Wasteland of Rusted Metal and Broken Dreams

I Saw No Garden on the Garden State Parkway.


The place looked limbo for mullets and rusted Caravans and smelled like a combination of mediocrity and disappointment. Which happens to smell a bit like old Spam.

haha, Jersey wasn't really that bad. But I had to get that out.


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4 Responses Mar 28, 2009

haha. I'm from FL. NJ is a very foreign place. I ate my first real White Castle burger there, though. And my 2nd - 6th...

I think your run-on was cool as. Your aim was true.

Are the screaming band Parkway Drive named after there I wonder? I think they sing a song called Hey Nightmare, Where'd You Get Them Teeth, which I think is a pretty decent song name especially if you factor in that the teeth were a gift from their musical acquaintance Elvis Costello since he gets paid in them from one of his moonlighting jobs and hands them out to nightmare fans etc to shut them up when the mood strikes him though I do not care for the song - the music's more limbo for mullet and rusted caracans than garden anyway; though some gardens grow pretty wild music. Run-on sentences don't work so well for me.

If you go to the southern part of the Parkway it is quite nice.