Sunday's Spankings

Last Sunday we visited my Sister-in-law's family for brunch. When my husband and our two daughters and I came in their front room we were surprised to see Kim and Kent standing in two corners! Kim is 13 and Kent is 11 and they both were dressed in t-shirts and underpants - obviously in trouble.
My sister-in-law Carla explained her kids were supposed to help clean the house before our arrival but they'd ended up fussing and fighting so they had just been sentenced to wait in the corner to be spanked.

Kim and Kent were red-faced and teary-eyed, miserable that all of us had just walked in to see them cornered. I could see my girls smirking and staring at their cousins - and I admit those round little behinds in underpants and panties were cute - but I ushered the girls out, telling them to take our luggage upstairs and unpack.
I could tell the girls were disappointed, but under the circumstances then knew better than to disobey!

Carla invited me and Mick to sit down, promising "this won't take long" as she took a small wooden paddle out of a drawer. Kim was crying softly, face buried in the corner in shame but Kent started begging, "Please momma NO NO don't paddle ME! I'll be good I'll be good not the PADDLE!" as he looked back in fear.
Carla grabbed the boy and pulled him to a chair where she sat right in front of us. She began a short lecture and then yanked Kent's underpants down. He reached to cover his boy parts, wailing "NOoooo MAMA Noooo" but Carla turned him across her lap.
She smacked his firm white buns and thighs quick, not too hard but enough to leave bright pink marks and make the boy squeal and squirm. "Will" smack "you" smack "obey" smack "next" smack "time?" Carla scolded between SMACKS.
"Yessssssmomma yess mommma" Kent promised over and over and then his mom finished up his paddle spanking with a dozen HARD swats turning his behind dark red and making Kent kick and bawl "Wa WaaaWaaaaa"

Afterwards he did a jumping around dance, rubbing his hot fanny and sobbing. I could see Kim was mortified. She was already holding her own panty seat and when she saw her Mom coming for her Kim broke into desperate pleading, "Please Mom, not here! Take me to my room oh please please PLEASE not in front of them!" as she stared at me and Mick with wide eyes.
I knew how she felt, as I was raised with humiliating pants-down spankings in front of people, and she was covering her front parts even before her mom pulled her panties down.

Once over the lap, Kim's ripe naked rump stuck up and she clamped her thighs tight to avoid "showing" and sobbed one more time, "Don't let them watch! They can SEE ME!" but her mom started spanking in the same slow lecture way. Whack "Don't" smack "you" crack "ever" spank "act" whack "like" crack "that" smack "again!" spank!
Kim's whole behind was glowing and she was weeping deeply, " ma'm!"
Then Carla let loose with the paddle and it CRACKED again and again, hard, steady, startling Kim into screeching OW OW OW NO STOP IT STINGS IT STINGS and the dam broke when Kim began waving her legs wildly and bawling like a 5-yr-old. She got a good 2 dozen whackers, leaving her plump buns and thighs quivering bright red.

Kimmy danced like her brother, throwing her hands back to rub her burning bottom and prancing around howling, no longer concerned about showing her little front patch she'd tired so hard to hide before.

And as both kids were dismissed to go back up stairs to their rooms, I glanced up and noticed my two step-girls perched on the top of the stairs where they had been spying! They saw me look and jumped and ran LOL.

What do you think happened next?

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I have a feeling two little spies got their bottoms bared and spanked. Do share what happened.

Why don't you tell us?

nice story

You warned them to watch themselves or they would get the same.

what did happen next? there are lots of guesses and i presume they are probably correct but it would be nice if you could conferm what really did happen next......

I would think you bought your two down and sense they were peeking at Kim and Kent and sense it's Carla's house her rules should be followedi would have her do the same to your two after bringing Kim and kent down to watch.

they should have gone over the knee - or on the bed for something more severe. Have you used a belt on them to make a point?

