional" in that he didn't plan to trip, but while he fell and saw Miss Miller turned around right in front of him, he just grabbed the opportunity on a flash reaction, although judging from the pictures some people managed to take, I'm not so sure :P

Oh yeah, there's that :P Since we were all just hanging out after school, there were plenty of cellphones out. It was a few years ago but smartphones had still hit the market en masse by that time. However from my experience with smartphones there's no way anyone could have reacted and opened up their camera app before she covered herself (and there was a picture or two of her uncovered vagina), so I suspect a small circle of people knew what was going to happen beforehand and readied their phones, but hey, who knows. Maybe they have fast hands. The camera quality wasn't as great on those phones as they are now, which is unfortunate as the pictures aren't that great unless you were there and have the memories to fill in the details. I do believe the story and pictures were passed around a little bit, but didn't really "spread like wildfire" around the whole school or end up on facebook or anything as I think there was a general fear of administration/parents getting wind, and no one really wanted the news to be flying around and embarrass Miss Miller more because if she had to leave it would have been tragic. Our school is very small and everyone knows each other anyway, so rumors don't tend to be perpetuated long, since after like one day everyone has already heard it so there's no one to tell. So... I don't think she ever realized there were pictures taken. And no, I'm not sharing :D Mine!

Anyway... Easily the most memorable high school story I have. Oh yeah, one last detail. My last class of the day that year was PE. We can't wear our gym clothes to class, but this wasn't class just an afterschool hangout. So yeah I was wearing gym shorts during this XD and as I said I always stay until she closes shop so I was the last to leave, and still had a raging ***** when I stood up (like an hour or so later), and there was just no way to hide it. My turn to be red. I was shy, so boy was my face red haha, as I got up to leave and she saw it and smiled at me and she turned red again as well.

I'm terrible at endings. I hope no one minds if I just leave an abrupt cutoff here.
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