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Saw My 17 Year Old Boyfriend Get Spanked

I went over my boyfriend Dean’s house (he’s 17), to see how things went with his dad. He let me in but his dad didn’t see him yet and he was in some big trouble. He told me that me being there would get him in even more trouble. So I was going to leave, but his dad pulled up before I could get out. Dean had me hide in his room and told me to stay quite.  
So his dad comes in and starts yelling at him. Long story short, he got caught drinking a few days earlier (not with me though, his stupid guy friends). His dad was out of town but his mom called him.
I know that Dean still gets “spanked”, he had to admit it to me when I saw his butt all red once.
Anyways, I didn’t stay in his room. I snuck out to the top of the stairs…curiosity!
Dean was begging his dad not to spank him and was saying he would never drink again. His dad didn’t care and told him to drop his pants and underwear. It was kind of exciting for some reason and I just had to watch! Maybe the whole naked thing or that I think his dad is hot too? Lol.
He made him lean over the edge of the couch and took off his belt. He started hitting him on the butt with the belt. It was hard from the sound it made and how fast his pale butt was turning pinkest red. Dean kept lifting up his body on his arms, like he wanted stand up so bad. But his dad held him back down with his free hand. Dean's butt was bouncing all around and he started trying to put his hands in the way.  His dad smacked him once on the leg (which did leave a mark) and told him to keep his hands on the couch.
So he is taking the spanking and his dad said he had 10 more to go and made him count them out. Dean did it in a shaky voice, I could tell by the way he sounded that he was crying by number 5. 6-10 didn’t even sound like numbers…just a lot of crying (that was kind of hot to though...don't know why, just was?).  His dad told him to get his clothes on, his butt was beet red! He stood up slowly wiping his face with his arm and rubbing his butt. He whining while he pulled his pants up over his sore butt.
When he finally came upstairs to his room, his eyes were all red. I asked him what happened (like I didn’t know). He told me and I asked if I could anything, I patted him on the butt lightly and he jumped. He told me the best thing would be to sneak out the front while his dad was in the kitchen, he was scared as hell that he’d get another spanking if I was caught there.
I didn’t see him for a few days after that because he was grounded, but I texted him and asked if I could spank him sometime in private…lol…he quickly said No! He hated the idea of spanking, even if I was doing it! He said he had to sleep on his stomach for a whole night and couldn’t sit on his butt for two days.
amydotbanks18 amydotbanks18 16-17, F 10 Responses May 16, 2011

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I would of just grounded him foe like a week or two.

I wouldn't have spanked him so hard. He was 17. Even though you aren't supposed to drink when you were that old and deserved a spanking, he had to mature at some point and had to be trusted

I think you would find it better to get spanked. I think you deserve one too.

I think that you're sick.

How can someone be in position too low to understand the ideas of superiour women, but is able to give good advice to them as you and me nixxon?

A man who accepts a spanking from a woman other than their parent in discipline, is a man who cannot always cope being in charge.

Thank you nixxon. <br />
Women and girls have the right not always telling the truth to get a man in the position, he deserves. He will learn to obey and loose his male arrogance.

If he doesn't allow you to punish him, next time you should leave his room, when his father will see you stepping out and you could tell his father that Dean tried to touch you under your skirt. I´m sure, he will be bared for a spanking in front of you. Afterwards he will know it´s better to be belted by you.

Markus2, yep, he's a great guy...doesn't really hide anything from me. I'm the same with him as well. And i'd never ditch him over something his parents do. <br />
<br />
And I guess I see what you are saying about the spanking from his dad vs his girlfriend. I will still bring it up from time to time, though he still says no. He just says he'll do any other "kinky" thing I want him too...just doesn't like the idea of being hit. <br />
<br />
Oh well I guess...

Well, if a spanking from his father/ parents still is a real thread in your boyfriends life, I understand why he is not exited about the idea of getting spanked by a girl friend. Imagine a scenario: First getting a some what sensual spanking from a girl friend and then go home to get a real punitive trashing from his father. <br />
<br />
What a story btw! Wow!<br />
You must have a great realtionship if he has gutts to admit that he is still spanked at that age! Personally, I do not remember anything more embarrassing than if the girls I had a crush on, ever got to know anything about my spankings. Never was seen getting spanked by a girl but been overheard getting it or being thread with a spanking age 11 and 13. <br />
<br />
Each time it was the end of the love story, because I was far too embarrassed about it.

He won't let me =( He just flat out says no to me everytime or gets mad if I try to push it. He says that "S&M" stuff isn't for him. He won't even spank me...

I would spank you!