It is against the law in most states to force teenagers to be naked in order to get spankings. A father, stepdad should not be seeing or forcing his teenage daughter to get naked. Mother should not do this to her teenage son eather. I am in favor os spanking kids but clothing on not off. This is destroying the person phycologically. Especially should not be done infront of others. I think these adults are perverts, and pediphiles. The arrest child molesters and pediphiles. If I personally knew a parent or parents where forcing their tweens or teens naked for spanking. I would turn them in. This is not only abuse, it is sexual abuse. I beginning to think most these parents that do this are having incestual relations in their family or have had in past. In southern states ****** was quite pupular in past and still is. Even though they call themselfs christians. My family was origanally from the south and I know alot of that went on and still goes on. I am totally against stripping teens bare bottom to spank. I am a christian and I believe it is morally wrong. Once again, I do how ever believe in spankings if warrented but with clothing on. I hope someone will respond to this? I dont know if this is actually going on now in 2013 or all of this done in past. Perhaps these are just fetish stories, because if this was still going on, someone would have reported this. I did not spank my daughter past 10yrs old. I believe if you still have to spank a teenager, you did something wrong when they were younger. Here in the state of Oregon they are teaching 16yr old boys and girls to become Certified Nurses Aids, and they are training and working in assissted living facilities taking care of old men and women with toileting, bathing changing cathadors. They are teaching them right in high school as part of a class. Teenagers, should already be starting to act like adults. They should not have to be spanked. Of course, if teenagers act like a 5 or 10yr old, then perhaps they need a spanking. I would just tell them to grow up. With my daughter all it took was grounding and removal of privilages and it worked. I didnt have to do that much eather. She is now a registard nurse and has a very successful career. I myself was spanked as a kid,by my dad, and at school. Back is 70s teacher would haul you up infront of class and let you have it. Only happened to me a couple of times. I never got into trouble in high school. I was too busy to mess up at school. I liked school and got along well with my teachers, and I also worked after school. My mother on other hand and without my dads knowing would beat me and sexually abused me. I was 13 last time it happened, my dad found out and divorced my mother. I had good teenage years after that.

I am a 50yr old guy who raised a daughter by myself. My daughters mother abandoned my daughter and I when she was a baby. I was left to raise a little girl by myself with the help of my grandmother. I believe that if this is really going on that parents are forcing their teenagers to ******** of their clothing and spanked infront of other family, friends, church friends and even church pastor. It is against the law to force children especially teenagers to get naked. It is perverted sexual abuse, and could be arrested and go to jail. Corporol punishment is legal in most states. I am a believer in in spanking myself when it is properly done. I spanked my daughter only 3 times in her whole life, and all was done before the age of 10yrs old with clothing on not off. The last time I seen my daughter naked was at 10yrs old. She started to become modest and somewhat embarrassed and I respected her modesty. By time she was a teenager she was very modest. I am a christian. I am a member of a local southern baptist church. Again, I do believe in spanking children even a teenager if it is last resort with clothing on not off. I believe God Word spare the rod spoil the child. But, I do not believe it is to spank them naked. With me personally, I was beat and sexually abused by my mother until I was 13yrs old. My father and mother divorced when I was 13. I went to live with my paturnal grandparents. I love my father and grandparents for what they did for me, and especially my grandmother who helped me with my daughter. I never had a relationship with my mother or mother side of family after the age 13. I did see her once when I was 23 and I asked her how come she abused me? She said that she was so sorry for what she did to me, and she cried about it. She cried because she lost the relationship with me and my brothers for rest of her life, and wasnt able to be a part of her grandchildrens lives. I never seen her after that. I did attend her funeral in 1995. I am hurt to this day because I didnt and couldnt have a mother son relationship. A mother who is suppost be there for her children and not abuse them. In my heart I forgave her for what she did to me. But, there is scars that will last forever. I was in fear of her to even be around my daughter. With me, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior when I was 14yrs old. I love the Lord He has helped me and my daughter in so many different ways. I dont and didnt hate my mother. In my heart I love my mother. I prayd and with Lords, family and help of others. I promissed that I would not continue with this cycle of abuse with my own children and grandchildren. Again, I never violated my daughter by spanking her bare bottomed never. I did spank her, but I didnt want to embarrass or humiliate her, I just wanted to correct her behavor. Afte the age of 10 and through her teen years. All, I had to do was ground her, take away privilages and I would have spanked if I had to, but I didnt. She was all in all a good kid all through her child hood. She is now 24yrs old and her and her husband are both registard nurses very successful. She and her husband both are christians and attend church on regualar basis. She gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. I now have two beautiful grandchildren. Her husband calls me dad, and I think of him like my son. I have a wonderful close relationship daughter, her husband and my grandchildren. I told my daughter about my past with her grandmother, and she made a promise and I promised that we would never spank grandchildren naked never. They do spank their children, but they spank them with clothing on, not off. These people who are suppost to be christians, that are forcing their childen to be naked infront of others to be spanked, I believe wolfs in sheeps clothing. Parents and these so called christians are distroying these teenagers phycologically. You adults here say it was done to me when I was a kid, and am alright wasnt hurt by it. Please, examine yourselfs inside, and I believe you are hurt and damaged inside, you just wont admit it. You say because you are successful in life that you are ok. I dont really think so. You justify the continued use of this degrading, stripping, embarrassing and humiliating bare bottoms spankings and beatings of young children and teens to continue. Again, if one of these kids complains to authorities somehow. You will be in trouble, get arrested, and go to jail. This abuse must stop. Parents dont ***** your teens of their dignity by spanking them naked? In the long run you could be like me, distoying the relationship with your childen when they are adults. I will stop and post this. P:S Please, excuse grammer and spelling?

