My Cousin Jenny

She was 16 at the time and we went to visit her house for the weekend. I was about 10 at the time and was shocked to hear my aunt tell my parents that Jenny was going to get her "*** busted" I thought 16 was way too old  She explained to them that Jenny had skipped school and had been hanging out with gang bangers and getting high. My cousin Tracy and I were talking to Jenny in her room when my aunt came in with a belt in her hand. she told us to get out and she left the door open. She told jenny to turn over on her bed and drop her pants. I felt sick inside because i thought 16 was too close to being an adult. Jenny took the first part of the beating in silence but pain took over and she cried and screamed. I had received the  same type of punishment at home so I don't know why I was shocked, but the sound of the belt striking her bare butt was sickening to me.
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the best way to get over sickness like that is to do deep breaths and think about it. You'll think about it so many times your brain will get tired of it and push it aside waiting for a new memory. :)

"Phoebe"I want to say that I appreciate your saying that I must be a nice guy, and I only hope you weren't being sarcastic when you said that. <br />
<br />
But if so, I can totally understand that as I'm quite sure this site gets absolutely deluged with what most people on the web now days refer to as "creepers!" :-) But yes, if you knew me, or spoke to anyone who does, they would vouch for the fact that in no way could I qualify as a "creeper" and that I AM a nice, respectful guy. <br />
<br />
In fact, the female friend whom I mentioned in my original post, (not a gf), is a single Mom and she and each of her 3 kids adore me and I try to be of help to her and mentor the children with good advice so that hopefully they will grow up to be good and decent young ladies and young man.<br />
<br />
As for you question as to whether I would have liked seeing and hearing "Jenny" get the belt from her Mom. I'll answer it like this: When I was no doubt close to the age that the author was when he witnessed "Jenny's" punishment, I witnessed my next younger brother get beltings just like the one's described here. <br />
<br />
I was never told that I couldn't watch, so I just stayed right there and did so, (which was probably good for own obedience), but another reason I stayed, is because, I absolutely kind of froze and became rooted to the spot and felt as though I couldn't move! <br />
<br />
To this day, I can't explain that, but it really DID happen. I have been present in the past few years when the friend I mentioned has paddled each of her 3 kids, (although not "bare bottom"), and I find that I still react in much the same way. I just sort of freeze and feel like I can't, (or shouldn't), move until the punishment is over.<br />
<br />
I WILL be adult enough to admit though, that if I had been in the authors shoes and still in my teens as he and Jenny both were at the time of her punishment, I suppose I also would have remained standing there, (not just from freezing up like I do), but somewhat on purpose too, out of my teenage curiosity of what girls actually looked like down there! ;-) <br />
<br />
I assure you though, that I WOULD NOT do that today, 'cause with the way the laws seem to be in most states, lord knows what the authorities would try to make out of a situation like that, should the parent choose to complain about it!!<br />
<br />
Now, all of that being said, I can tell you for sure, that I would've eventually ended up feeling just like the author said that he did, as I know that "Jenny's" screaming would have gotten to me in much the same way, and maybe even worse!!<br />
<br />
Though the story doesn't say, I have a feeling that "Jenny's" Mom was well more that angry over her daughters drug use, skipping school and the crowd she was hanging out with and that she no doubt allowed her anger to cause her to go way overboard in applying that belt to "Jenny's" poor bottom!<br />
<br />
My brother was belted for pretty much the exact same offenses as Jenny, and neither of my folks put their anger aside and they went way overboard on his behind! <br />
<br />
And I stood there and cried hard for him and even began yelling at my folks to stop! My brother received 3 beltings like this that I recall: two from my Mom and one from my Dad. My Mom DID stop when she heard my pleas, but strangely enough, it was my Mom who had to stop my Dad when he went overboard! Go figure that one out! <br />
<br />
Though I didn't realize it then, I believe now that this was because by that time, my Mom had realized how wrong she'd been for going overboard with the two beltings she had given him. <br />
<br />
I want to assure you and anyone else who may read this, that there were just those few times that my folks went overboard and the rest of our physical punishments were fairly controlled. <br />
<br />
My folks are still living and we all get along good and hold no grudges over any of our punishments. So you see, all of these things put together, is why I asked the questions to the author that I did about "Jenny's" spanking. <br />
<br />
Btw., I read back over my post after receiving your reply and realized that I didn't really write my post as well as I wanted to. This is the first time I've made a post like this anywhere, and I have to say that I feel my post definitely came off sounding way different than I really wanted it to!<br />
<br />
In closing, and concerning the last part of my post about doing research for my friend concerning discipline: I really don't think she needs to change the way she disciplines her kids. <br />
<br />
I recently overheard her while on the phone, administering the "wooden spoon" to her eldest daughter's bare bottom, and she discussed it with me later.<br />
<br />
It appears that she does what many parents here at EP say that they do. She administers 1 swat with either spoon, or belt, (usually over their pants), for each year of their age. <br />
<br />
It appears to me that by the time their swats have ended, each of the children are "feeling" their punishment well enough and do not require anything further than what they've already received!<br />
<br />
Most importantly, much of the time, they stand and accept it like the two "big girls" and "big boy" that they are and in their own individual ways, acknowledge deserving it, and a good bit of the time they hug their Mom afterward and don't seem to be negatively affected in any way by it. <br />
<br />
So as I say, I think my friend is using corporal punishment in the fairest way that it can be used. I've written a story about the paddling that I overheard on the phone and am trying to decide whether to put it up here on EP, or not. <br />
<br />
But all in all, I WILL likely post it in the next few days. So these are the thoughts and reasons behind my original post, hope this will help you see that I REALLY AM a nice guy! :-) <br />
<br />
J.R.<br />
<br />
P.S.<br />
<br />
To the author: <br />
There IS one question for the author that I forgot to ask previously. If "Jenny" is real, what kind of person did she turn out to be?? I sure hope she turned out to be a fine young lady and a good wife and/or mother and that she has suffered no emotional problems from this punishment and others like it that she may have received. <br />
<br />

