My wife and I took our kids and went to see her cousin and her family at their cabin, After a cool rainy morning the sun came out and we decided to go to town for the afternoon, My wife, Her cousins husband and all the kids were all out side packing the cars up getting ready to go and my wife's cousin was in the cabin getting ready and wanted to have a shower first, I had forgotten my phone up at the cabin so went to get it.
When I entered the cabin I could hear the shower running and I went to our room, As I passed the bathroom the shower turned off, I grabbed my phone and heard her cousin open the bathroom door, From our room I could see her cousin walk into their room and she left the door open, She was wearing just a pair of jeans and had a towel held up over her chest, I leaned out our door and saw her drop her towel and lean over the bed to grab her bra with her door wide open, I quickly snapped a picture and ducked back into my room, I put my phone in my pocket, Caught my breath and stepped out of the room, As I did she stepped out of her room, Squealed, covered her breasts and ran back into her room slamming the door, I got to the front door and she came out with a towel covering her and said "Wait.....I am so sorry, I didn't know you were in here", I apologized and explained how I came to get my phone, I told her i was sorry then I went back out to the car and she came out soon after, We all talked and made up a plan for where to meet and the girls talked for a bit as the men got all the kids in and buckled up.
On the ride into town the kids all had their headphones on and I told my wife what i had saw, She thanked me for telling her and explained that her cousin had told her and was waiting to see if I would tell her.
Dozer12345 Dozer12345
41-45, M
Aug 27, 2014