Wife Gets Cornered In The Club

this happend in march 2012..me and my wife are in a london a hotel and getting ready to go out for a meal somewhere around holborn area, it was abour 20:00 we had lunch and red wine and a few cocktails we was in a merry and happy mood.
My wife donna is 37 young at heart and very curvy all over 5ft 9in.. smooth skin big sexy eyes shes wearing a knee lengh shiny purple pleated skirt and a tight purple v neck top and wearing her 1950s style bra that showed off her 38dd boobs that made them stick out like they could poke your eyes out.
has sexy legs, wide hips inhance by a thick black belt buckled tight around her waist and wore 3inch heels and she glowed with a sexy dark tan.
After the meal, i surggested to her we go out to a bar or a club in town, she said "ohhhhh great lets go"
we left the resturant and hailed a black cab and told the cabby to take us to piccadilly circus, after we go there,there was a few night spots dotted around the area.
Donna noticed one not far ahead but the crowed looked young and imature.. she jogged upto the bouncer asked him what type of venue it was and told her it was soul night 70s to 80s night.
i told her i dont like soul music..she gave gave me the puppy eyes look and said "please please you might like it tonight, it takes me back to the 80s!!"
"in a 1950s out fit?? ok"she kept talking and chatting away about how feels and how she looks...the queue was huge, my wife was behind me holding me tight she wasnt saying much after 5mins she was dead silent i ask her if she was ok she said "yes" after for 15 mins we paid the fee and went in the club,the music was loud. it wasnt that bad..pretty cool.
We headed towards the bar saw a few people looking at her as we got there. we ordered a few drinks and stayed at the bar for a while looking around and chatting.
Now at this point i was pretty slogged up...my wife was tipsy I took her by the hand through the crowd of people,most were dancing..when I looked back at her, a few guys were behind her, one talking into her ear..i saw her smile a little, then saw a hand glide over her left boob very discreetly. I looked away quick continued cutting through the crowd getting turned on from what i saw.
we eased passed lots of poeple i felt her grip tighten felt her being pulled back a few times.
we managed to find a less crowded area, near a corner with a very large loud speaker box near by with a few tables and chairs on the left about 5meters away we drank our drinks in one swoop and laughed out loud we kissed hugged for a few seconds, she started to dance and moved her hips from side to side ..she looked so sexy in her 50s out fit,she was dancing real sexy, guys and girls were looking at her, we kissed and messed about for about 15mins.
i told her i was going to take a seat the bass from the speaker was killing my ears. she gave me her glass she looked like she was enjoying herself.10 mins later i saw the same guys about 3 of them from earlier heading towards this area they looked about 18- 21.
she signaled me to come and join her but i signalled to her  if she wanted a drink she smiled at me then blew a kiss and said yes.
i headed towards the bar i was pushed and knocked by a few poeple it was really crowded now.
I looked over to my wife she looked hot.. real sexy then saw 6 guys dancing near her. she was smiling away but dancing with a little less movement than before.
I waited to be served then looked again, saw only saw 4 guys dancing right in front of her can only see her partially next to the speaker one of the 4 guys leaned forward and said something to her,she smiled at him, she was then pulled by her waist from behind,then i lost sight of her for 10 seconds i saw her step forward into view and pulled back.. pulled forward and was spun around like a ballarina by another.a few more guys approuched, then they surrounded her, she pushed a few of them back..shouting at them,they came closer and backed off..some dancing..she gave a few of them a good telling off...showing them the ring on her finger.
I was distracted a scuffle between 2 girls, at the entrance one had a nasty cut on the cheek she was swearing and throwing her arms about. i looked back at donna..now surrounded by 8 or 10 guys real close to her,i quickly left the bar area and stood on a higher surface near the bar area.
she tip toed and looked in the direction of the bar i turned and ducked slightly..at that moment saw a few hands slide up her legs under her skirt and she didnt really react to it only a slap on the offending arms.
i sat close to a girl that looked a little drunk for 20mins she spoke alittle english her name was tia wearing a real short skirt sexy long legs can tell she taller than me real pretty looked about 23 she noticed my hard on but  i didnt care she smiled at me and gave me her number ,i stood up looked over at my wife and i couldnt really see what was going on but she had a surprised look on her face, jolting back and forth i was excited like never before..she jolted again and a few more times. some were going down low and coming back up in a dancing motion, she kept looking down i could see her biting her lower lip.she spoke to one of them showing them the ring on her finger, he slapped it away, a finger went upto her nose she pulled back. hands were all over her boobs and legs, she looked around very quickly..another pushed her boobs together..she looked upset with a fake smile..her mouth opened in shock then looked down saw her saying no.no no..i think she was waving her finger at the guy to the left of her.
she moving back n forth and side to side looking in my direction then tip toed again i saw her eyes close briefly.
most of the guys where grinning, i felt sick but turned on like crazy,she was biting her lower lip again then they all surrounded her dancing to the beat, she kept looking in my direction.then another female aprouched them they all backed off her the girl and my wife spoke for a while my wife pointed in my direction im guessing telling her that she was waiting for me.
they both danced away then the girl left when the music changed it looked like my wife was enjoying the music