Actually JR I was referring to the original author as being a nice guy because he felt sorry for the girl. And you seem to be a nice guy also LOL. I certainly can't blame a teenage guy for being interested in seeing a girl with her panties down but at least it was nice he felt sorry for her.

Hi Again Po,

I have to say, I got a good "chuckle" when I read that you were actually referring to the author and not me about "being a nice guy!" :-} "Sheepish grin here!" Lol! Anyway, I meant to reply to your post sooner than this, but my job and other responsibilities have kept me from being online lately as much as I usually am.

First of all, thank you for replying to me, and may I say that YOU sound like a fine young lady, and from your stories and replies to others that I've read, it appears as though you are a very sweet person with a warm and caring heart, and if the age in your profile is real, I have to say that you sound mature beyond that young age of yours. :-)

All very fine qualities in my book! It seems like some kids your age, (both male and female), tend not to be, or at least to act as mature as they should for their age. Of course that sometimes applies to us older guys too! :-) Lol!

Anyway I wanted to be sure and reply bak to you and say that yes, it IS nice that the author felt sorry for his cousin, Jenny. I think I conveyed it in my original reply without perhaps saying it directly, but I too would've felt so sorry for Jenny, and if her spanking lasted as long as I think it may have, (albeit she did deserve a rather firm one), I no doubt, would've eventually lost it a bit as I did for my brother a time or two, and began begging for Jenny's Mom to stop spanking her!

Speaking of things like that, I've been going through some recent anxiety over a young friend of mine named Jerri, who will be 13 in March. I found out in late January that she received a firm, bare bottom, belt spanking from her Mom, back in mid-December, and it seems I just keep letting the thought of this bother me, since I don't know whether her Mom kept the spanking within reason or not.

I posted a story in early January, about a bare-bottom, spoon spanking I heard Jerri receive over the phone this past Christmas Eve, (and which I referred to briefly in my original post), (see " 'twas The Night Before Christmas (And a Spanking Spoon Was Stirring on a Bare Bottom!) ), but I didn't find out about the magnitude of Jerri's belt spanking 'til after I posted that one, and I still don't know all the details, and probably never will! :-)

Anyway, I found out that Jerri got in trouble in school for shoving a class mate who butted in front of her and was picking on her, then cussing a substitute teacher who bawled her out for it.

