Friend Spanked/whipped With A Wet Towel????

I can't remember her name but I was friends with her and her older sister, but we will just call her Mya. She was 1yr younger than me and her sister was a year and some change older than me, and i was about 9, so she was 8 and her sister was 10. Anyways I was at my dads barbershop (he owns it) and her dad worked there and still does. So she was in the luch room doing math homework, but she didn't really understand it and her dad was getting upset because she kept doing it wrong.....Me and her sister was playing around the shop while shop at the time, or I would have helped her.....But anyways her dad warned her that if she doesn't get it right by time he gets back that shes going to really "get it" ......So she really tried but she just couldn't, so he came back and seen that she still didn't get it.....He leaned toward her and wispered something in her ear and she started to bawl, he left temperoraly and came back with a wet towel, it wasn't soaking wet but it was wet, I just stood for a second looking at him like "what's that for" I figured she was going to get spanked, but where the famous belt or the extension cord thats what was used on me, what the heck are you going to do with a wet towel, he didn't answer he just totally ignored me........they walked toward the door and out of my dads shop to his car......Letting curiousity get the best of us me and her sister stared out the window (O.O)...OOOOoooohhhh we got a eye full too
In plan sight inside the car he spanked her with the wet towel by using it in a whipping manner, like when you twist it and pop it at would think he could have done that in the bathroom or atleast pull the car further away from the building so no one could see, but no he did it right in fornt where everyone could watch......he had pretty good aim too....anyways she was climbing around in the car trying to get out of the way of the finish he grabbed her and spanked her with his hand.....
After he was finished she was a sobbing mess, so he took the towel and wiped her face and then took her across the street for an icecream bar, when me and her sister seen her she was crying and could barely eat her icecream, so they proceeded to back to the lunch room where she again told to do her homework......then he left...when he left me and her sister helped her, more me than her sister b/c she didn't want to get in trouble too, I was banking on that he wouldn't touch me I was pretty sure he wouldn't, but I didnt want to see her get in trouble twice, b/c he was in a pissy mood....He was so strick with his kids, my dad was more liberal with me
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that's harsh. If it were me i would of been spanked all the freaking time. I'm horrible at math.

Can you tell of your experience with the "extension cord?" The belt or switch I can condone, but an electric cord seems abusive.

@ mcakylove omg that would have been embarrasing omg and @Peter yea I loved my dad being more liberal towards me lol I got away with tons of sttuff >:-) mohahahaha lol

sounds like sxomething my grandpa would do to me........ but i would be in the middle of the barber shop with pants pulled down over his knee

Interesting, thanks!