Must See ..

I watched Slumdog Millionaire last night.

The storyline is brilliant and visually the film is stunning.

 But for me the real stars of the film are the children.

I am saddened to read that there is a genuine charity with yellow vans and because of the film these are now treated with hostility.


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I enjoyed the movie too. I heard recently the author returned to the "slum" to see if the situation had improved. It would be good if some of the profit went back to the setting, after all, they do pay for the props.

Yep .. you must see it Marji .. it is an amazing film!<br />
<br />
I think much more could be done c8lorraine .. the film will have made billions!!

I Oprah had made the film......there wouldn't be a slum left to do the sequel....she would have organised a team to go in and build houses and schools AND given all the kids a mid-year Christmas !

Yes . nectarine you should take tissues ..<br />
<br />
alwysthere, I think you may be right .. but still raised global awareness can only be good ... I hope.

There are so many slum kids in india , I am not sure they will do anything except for the two kids who were in the movie.

I guess the film has played its part by shinning a spotlight on plight of poor Indian children and all of us have a choice how we respond.

I've got to go see this movie!! am I going to need a box of tissues??

I too wonder how much of a difference to the slum dwellers the film will have made when all the hype has died down <br />
<br />
I know of a film made in Africa where local workers were injured. Hospital fees were paid but nothing long term and the men could never work again.<br />
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Surely with the enourmous success of this film something very substantial could be done to change peopls lives.

Movie was good but What they are doing for slum kids. Team won Gloden globe, BAFTA , Oscars but are they doing enough for all slum kids where movie was shot?. Kids above in the picture are from slums. Slumdog Millionaire team has decided to sponsor kids education but they need to do something for all the kids. Winning 8 Oscars is not a small thing.<br />
<br />
n 2005, a girl named,Preeti, was part of the Oscar-winning documentary,Born Into Brothels, directed by Zana Briski. Now she is working as SEX Worker in India.<br />
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I can't wait to see it!

This wonderful movie is on my top ten list of my favorites. A story of optimism, hope, and the power of love.<br />
Many false reports have been circulated regarding the children. At first it was said that they only received paltry payment, but now it turns out that they were given a monthly living allowance, have been enrolled in school, and a trust fund for their higher education has been set up. It had been done from the beginning and not as a reaction to outrage. This movie has served to bring to the world's attention the plight of all the children in the slums everywhere, not just these darling little actors in Slumdog Millionaire.<br />
<br />
The universe uses all sorts of ways to bring things to our awareness and attention. And each of us in our respective countries should ask if our own nations are doing enough for our poor. Are we all taking care of our own as best as we can?

Yes .. thank goodness.<BR><BR>Papers at the weekend showed photographs of Rubina and <br />
Azhar still living in shacks surrrounded by rubble and sewerage.<br />
There was outraged reation in the papers the following day.

Yes .. I was tearful too .. but there were parts that were very beautiful