My Beautiful Step Mum,and One Of My Best Friends.

Last year one of the most beautiful people i have ever met, left this world as i watched.She had throat cancer,and suffered terribly for 2 years,her last few months where very painful,and it ripped her apart.Through all of this she always managed a wonderful smile.My natural mum passed away in May last year also and she helped and guided me through such a painful time.I always knew in my heart that i would be with her when she passed away,and that's the way it was..The night before i told her was staying for a sleep over with her,i knew she was not long for this world..After a long night i nodded off for an hour,i woke about 6 am,someone was calling me.but who i will never know.I sat with her holding her hand and telling her how much i loved her.My mum had become such a sad sight it broke my heart,i am sure she knew i was there with her..I cried quietly so she did not hear.At 7.40 am i asked the nurses to change her bedding,and went off to have a coffee.At 7.50,the nurses called me back urgently..I saw my Mummy Sue trying to hold on,but she could fight no more and who could blame brave..I held her and kissed her and told her i would never forget her and one day i would see her again and she must be at the front of the queue to come and get me..I saw a tiny little tear in each of her eye's.she battled so hard,at just after 8 o clock she passed away onto the next part of her journey..I still see her face at that moment and such an awful death,i think it will stay with me forever..I miss her so much...
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

I almost cried reading this! That was so brave of you to have the courage to hold someone as they pass away. I just lost my grandad recently and my uncle 2 years prior to his death. Its a horrible thing because it leaves us in the living soooo lost without them. I hope things get better for you.