Then on her way home on the school bus, she cussed her bus driver for yelling at her after she snapped at someone who was again, picking on her. All of this got Jerri suspended for 2 days, (until Christmas vacation started), and kicked off of the bus until January 3rd!

When her Mother found out the next day, she had to go to the school and meet with the principal, who believe it or not, with the way the law is these days, "agreed without agreeing" that the best punishment for Jerri would be to get a firm spanking!

Now, I got all this info from my GF who shares a mobile home with Jerri, her Mom, and her siblings, and from what she told me, when Jerri's Mom got her back home, (similar to Jenny's spanking), she took her into one their bathrooms, pulled down her pants and panties, and made her bend over the tub and spanked her soundly with a belt!

Now, it was Jerri's Mom who originally told me about the belt spanking (minus the bare-bottom, over-the- tub part lol!), about 2 weeks before my GF gave me these additional details. And she told me at that time, and I quote, " I tore that butt up!"

She told me in another conversation we had after that, (concerning Jerri's spoon spanking that I overheard), (and as I also related in my initial post), anytime she spanks one of the children, she gives them each 1 swat for each year of their age.

Well, when my GF related the additional details of Jerri's belt spanking, I asked her if her Mom gave her 12 swats like she claims she did. My GF answered almost too quickly, and said "no it wasn't 12!", and If I recall correctly, I replied, "you mean it was more!" to which she replied, "no, it wasn't more", and then rather nervously added, "well, I didn't actually count them so I can't say for sure how many it was."

Now I'm pretty sure that my GF very truthfully did not count the number of swats that Jerri got, (and I will concede here that Jerri's Mom may have given her less, 'cause she once told me that she gives less swats with the belt, because she recalls from her own childhood how the belt hurts more than the spoon or paddle, especially on the bare! and she also don't like the idea of leaving many welts, lest someone should see them), but still, I can't help but wonder if she did let her anger control her, and thus, gave Jerri a lot more than 12 swats to her poor bare bottom, and that maybe she has cautioned my GF not to tell anyone!

It could be also, that my GF thinks I may say something to Jerri's Mom about it , and if I did, believe-you-me, it would end up getting my GF bawled out for telling me further details of the spanking in the first place, and would get me bawled out for "putting in my two cents!" :-) But I don't intend to say anything about it though.

I've seen Jerri in person a few times since I found out about this, and she seems to be trying real hard to be a good and obedient girl and even joked with me about the spoon spanking she got and told me it didn't hurt! Lol! I reminded her that I was on the phone and heard just how much it "didn't hurt!" She giggled, and grinned her cute, mischievous grin, and while still flashing it, said, "yeah, it did hurt!" Lol!

So I'm glad to see that no matter how the belt punishment "went down," Jerri is able to "make light" of her punishments and doesn't seem to be negatively affected by them! Any thoughts from you about all of this dear? Would welcome any you may have.


Hi Krisann!

Have not been back here to EP since late Feb. and just saw your kind and thoughtful reply. I want you to know that despite some of the things I wrote in my post, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said! I have an update to give you on Jerri thus far, which btw., absolutely reflects what you said in your reply!

Back in mid - January, it came to light that Jerri was being bullied by some fellow female students worse than anyone realized! And toward the end of January, it was realized the bullying was even more serious than it was thought to be a few weeks before!!

First of all, (In mid January), Jerri's Mom was called to the school at one point, after Jerri was jumped and hit in the face by one of these bullying girls, and Jerri hit back and gave the bully far worse than the bully gave her: 2 Bruised Cheeks &amp; 2 Black Eyes!. And this was by the way, the first time Jerri was ever known to fight back against anyone. (And let me state here that I did not repeat this to brag on Jerri, but just to tell the facts).

Anyway, Jerri did not get punished for this because her Mother had told both she and her siblings that if anyone ever assaulted them physically like that, they had her permission to hit back and defend themselves and that she wouldn't punish them for it!