I talked to a friend of mine, who is a cheif of police in a neigboring town. He told me that parents can spank their children, and I knew they could. I am a pro spanking father. But he said that a parent can only spank with the back side of their hand, not the palm of their hand. He also states that if they get reports of parents spanking children and teens bare bottom. If complaint is made by schools. Cps will be called and parents will be arrested for it. You can not leave any kind of marks on a childs bottom. I also asked my niease who is a state trooper, She said the samething. I didnt mean to single anyone out in this blog. I was just stating what I think. I am a pro spanking parent, but with clothing on. Teenagers should be well past the spanking age, if they were disaplined starting at young age. But, if again if teens act like a 5yr or 10yr old. then they deserve a spanking. I told my daughter when teen to grow up and take responsibility. I love my daughter, son in law, and grand childen. Again, please excuse grammer and spelling?

I'm a 21 year old guy raised by a strict mother with no father around my mother is a strong Christian women and we are still in church every Sunday and involved during the week as well. Mom is a firm believer in spanking and never hesitated to bare my bottom for the paddle or strap. With this in mind I have to ask, what it is exactly your mom did to you that you feel so strongly was abuse?

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect my mother sexually abused me until I was 13yrs old. not only would she beat my butt and I still have scares from it today, she would force me naked in front of my annt who was only 3yrs older than me. That is my moms baby sister. and also my female cousin who is about same age as mom. she would force me over chair while naked spank my butt. while spanking me she hit my testicles by accident few times and damaged the left on. then she would force me down on floor and some times her bed and force ********** me in front of my annt and cousin. they would all laugh at me make fun of me. my annt would make remarks like, you will never satisfy a girl. my mom, annt and cousin all would laugh and me comments later on that phycologically hurt me. I would cry and tell mom to stop ************ me. She do oral on me and force me todo oral on her. My dad found out about it when I was 13. Dad and mom divorced after he found out. My dad got custody of us after the divorce and I went to live with my paternal grandparents. these are my dads parents. I am the oldest of 3 boys. I never spoke to my mom until one time when I was in my 20s and asked her how come she did this to me. she started crying and asked me to forgive her, and in my heart I did forgive her. But her and my relationship ended. I never seen her again. I put out word when my daughter was born that she had a granddaughter. My daughter was not allowed to see her ever. I found out later she also did stuff to my brothers my brothers would never talk about it. My middle brother totally hated her and never forgave her. youngest one always says he doesn't want to talk about it. I have been going through counseling for even to this day. It has ruined relationships. My daughters mother abandoned my daughter and I. I raised a daughter as single parent from infantcy to adult. My grandmother helped me a lot with that. Especially going through puberty and teen years. My mother died in 1995 and I did attend her funeral. I never went to police or anything over it. I kept it quiet until her death. My annt and cousin I have no idea where they live, nor do I care. I am a believer in spankings. my dad even spanked me growing up, but he spanked with clothing on not off. I did spank my daughter a few times but never bare bottom and never over board with it. Last time I spanked her was 10yrs old. She was good kid. My daughter and her husband are both nurses, and I am still very, very close with my daughter and son in law. I started developing at the age of 12. I had pubic hair already. My mom spanked me bent over kitchen chair cause my testicals to swing and she hit them. My testicals hurt form many years. They got so band when I turned 39 my left one had to be removed. I am still hurting inside because of the past. My family now is very supportive of me. I don't believe in bare bottom spankings. If spanking have to be done, do it with clothing on. I have talked to others who where violated similar to me. I am a member of a support group on this. I will stop now. Please, excuse grammer and spelling? I hope someone with respond to this? thanks

