Wife Groped in bar

this is a true story it happend in march 2010...me and my wife (donna) was in a wine bar drinking and chatting to friends we hadnt seen in a long time,

it was a great night to let her hair down because she starts a new job very soon. my wife is 34very curvy 5ft9 with 38dd thick all over sexy legs big hips

big bottom she wore a tight black blouse and knee length flared skirt with silky smooth satin thong .so after a few hours me carole and a few friends decided we go to a night club carole didnt really do night clubs it wasnt her thing but she was happy to go, we paid and entered. my friends brought drinks and led us to a cozy sofa area with a table that had a small candle on it "very nice" she said.

we sat and chatted for a while,my wife looked tired but happy she was having a good time. 
after 1 hour my friends said they were going out for a smoke, told my wife we will be outside smoking she smiled and said ok i followed them out of the club.
one of my friends said my wife looks really sexy and nice tonight..told him to keep his eyes in his head we laughed and joked about.
we went back into the club, and brought more drinks. i saw my wife talking to a guy by the bar 2 guys were close behind. i told my friends lets go to the beer garden at the back we can smoke and have a seat there.
we headed to the beer garden and found a nice spot..my friend said "go and get carol you idiot. i put my drink down went back to where i last saw her,she wasnt there,then went to the cozy sofa area she was standing and chatting to 2 guys when i looked closer i could see another on the sofa leaning forward behind my wife, i couldnt see what he was doing but her skirt was moving around slightly.
Then i clearly saw his hand slide out from under her skirt real slowly then up again, saw his hands caressing her inner thigh but the way she was standing,she was just standing there talking and laughing she stepped back a little and parted her legs more,then another guy sat beside him took out his phone aimed it up her skirt,people saw what was going on, she looked down after seeing a white light she didnt do anything just sipped her wine and carried on chatting.
i was blocked by a few people standing in my way, by this time both guys had there hands up her skirt..very slow movements she must of liked them touching her.
they both spoke and laughed a bit, an older guy step in for a closer look she took her phone out at that point the older guy sat on the arm of the sofa my phone rang.
i rushed back to my friends and sat down, they all looked at me,one said has she left you then?...where is she?? they all laughed told them she wasnt feeling to good shes in the ladies. "ok chap.. were gonna leave you with your wife we dont want to see her puke up all over herself in that hot sexy outfit do we know??"one of my friends said. they all drank there beers down and said "we shall talk later" ok ok ... when they left i rushed back inside.she was sitting on the sofa in the middle of 2 guys 2 sitting on the table in front of her, she sat with her legs slightly open, then i saw a hand slide up her legs and disappeared under her black skirt she had another drink in her hand.she said something to them they all got up and went to the bar.
the older guy sat down beside her
she took her phone out and rang me again, i went into the beer garden and answered.
"hey babe you okay? im in the beer garden"
yes im  fine..can you do me a favour, can you go home and get my other pair of shoes you know witch ones..these are killing my feet. please babe.
i said " but you will be here alone the others have left"
il be ok ..will you go??"
i had no choice but to go home and get her shoes we didnt live very far just a 10min cab ride home..i told the cabbie to take his time.
when i got home i searched the whole house and couldnt find them,i looked outside to see if the cab was still there.
i rang her phone but it just rang and rang still looking around 5mins i rang her again she isnt picking up.. i started in looking in dumb places, i rang her phone again it went to voicemail..i left the house without her shoes.told the cabbie to take me back to the club on the way i rang her again still voicemail
i was getting hot under the collar.
then her phone rang 4mins later.."darling hi..are you back yet?"before i could answer.. i heard a male voice discreetly saying not yet not yet, there was no music in the background i heard other male voices then the line cuts off.
i got the club..and waited..i called her again it rang a few times then cuts off this happened 4 times in the space of 10mins i smoked 3 cigarettes and went in she was walking from a different area..she didnt say anything to me at first,but kept looking over at the bar..where have you been all this time?? she said.i kissed her and told her where going home.she looked over to the bar again..and saw her do a sly wink.
i couldnt find your shoes babe i looked all over the house.she laughed and said "ohsorry sorry i just remembered i gave them away to a friend 2 weeks ago im really sorry.
i told her it was ok dont worry about it.when we got home,she went to bed right away just wearing her bra she looked really tired... i jumped into bed feeling so horny i grabbed her *** and boobs, she pushed me away..wait wait she said.. i noticed her bra had  damp circles patches on both nipple areas and the bra looked dirty and out of shape...so i let her fall asleep..then i crept out of bed  and had a good look at her satin panty it to was dirty damp and smelt musky her skirt had damp patches all over it...i was so horny i slipped into her as she slept,omg i was hard like hell. she was so so so slippery like never before.
it felt so damm nice really wet and slippery if you know what i mean..what a sexy hot feeling,she just laid there on her back with her damp bra sticking up in the air i sucked on them both lightly sucking though the bra it tasted and smelt of beer and chewing gun and smelt musky i didnt take long for me to unload into her. after she said"theres lipstick all over it..its to rude for you tube.
i felt my lower body tense up i flooded her like a garden hose i pulled her right boob out of the bra and licked sucked it like a madman she took a deep breath and trembled..her breath had a male musky smell and noticed red lipstick on her teeth..my phone started ringing then she said."ohh boy let it ring let it ring im so bad so bad omg" she went into a deep sleep. i got up took the call it was one of my friends asking about my wife. told him she was ok and had a good time out shes fine now.after the call i went back to my wife, her legs were open she looked swollen and bruised up. i look for the video a few days later i found it, took me hours searching..i could see her satin thong and there hands invading her while she just stands there. but i wonder if they made another video while i looked for her shoes.