Then a few weeks later, after my GF found Jerri crying out in her sleep for someone to stop hitting her and kicking her, she questioned Jerri about it, and Jerri broke down and told her that some friends of the girl she fought back against and beat a few weeks before, were beginning to gang up on her and kick her and such when no one was watching!!

The next day, Jerri's Mom went to the Principal and spoke her mind in no uncertain terms and demanded that something be done! Although, I'm not sure that much ever WAS done at all!

For awhile after that, things got better for Jerri for awhile after she was befriended by a girl whom I'll call "Amanda" who seemingly not only began to help Jerri to better handle the bullies in school, but appeared to have a positive effect on Jerri's overall attitude and behavior at home as well!

Well just shortly afterward, (in the first week of February), Jerri got into more trouble in school. First for throwing food in the cafeteria, (probably because someone threw some at her first, but that has never been found out for sure).

Anyway, the principal came in at the moment when Jerri threw the food that SHE did, and ordered Jerri to clean it up and she refused and got lippy at the principal in response.

I'm not sure what immediate action the principal took, but I think he "wrote Jerri up and gave her detention. But as fate would have it, the worst came later that day! It turned out that "Amanda" whom some regarded as an "Angel sent to help Jerri" Turned out to be more like the "Devil in Disguise!" She gave Jerri a baggie with some Pot and a few pills and a lighter, and ask her to hold them for her for till the end of the day, then she turned Jerri in and got her caught with it!! As a result, Jerri was expelled for the rest of the year and ordered to attend a "Transitional School" here in our town until next school season!

Now Jerrica supposedly DID know what the baggie contained, but she held it for "Amanda" anyway! From what I was told, my GF had to go to the school and pick Jerri up, because her Mom was at work and couldn't do it.

Then a little later after Jerri's Mom got home, things got worse! It was discovered that over $450 was missing from her Mom's purse belonging to both her Mom and my GF, and after questioning, it was found out that "Amanda" either put Jerri up to taking the money out of the purse, or assisted her in doing it!

As I understand it, Jerri was pretty hesitant to admit to anything at first, and somewhere in here Jerri's grandmother "Lynn" was called and came over, and took Jerri to "Amanda's" house were she literally "raked" "Amanda" "over the coals" and while "Amanda" did admit some sort of involvement in stealing the money, she would not admit to setting Jerri up with the drugs and lighter!!

Anyway, sometime after Jerri's Grandmother got her back home, her Mother and my GF questioned her some more, to which she admitted some level of involvement in stealing the money, but supposedly would not say she was sorry for it.

Well, from the original story I told, you can probably guess what happened after all of this....Jerri received yet another belting!! Her Mom told me about this one personally, and told me that she pulled Jerri's jeans down, but allowed her panties to remain, then she made her bend over the couch and gave her 15 licks with the belt!!!

Both my GF, and Jerri's Mom, (and later, even Jerri herself), stated that she did not even shed a tear from that whipping!! And let me tell you, this does trouble me more than a little bit, as it makes me wonder if Jerri didn't cry because she's becoming somewhat hardened inside already! I sure hope to heaven not!!

The only other reason I can think of, is that the last belt whipping was so painful, (so much so, that as I understand it, she got two or three "extras" for jumping up off of her knees at one point and rubbing her butt because the pain was so bad!), and that maybe she decided that this time, (no matter how much it hurt), she would be tough and not make a fuss, so that she wouldn't get any extra swats!

I rather think that this could be the reason, as my GF told me that Jerri did yell "Oww" and "Ooh" after most of the swats, but yet held back any tears!

Another thing that troubles me a bit however, is that Jerri was present when her Mom not only told me about the whipping, but also told me that she was going to send Jerri away to a "Group Home" for girls, and the whole time she was telling me this, Jerri just sat there and grinned at everything her Mother said!

In conclusion, Jerri's Mom has decided not to send her to a group home, but for the rest of the school year, she WILL be attending the "Transitional School" I mentioned previously!

From all I've heard Jerri has been behaving herself, and doing real good at home and at school both. From what I'm told, Jerri says she likes the "Transitional School" better than regular school and wishes she could go there all the time!!

One last thing I WILL say here, is that in telling my original story about the whipping Jerri got bare-bottomed and on her knees over the tub, I now regret the "light-hearted" attitude I reflected in the one sentence which I ended with and "lol."