Okay I'm not going to deny it my mom still spanks

Ok I'm not going to deny it my mom still spanks me to this very day. A week ago she had me dancing each hand clasping a burning bottom cheek after a dose of the strap while bent across the back of the couch. This was after I skipped out on church and was given in front of the preachers wife who was my Sunday school instructor during my growing years and as such was allowed spanking privilege over me and many others. Truth is Mrs Whitt saw me leaving the back of the church, called Mom and was invited over to watch. Clearly by the conversation she was in agreement with my Mom on how I'm being handled. This is no surprise as it was Mrs Whitt that got Mom into the spanking business in the first place. I'm guessing it won't stop here because Mom made the age old offer to Mrs Whitt that if she thought necessary she could take my pants down for a good bottom warming. The answer was a chuckle and a I'll be sure to remember that from Mrs Whitt as she was making her way out the door.

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Lovely story! Thank you for sharing!

You should have made your girls stay and watch.<br />
<br />
It would have been a good example to them.

Brought back some memories this from when I was about ten and about to get a spanking just as my mum's best friend Kath and her daughter Jean walked in. Kath was noted for her spanking ability I Found out later and her arriving did not stop me getting what I had coming, a good leathering with mums belt she kept for the job. Jean I remember did a lot of smirking about it afterwards. I think her smirking about seeing me leathered was far worse than the leathering, especially since we went to the same school and in the same class. I can tell you she did not hold back on telling the rest of the class about it on our return to school following that day.

A nice recount of a common occurence in many houses. There are a lot of differing comments on the public nature of the punishment. But, this spanking was done in front of family members, not the wider voyeristic public. The 2 kids spanked knew the house rules and knew their uncle, aunt and cousins were coming over to stay; yet they still chose to disobey and started fighting and messing about. They disrespected you all and that is why it was right to witness it.<br />
<br />
As anyone has been involved in administering or receiving discipline k nows - it is part dread and fear, part embarrassment and part pain. The niece and nephew were embarssed and they should have known better. The paddling seems perfectly reasonable and not at all harsh and the public nature justified and approporiate.<br />
<br />
Your oen girl probably teased their cousins adding to the embarrassment.


I use to spank my girlfriend all the time, when ever she was bad. It was her idea as her daddy spanked her. I grew to love it as well as she. It became a big part of our life together. I would redden her bottom and make it warm, then id rub it. she would wiggle aroud a lot and make me miss her but sometimes, so I would pull down her panties ans spank her bare bottom, as she wiggled on me it would arouse me. this lead to other things, lucky me. please add me I miss her spankings

I am an only child. I usually get whoopins in my room. Sometimes mama whoops me where ever we are.

I support parents who spank responsibly like this. My wife says 'a house without discipline is a home without love' and I agree - spanking is a parents responability its not a choice. :)

nice tell us

Hi Becky,<br />
<br />
Why haven't you acted thus when you were at that age?<br />
<br />
You were spanked naked with exposed boobs in front of strangers.