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Your wife is a *****

Your wife is a whale, but if I was there I'd most probably have ****** the hell out of your wife and **** inside her womb countless of time hoping to impregnate her while you're away. I'd even program her phone number to have a future secret **** together. You fail as her husband. And it's the end of your marriage.

If you like your wife to be taken by other guys ..... and you enjoy it and she enjoys it ... it is OK.... the there is no problem....

but if you like your wife to be yours... and you invite her to go out....you do not abandon her to go with your friends and have fun and leave her alone..... she probably does not enjoy going out when you do that... specially if she is with no friends.... you left her alone and went with your friends.... what fun is that for her?

If you are treating her all the time in that way.... she will look for someone who pays attention to her and wants to hang out with her...... my guess is that one of your friends the one that told you go get your wife...probably thought she might be hanging out with other guys... he just warned you by telling you that..... I wonder if that friend... is the same friend that told you the "your wife looks really sexy".... and was the same that called you to know if your wife is OK...... because if he is the same guy.... he probably knows you do not take care of her.... and he wants to be as friendly as the guys at the bar with your wife...... saying so... it is not his fault....

So if you like to watch... probably next guy will be your friend with your wife....
If you do not like that.... pay attention to your wife and do not abandon her.....

your own fault you could have stopped it in the begining but chose to watch. now you lost her bud, Just for a cheap trill..

If you want her to come clean and be open about what she has done and is maybe doing, be suttle.<br />
Be romantic and loving, tell her how much she turns you on and how sometimes you fantasies about her having sex with other men, being touched in front of you...see if she takes the bait and is she is willing to indulge your fantasy (although it seems clear that she already has).

Unfortunately, your wife has crossed the line. Get the divorce started NOW, that is unless you LIKE being depressed -- because that's what you'll have if you stay with her, without a doubt! She's a depressed ****-wife and it's VERY UNLIKELY that she will ever change. Being a man, and be strong, and good luck!

You should confront her about this because even though she's having fun, and you kind of like this, she's going to end up having too much fun and leaving you. But don't confront her in a bad way, maybe talk to her about it, and try to give her as much fun. Maybe you two could be those couples who go with other couples. I am honestly not into that, but if that will keep you two together than be it so. I mean you seem like a decent guy. And other people do it.

give her as much fun yer alright thats why she's ******* while he's out the way
hes got a **** for a wife thats been ******* a lot of guys while he's not around
either put up with it or shut up and get a divorce before she divorces you as will happen soon

She's a sexy tart at work I think, but I don't really know what goes on there but she has had a few late nights at her new job I won't question her about it.but has come home and had xxx stains on her tights

What a great Wife