I Saw My Teacher Pee Her Pants:)

So, I was sitting in the classroom. Reading. I had to pee. Just a little. But I HAD to pee. And since I don't like waiting to pee, and prefer to relieve myself at the beginning. I went up to the front of the classroom to ask my teacher if I could use the bathroom... And the immediate answer was "No, dear. You'll just have to wait." But the funny thing was, that when I asked her, her face was slightly pinkish, and her voice was strained. She was also crossing her legs and squeezing her thighs together... like she had to take a **** real bad. I sulkishly went back t o my desk. My own urge to urinate growing stronger by the minute. Class wasn't even half over, which meant about 45 minutes left. I opened my book, and tried to start to read. But I kept thinking, my teacher has to pee... my teacher has to pee... my teacher. has. to . PEE. I was sitting towards the front of the classroom. I knew i could wait til the end of class to relieve my bladder, and wasn't worried about wetting. So. I took the water bottle from under my desk, and started gulping loudly. I casually loosened the cap and dropped the bottle by "accident" it dripped off the seat of my chair. Drip. Drip. drip. Dribble. " Oh shoot. Sorry, I'll clean it up!" I said. My teacher glanced up at me. Wincing. I could almost see the desperation in her face. She had to pee bad. I went over to the sink to grab some paper towels. Going back over to my desk, I walked slowly but casually by my teacher's desk. I guess she didn't realize I was watching her, so she continued grasping her crotch with her hand. She had her legs crossed, and her foot quietly tapping on the floor. I just knew she wasn't going to make it. Even though it was 8th hour, last class. I wiped up the mess going back to the trash can, passing my teachers desk to throw away the towels. I passed back once more. And I swear I saw a tiny dark spot on her light blue jeans. Now I was positive she wasn't going to make it. A few minutes later the bell rang. And I purposefully left my texbook under my desk so I could come in again and hopefully see her wet. The class exited the room. I was last out, so I closed the door. I bent down and peeked through the keyhole. Only too see my teacher bent over, holding her crotch. Another dark spot appeared on her jeans, easily visible. She bent over in pain only to have another wet spot appear. Now was the time. I burst in through the door. My teacher stood in shock, her hand squeezing her vagina, little spurts of pee coming out avery few seconds. I was so close to laughing... but I stayed quiet. I slowly said: " I forgot my textbook." Keeping my eyes fixed on the teacher as I stumbled over to my desk. "Can I help you with anything?" I asked hesitantly. She said: "if you could carry these few things... Oh my god, I have to pee so badly! I've been waiting all day!" We ambled out the door her holding her crotch and me watching to see if any more spurts appeared. About halfway to the bathrooms, she stopped she practically screamed " Oh my god O can't hold it any more!!!!!" As a giaant stain appeared on her jeans, and a puddle of golden liquid sprawled out under her sandals. I stood in shock. I had seen a teacher pee her pants. I was ecstatic. I took one last look at her giant puddle of pee, not knowing what to do next. So, I ran sorry to say. I also took a pic on my iPhone. Printed it, and put it in my Naked celebs and peeple who peed their peeants portfolio. Now containing Emma Watson, Fergie, Dan radcliffe, rhianna, and many more.
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Wow that must have been really funny

Sounds exciting! I would love to see a teacher pee her pants~

I peed my panties in my college class the other day. I had to go so bad that i felt I was going to O. The warm pee in my panties felt so good. I was so glad that I was wearing one of my dresses.

Many years ago, (nineteen seventy something) I was handing in an assignment, I had been made to stay late in order to complete it, so it was just Miss C. and me in the classroom. When I went to hand her the papers, I dropped my paperclip. I said, "My paperclip went under your desk." and she said, "What? You wanna look up my dress?" I started to repeat about the paperclip, when she said, "Go ahead, look up my dress if you want to." I got down on my knees and went under her desk. she spread her legs and hiked up her dress, so I could see her tan satin panties. She said, "Get a closer look, c'mon, don't be shy!" So I did. She said, "You like what you see?" I responded, "I lick what I see." She said, "Lick what you see? C'mon then, lick me, I don't bite!" So I did. She had a small wet spot, which I licked, and it became a big wet spot. I sucked her panties into my mouth, and then all at once, she just let go with hot salty ****, in my mouth, all over my face, my hair, all over. I think I spooged in my draws, right then and there. I guess I was about fourteen. She was maybe in her late twenties. I've been a pee fan ever since. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.<br />

What's going on here? The exact same story from two allegedly different people!