Hi, Canestern. My stepdad never gave me the option of being spanked in private. But if he had, I'm sure I would have called his bluff. In my case, it wouldn't have changed anything. I would have been spanked, exposed, in front of others just as I was. But perhaps for Caroline and other girls, they might have avoided being punished or, if not and they ended up exposed and humiliated in front of family and guests, perhaps once their moms learned or saw what the fathers were doing, they might have put a stop to the spankings (and hopefully their marriage, too)

Caroline, it's understandable that you chose the caning in private because of your father's threats.<br />
<br />
But you're wrong to assume it was one of two choices, either being bare bottomed in private or in front of Mike. There was a third possibility.<br />
<br />
Too bad that you didn't call your father's bluff and find out whether or not he might have backed down. Had he indeed backed down, it would have been a victory for you and perhaps and end to those horrific canings.<br />
<br />
If he didn't back down, you could have always asked Mike to immediately leave the house before he saw you humiliated. If Mike had any decency at all, he would have. After all, your father couldn't very well much forced Mike to stay because if he tried he almost surely would have ended up in jail.<br />
<br />
Sometimes teenagers have TOO much respect for authority figures for their own good.

I still get belted by mom and dad.<br />
<br />
I earn my spankings and I get them. It hurts, but I make any clamor about it.

What I think happened next was that Carla reminded you that you and your husband owed her money. And that you had promised to repay it before today or you and your husband would let her spank the two of you. And you were unable to pay up.<br />
<br />
You and your husband looked very cute as you stood side by side in the corner, wearing only your underwear, waiting for your spanking. Carla let you stand there for quite a while as the kids looked on, obviously enjoying your predicament.. <br />
<br />
Even Kent and Kim came back down after they had gotten dressed.. They were sniffling and standing up, unable to sit down. But they were eager to see someone besides them get a spanking.<br />
<br />
You were in shock as you watched your husband treated exactly the same as Kent had been. And after his bottom had been blistered, he danced around the room, pantless, the same as his nephew had done.<br />
<br />
Now it was your turn. You pleaded and begged Carla not to expose you in front of everyone, but Carla was determined. Your panties went to around your ankles as your big bottom was turned red by the paddle. You promised her that you would do anything if only if she would stop. But the paddle kept right on reddening you bottom.<br />
<br />
Somehow in your struggles, your bra got unsnapped. And when Carla let you up, you were so concerned about putting out the fire in your bottom, you didn't notice that it had fallen to the floor. You danced around the room showing everything, just as Kim had done.<br />
<br />
Carla talked to the kids about how no one was ever too old to be spanked. You and your husband stood there naked, with everyone watching, while Carla got a promise. You both promised that you repay Carla everything you owed her or you and your husband would submit to another good spanking next weekend.

If Mike had the main responsibility and he should be educated and not Caroline.<br />
<br />
It was not justified, that Caroline was beaten halfnaked and humiliated with the door open, behind that Mike could hear everything, especially since he was the main responsible for being late.<br />
<br />
As a gentleman he will ensure to be punctuality in future. If he was pleased how she was beaten, he will continue bringing her home too late.

Mike was responsible for being late. He should have been man enough to take the caning instead of you and also in front of you Caroline.

Hi Becky,<br />
The situation has already happened to me. I had an date with a boy called Mike. He brought me home over an hour late.<br />
Mike should sit down, because my father wanted to talk to him about it later.<br />
He told me that he was expecting me in his office. I knew what that meant to me. I should get the cane and Mike would hear everything outside.<br />
I asked my stepfather to wait, until Mike had gone. <br />
He said that Michael had the main responsibility and should therefore realize what consequences I had to expect for being late.<br />
When I refused to go into his room, he threatened me that he would cane me in front of Mike and it would be in the same way, as usual.<br />
<br />
I didn´t want to get a caning in front of Mike with my panties pulled down <br />
in this humiliating position.<br />
Before I bend over, I notice that the door was ajar. It was humiliating to know that Mike could not only hear every word.<br />
<br />
Do I feel he was wrong or justified? Would he have been wrong or justified when I did not changed my mind and got caned on my bare bottom cheeks in front of Mike?<br />
It was always my choice and my decision.<br />
He had to be consistent, otherwise I would not have any rules in the future and nobody would take care if I do behave in a proper way or I am not doing.

I'm nearly 18 and my father still canes me and beats with the belt on my bare bottom but I never got a caning in front of others. That´s no abuse, it´s a deserved punishment.<br />
<br />
Different to me, Kim got humiliated by giving her a spanking her on her bare bottom in the present of others.<br />
That was not necessary and wrong.<br />
<br />
It would been ok to spank her bare bottom in private.

