How Old Is Too Old To Be Spanked

My dad wanted to spank me for lying to him when I was 16 years old. I told him that I was too old for spab=nkings so he grounded me instead
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That would have gotten you a pretty good licking from my dad just to show you that you were not too old. I remember him making the comment that if it wouldn't work you wouldn't be trying to get out of it.

My mother stopped with me when I was 11. She said that since I was responsible enough to act as a babysitter for the neighborhood small fry, I was too old to get spanked, I was grown up now. I was proud of this trust and tried to live up to it.

I got slaped in the face when u was to old to get spanked

I was slapped across the face once by my mom because I was acting up. I guess she felt that I was too old to be put across her lap for a spanking. The one slap across the face stung, it got my attention and I felt a little ringing in my ears. I did see the red slap imprint of my moms hand for about half an hour. I did learn my lesson. I think I would rather have one slap across the face rather than many swats on the bottom.

Did you know that even one slap can blind, deafen, break teeth or noses? My father used to do it to my stepsister - but thank God she came out of it without anything disfigured or broken. She was a pretty girl and I was an unwilling witness to many of these.

depends honestlyy... i mean if you're in a relationship that likes that kinda stuff.. then i guess you're never too old. xD<br />
<br />
if you mean by a parent; i was last spanked at the age of 13 then i didn't get it much trouble , i'd just get sent to my room. my older brother is 24 now but i remember seeing him get spanked(well it was more like my dad quickly slapping his *** like 4 times before he ran in his room) when he was 16 for coming home at like 3 in the morning and cursing out my dad LOL but it wasn't rlly legit soo idk . guess it depends on the parents seeing they can do whatever till you're 18 xD

Im 36yo,turning 37yo in February 15 2012,and believe i STILL should get SPANKED with a RATTAN!!/CANE,Very HARD and Very SEVERE!Which Female wants to SPANK THE S**T OUT OF ME(EVEN TO TEARS!)

I'll spank you if you do the same to this naughty girls bad tush

im 16 and my my whoops my butt. she did yesterday.

my mother last spanked me, hopefully for the last time, a year ago when she was seventy for and i was fifty!! it stung just as much as ever and, despite my denials i enjoyed it as much if more than i usually did.

No you are not to old. <br />
<br />
The one quote my mom always said is if you act like a child then your treated as one. another is as long as you are under my roof you will follow the rules and if you break the rules your bottom is mine. I was spanked when I was 23. I was not living at home I was visiting my mom. I got spanked for being mouthy. and yes I to have been spanked for lying at the age of 16,17yrs.

I agree! Especially by a parent for lack of respect!