I say that, because the more that time goes on, the more my gut instinct tells me that Jerri's Mom DID let her anger rule her that day and no doubt, went way overboard. Because I believe now, that my GF was on the phone with someone, and did not overhear even half of the whipping that was delivered to Jerri!!

After hearing about the 15 licks she received in this latest whipping, I believe that instead of the 5-7 licks my GF eventually told me she thought Jerri received, it no doubt was more like 12 to 15 licks and probably delivered with way more force than the swats she got while made to bend over that couch!

And lastly, I'll mention here that I right before Jerri's Mom told me about this last belt whipping, I looked up our states' spanking laws, and it reads that belts are no longer allowed to be used in our state as a spanking implement!

I told Jerri's Mom about this and she replied that she was already aware of that, and I don't think she intends to stop using the belt to spank with from time to time either! And for the record...I don't like that one bit!!

Again, thank you for our reply Krisann, I appreciate it very much. And should you reply back, I will be very happy to answer you once again! J.R.

You must be a nice guy most probaby would have liked seeing and hearing her get it.

I am curious. You referred to the "first part" of Jenny's spanking, what do you mean by that? Did her Mother stop for a bit then start again? Did she somehow change the way she was swatting Jenny after a while? Lastly, can you relate how many swats Jenny's Mom gave her? <br />
<br />
I'm assuming her spanking was rather long and drawn out, but can't help but wonder. I'm only asking this because the belting that Jenny got sounds just like one of 4 or so such beltings that my Mom and Dad once gave to my next youngest brother when he was in his early teens at the beginning of the '80's, (turned over on his bed, pants and underwear down), and for basically the same reasons that Jenny got whipped too!<br />
<br />
My parents let their anger control each of those beltings and my brother got countless swats of the strap which I felt were way too many and so I can't help but feel that perhaps the belting Jenny's Mom delivered was just as severe! <br />
<br />
Note*<br />
<br />
Some who have already read this reply may see that I've now edited it and deleted a bit of it, as well as having added to it. I did so, because I wanted to write most of what I just added in the first place and somehow neglected to do it. I deleted the one part, because I felt I no longer wanted nor needed in this post, as it was basically a question that no longer needs answering now.

It has always been interesting to me that too many girls and women have an unhealthy curiosity about things that are dangerous. It's as if they are protected by some magical force. They simply won't believe that something bad will happen and they are shocked when it does. I think they look at other women and say, 'well nothing bad happened to them, and they got to hang out with the cool duds, etc.' When something bad happens--usually rape or sexual assault--these women are devastated. I had a student once in a college class who was sexually assaulted because she didn't take precautions at a party. I'll never forget the look on her face and how this young vivacious girl became sad and introverted. Luckily, I made sure she went to a counselor and within a few months she had gained a lot of her confidence back, The last time I saw her on campus (may 6 months later), she had her beautiful smile back. Truthfully though, I knew she would never be the same and that is the lesson that curious young women need to learn. One way is to hear the stories of women who have survived rape or drug addiction, and see how these things affect women from their own point of view. But, some girls will never listen and so I applaud their being spanked as much as they need it until they finally grow out of that phase. Having to endure the pain and humiliation of a good paddling is nothing compared to a life time of regret, mistrust, fear, and anxiety that doing something stupid as a young adult can cause. This is not blaming the victim, it is a sober awareness that, while someone else may be to blame for one's situation, it is still everyone's responsibility to either prevent bad things from happening or to be ultimately responsible for the outcome of being careless. When a responsible adult steps in to prevent stupid and dangerous behavior with a good spanking, young women will eventually be very thankful and know how stupidly they had acted. If this doesn't happen often young women will be resentful that their parents 'didn't care', and this will begin a life time of blaming someone else for their own mistakes. So, bravo! Keep warming up those bottoms, so they'll be smiles on those faces when these women recount stories of how embarrassing it was... and just how much they needed it! :)

She got what she Deserved

I agree, but one mus fiirst be concerned with her addixtion, then light up that bottom.

bottoms up!

Bottoms up!*