Caroline, sorry to hear you're spanked by your father on your bare bottom, even if you think you deserve to be humiliated like that. You said your father spanks your bare bottom in private. What if one night you simply refused to go to the room he spanks you in? What if by your disobedience and refusal to be alone with him you essentially made him choose between not spanking you or spanking you in front of others? If he decided to spank you in front of others and to bring the point home he wasn't happy with your disobedience decided you would be spanked the way you usually are - bare bottomed - how would you feel being half-naked and spanked in front of family or friends? Would you feel he was wrong or justified? If you feel he wouldn't spank you, then isn't it worth the risk to defy him and maybe make him have second thoughts about spanking you period?


All males should be humiliated, to get to know what they did to others.


Kent 11, it was certainly painful and embarrassing to be beaten with bare buttocks in front of witnesses, especially from female witnesses, like his cousins which were teasing him afterwards. But he basicly was embarrased to be paddled, regardless of whether anyone is watching. That´s why he only begged not to be paddled.<br />
<br />
Different to this Kim was. She accepted to be paddled but begged to mother to paddle her in private. Different to Kent she tried to hide her ***** when she got bared..<br />
<br />
I agree to BeckyRomero that your husband has humiliated his niece by watching her bare bottom and her private front side while she got paddled.<br />
<br />
Therefore he deserves to be paddled by you sa BeckyRomero mentioned and he should ask Kim for forgiveness because he has shamed her and he has enjoyed to see her half naked. <br />
<br />
In order to get her justice, you should paddle him on his bare butt in front of Kim.

