Bad Begining..good End

It was one of the last days of my 7th grade year i wanted my dad to take me to one of the last games of the year. well no less then 2 minutes away from home the cops corner us on the bridge grab him drag him to their truck and made me point the way home...i had to stay with my aunt and when i finally got home the cops left with my dad and the entire house was destroyed i mean everything was on the floor things were broken.the entire house was annihilated it took 2 days to fix and for the next few years life really sucked it wasn't till 10th grade year when dad came back and my life became alot better. I believe that experience made me better in a sense anyway but I guess even though it sounds bad that helped sow the seeds of me wanting to become a cop so eh ^_^

zangoules zangoules
18-21, M
Mar 4, 2009