I Watched It So You Don't Have To.

Bad direction, poor script and weak acting, but at least it was mercifully short. Easily the worst Bond film I can recall. A shadow of a pastiche of a Bond film.

The fact that I had to start this group myself must prove something.

By the way, I still have no idea what a quantum of solace is!

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8 Responses Mar 25, 2009

you really have to watch casino royale with craig to understand Quantum. It picks right up where Royale left off. I didn't get it first either until I watched both movies . then it was like, oh..yeah.. I get it now. The story was ok. i can see it carrying on to other Bond installments. I'd like to know what happened to Mr. White...

i'm sorry but i have seen this movie 9 times and i love it. Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever. I was never fond of all those silly gadgets and the womanizing in past Bond movies. the only thing that bothered me about this movie was some of the editing during the actions scenes made it hard to follow. I thought the title was kinda stupid too but hey, so was Octopussy..

I agree, Quantum of Solace was the biggest let down ever. It is arguably the worst Bond movie. Even the cheesy classics had better coherency!

I fancied Olga Kurylenko before I saw the film. Still do.

Funny, the opening car chase was the only bit I enjoyed. I agree it was poorly edited though. I saw "For Your Eyes Only" again at the weekend, that has a far superior car chase sequence.

oh.. and the editing of the opening sequence was so disjointed it looked and felt like a bad dream

I think they had a contest inviting people to come up with a name. <br />
Either that one was the winner. Or there was no winner. <br />
So they took a few semi winning entries, cut up the words and stitched them back together and voila... Quantum of Solace.<br />
What an idiotic movie.

You'll never make it as a film critic if you like stuff ;-)