Hi, Kev,<br />
<br />
I don't think those kids should have been spanked but have to disagree with you that it was OK to spank the boy but not the girl. I think it would be just fine if neither was spanked! But if only the boy was spanked, it's possible he could later feel resentful and his sister guilty. I know. I lived through a similar situation.<br />
<br />
In 1999, I was 13 (going on 14 in the fall). My younger brother had just turned 11. We were at our stepdad's brother's house for a 4th of July weekend barbecue.<br />
<br />
(I already discussed this elsewhere, so forgive me for some cut/paste)<br />
My stepdad spanked my younger brother constantly whereas he had only threatened to spank me numerous times while I was growing up. I was turned over his knee and my bottom was bared more than once when I was younger but for whatever reasons escaped being hit usually by the interventions of my mom or other relatives. Though my luck would eventually run out when I was 16, this would be one of those days when I escaped being spanked (though not escaping some embarrassment).<br />
<br />
My younger brother, Matt, and I started fighting and arguing about something and were running around and our stepdad told us to stop or we'd get spanked right in front of everyone. But we didn't stop and ended up tipping over a potted plant, breaking it and he called us over. We didn't immediately listen, so he called us again, even more sternly. When we approached, he grabbed me first while yelling at Matt. But Matt talked back so he let me go for the moment and grabbed Matt, as I stood there. He then grabbed Matt's shorts and briefs, yanking them both down to his knees at the same time, spun him around and then spanked him about 10 times on his bare butt, as Matt cried and tried to pull his t-shirt down in front of himself since my stepdad's young nieces were standing there and giggling at Matt.<br />
<br />
When he was done with Matt, who ran off to a corner of the yard, embarrassed and crying, I was next. Only I didn't have a long t-shirt on to try to yank down lower. Just a tank top that exposed my midriff. My stepdad was already upset at me that my mom let me wear that, along with shorts, and now I was wishing I had worn a longer top.<br />
<br />
He then made me turn around (my back toward him) as he placed his fingers inside my shorts and panties to pull them both down in one swoop like he did to Matt. As I prepared for the inevitable, I remember looking down at the ground to avoid eye contact with his two teenage nephews who were standing there grinning, as well as a young couple sitting nearby and several other of my stepdad's relatives.<br />
<br />
But my shorts were on too tight. So my stepdad yelled and swore at me to turn around. When I did, he started undoing the snap and zipper on my shorts and they were soon down at my knees. Then he spun me around by my hips and grabbed the sides of my panties, as his two teenage nephews smirked. As he pulled them down off my hips, lowering them inside-out over my thighs, another guest walked over and told him that his brother needed help in the house with something (turns out, his brother had burnt the meat and needed my stepdad to run to the store). I was told, ''I'll deal with you later.'' (luckily, my mom intervened when we got home) As soon as he walked away, after slapping me once on my thigh instead of my butt as I turned, I pulled up my panties and shorts and ran off to find my mom.<br />
<br />
That was one time I had certainly been misbehaving just as bad as Matt. But I was spared more embarrassment that day simply by luck.<br />
<br />
I had brought a bathing suit that day to change into later, as my stepdad's brother and his wife had a pool. Just as well that I hadn't though. My stepdad obviously wouldn't have had any problem pulling my bikinis bottoms down! Of course after what had happened, I was too embarrassed to hang out with my stepdad's nephews or anyone else near the pool and instead stuck close to my mom the rest of the day. They had seen my panties pulled down far enough that I was almost fully exposed down there, so eye contact with them after that was most certainly out of the question.<br />
<br />
My mom would eventually divorce my stepdad, filing when I was 16 after I began to suffer the humiliation of being bared while spanked. It wasn't the only reason for the divorce; she had reached the point where she was already talking to my grandmother about it. But my spankings certainly sped up the process.<br />
<br />
But after the divorce, I would feel guilty about how that day back in 1999 transpired. By all rights, I should have felt the same shame Matt felt, standing there bottomless and being spanked - as ever bit long and as hard as he was - as it would have made me understood at the time how Matt felt, instead of me thinking I had ''gotten away with it'' and at the time not really feeling sorry for Matt that he was embarrassed since we had been arguing. I really was at that point still insensitive to what Matt had been going through for years. But I'm sure I wouldn't have been as insensitive if I had gone home that day as red-faced and red-bottomed as he was.<br />
<br />
All things considered though and with the benefit of hindsight given everything that happened in the four years after that with the divorce and all, I now really wish that my stepdad had not been interrupted and instead had continued and finished pulling my panties down all the way and then gave me a good hard spanking just like he did Matt right in front of everyone if for no other reason than his family and their friends would have seen what a complete and total rotten ******* he was instead of them mostly feeling sorry for him during the divorce.<br />
<br />
I don't think kids should be spanked. If they are, I don't think there should be a double-standard for girls and boys. I do think parents should use common sense and realize that a teenage girl will feel a lot of shame being spanked by or in front of her dad or stepdad (or in front of her brother(s)).<br />
<br />
Perhaps you are correct and that there might be an age at which spankings should stop. That would probably work in single-child homes or when the age difference is large (8+ years or more).<br />
<br />
But it's hard for an 11-year old to rationalize that it's fair that he or she gets bared from the waist down for a humiliating spanking and his or her sibling a mere 2-years older doesn't. Even 3 years older, or 4, or 5.<br />
<br />
They won't understand the concept, ''But in two years you won't get spanked either.'' The only logic they see as fair is either no one gets spanked or both get spanked.<br />
<br />
When I was 16 and my stepdad hauled me over his knees, pulled down my bikini bottoms - later untying my top too because I kept reaching back to deflect his swats - and spanked my bare bottom with my younger brother and his 12-year old playmate watching (a boy whom I regularly babysat), I was completely humiliated and thoroughly shamed.<br />
<br />
But how can I say my younger brother was somehow more deserving of the embarrassment of receiving a bare bottom spanking earlier in the year with our older brother and his girlfriend present but because I was older I shouldn't be similarly embarrassed?<br />
<br />
Make no mistake; I felt the spankings I got weren't deserved.<br />
<br />
But if the offense was the same, then while I certainly would argue against being spanked, I would never say my younger brother should have gotten spanked but not me. If anything, there were a few times (like at the 4th of July party) that my younger brother and I deserved to be treated alike, regardless of the sex and age difference.

This is incredibly disturbing and bordering child abuse, i won't even start on the 'naked' spankings.

A punishment spanking from a parent; bare or clothed, in public or in private, with an implement or with the hand, etc., is nothing at all close to abuse. These were legitamate punishment spankings administered in a calm and controlled manner.