the guys aprouched her again then saw give 2 guys real good earful, they all backed off laughing at each other.
she walked forward and tried to ease pass them, but 2 guys stepped forward front and back then all of them followed suite.she had a crude look on her face one guy put his arms around her waist, it looked as if he said something to her.
i saw her disagreeing with his comment..she had about 6 guys around her really close i could see her saying stop it STOP..no no all of a sudden her eyes lit up for 3seconds then she was slowly danced away into the dark unlit corner by the crowd followed by a final upward jolt. she was waving her hands in the air in my direction i could see many hands under her top moving around like it had a life of it own. she slowly lowered her arms with a final frantic wave she gave up after 15sec she surrendered and gave into the crowd then i lost sight of her.
I went back to the bar to get the drinks shaking like a leaf waiting to be served i looked over again saw her hand left holding onto the side of the speaker box waving away then forcefully disappear.
Then a  performer jumped up onto a platform and started singing the crowd went wild a guy spilt his drink on my shirt sleeve,he looked at me and said nothing...i stood there leaning on the bar for a good 15mins i had butterflies fling around in my stomach..think to myself it serves her right..i liked it.
The crowd was going crazy I grabbed my drinks couldn't see my wife just many heads..arms waving in the air to the music. i was scared but excited like hell.
After easing through the crowd I got back to my seated area i managed to squeeze through a gap by the speak box..it was packed with guys.i was pushed and shoved about,i managed to get up close..i could just about make out her face in the dark in the corner, behind her was 2 eastern eruopean looking guys, her head tilted back eyes tightly shut mouth open and breathing fast and heavy her lip was trembling..it was so erotic that i stood there and watched swigging my beer with a hard on a few guys made a good view point, i could see 3 black guys doing something but couldnt see what was going below it was real dark but could still just about see what was going on. she made a sharp upward jolt she lifted her head with hair suck to her face it was hot and sweaty,then she slid down the wall.
a few guys went down with her, more guys scrambled to the corner i was told to move out the way, i got back to my seat which was soaked with a spilt drink, i could hear the words go go go go go coming from the corner and clapping then a very loud cheer and laughter.
this went on for  a good while..i was drinking any drink that i could see..1 guy came over to me and said"she got a nice pair of **** my friend. and we were  fingering her when you guys stood in line outside..and we tasted her before you sat right here..you both married??"he laughed and walked away.
The smoke machine turned on then a green strobe light light flickered in my face for about 45 mins.. i could see shapes and faces hear lots of cheering  i was real drunk by now..saw tia girl walk passed me into the crowd of guys she was quickly taken by the hand by a few of them.
i got up walk to the toilet and puked up what i ate earlier all over the bowl and over my shoes..then i heard a few voices saying" she drank the lot..martin was giving it to her real hard..that black guy didnt pull out...did you?..she gave me a sexy wink when i saw her walking passed earlier i had to finger her...aint seen the guy for ages...i pulled out and shot on her legs...here smell my finger...i got her ring...come on..shes married..is shes still there? paterson didnt pull out..that polish guy wouldnt move..think she blew a kiss at me when she was dancing..i knew she was a swallower..they left and i passed out.
Then i heard a voice saying.."hey hey wake up..then a hard push. i looked around, the place was almost empty
no crowd.. no phone.. and no wife..i searched for 5mins and i had to leave with the few that was there.
I got to the hotel and entered, she was in bed naked.. i thought how the hell could she of left me there.. i looked around the shoes v neck top and bra were on the floor..no skirt and thong
later that day she ask me..where i was that night i told her i got to the bar came back and passed out..drunk.. did you see me?
she said "yes i came over to you and gave you a big kiss. and sat beside you most of the night..then i met an old friend from school i tried to wake you a few times you started shouting at me i took a cab and went back to the hotel.
i ask her about her purple skirt and thong she says" i spilt drink all over it and it and i sat in puke i thew them out that window.
i looked out the window and saw her skirt and underwear in between bushes on the far side.
when we was leaving she stormed off towards the waiting cab and got in, leaving me with one large suitecase and 2 large bags. i was about leaving, i said bye to the manager, he called me over and said" did you see anybody using spray paint on the walls by the fire extinguisher on the 2nd floor? it appears they where drunk teens in the building the cleaner had to remove plenty of beer cans outside in the back did you see or hear anything? a young man was seen throwing something out of a window.
3month later i found a receip on the bedroom floor for a denim mini skirt heels eye stuff hair pins etc
i later found out that she has been to the same club 2 times without me. due to work
i havnt told her what i saw that night.

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God, I'd love for my busty wife to be gang ****** like that. Wish you'd been able to see them actually ******* your wife for a bit longer

mmmm let her have it

LOL that's awesome. Her own boyfriend saw her being sexually violated (and probably raped) and watched and enjoyed it instead of helping her. Good one man!

You're a *****

you ******* ******* you don't deserve a woman you are either a coward or sadist
you let them do that to your wife!!!! your job is to protect her or die trying