I have spanked my boys in front of other people,whether its been in our own house or our relations houses.I don't remove their pants or shorts i just pull them down to just below their butt,i don't see the need to completely remove their underwear,its their bottoms i'm going to spank nowhere else.If i tell my kids their getting a spanking they get a spanking regardless of where we are,if they're big enough to misbehave when we're out or have people over they're big enough to get spanked there & then.

what if your in a car?

My two cents...the paddlings in this story seem appropriate and justified. It sounds like they weren't abusive or overly punitive, but the right amount to teach a lesson and provide immediate consequences that both kids obviously knew would be the result of disobedience when they chose to disobey anyway. However, I agree with those who say it should be in private. If the story is true and occurred as written, it's obvious the kids were humiliated by the paddlings in front of others -- who wouldn't be? It is cruel, abusive and unnecessary to humiliate a child. The paddling is punishment enough. If that is not correcting the behavior, then other issues need to be addressed.

I wholeheartedly disagree. The embarrassment of the spankings being in front of others adds to the punishment value, and makes less actual spanking just as effective as more spanking in private.

To JamieW and to DIAPERACE2.<br />
<br />
I'm not a believer of ''behind the door'' punishment. First of all, that's how school officials usually paddle kids. They claim it's done to spare the child from extra embarrassment. But in reality it's done that way because it's the adults who are ashamed to do it out in the open.<br />
<br />
Think about it. Does some 300 lb school principal really want everyone to see - especially other kids - him hitting an 8-year old girl with a 4 by 2 foot piece of lumber knowing that if he were to have hit a dog that way he'd go to jail?<br />
<br />
So, as much as I hate to say it, I don't draw a distinction with parents spanking their kids on their bare bottom either. Sure it WAY more humiliating. I know that first hand because of my stepdad. Then again, he might have hit even harder in private. I don't agree with it. I don't believe he should have spanked me. When I have kids, I don't want to spank them, bare or otherwise. But if he has a legal right to do so, it shouldn't make a difference who's around in the house and witnessing it. I think it's a much easier argument to make to say the kids shouldn't be spanked or shouldn't be spanked while bared. But as for witnesses, I don't see how added embarrassment would make something legal into illegal.<br />
<br />
It also begs a question to Diaperace2: What would you do if your child simply refused to go to a private room to be spanked? There you, are a victim of being spanked bare in front of others, so your solution is - instead of simply not spanking your own kids period - you've deciding that you'll still bare them and spank them but in private.

It is not a matter of parents having a right to spank their children, it is a matter of parents having the responsibility to teach their children, and punishment for misbehavior is one small but essential element of that teaching process. And for most children spanking is one of the most effective punishment methods. There is no such thing as a "victim" of spanking; bare or otherwise, in public or otherwise. Spanking is a tool to be used by parents - a nail is never the "victim" of a hammer.

Yes i was spanked in front of others bare ,and no i dont' see the need for it. as far the refuseing goes whos the adult .and i raised both my children with the belt on their bare bottom but no one other then their mother was there

I know the feeling of being spanked naked in front of others . I dis agree with this practice while i'm a very strong beliver in spankings and bare spankings but i think it should be private

The embarrassment of being spanked in front of others adds to the punishment effect. Private spanking is fine if there is misbehavior to be dealt with when no-one else is around, but the presence of others should never deter a parent from administering a needed spanking.

Blazing buns, humiliated half naked kids. Great fantasy story! IF IT'S FANTASY. I sure hope it is. <br />
If it's not then it's surely child abuse. I was spanked, and sometimes fairly hard. I also had a welted, blazing bottom, but my dad would NEVER spank me half nude in front of anybody, except my mom.<br />
His spankings were always delivered in a loving, but stern atmosphere. And in private. Thank you daddy for being a good, understanding but no-nonsense parent. (I hope you still don't know how your spankings turned me on: a mixture of exciting, sexually charged dread and erotic sting.)

What do I think happened next?<br />
<br />
I think that your stepdaughters probably had fun teasing their cousins for quite a while, especially that poor embarrassed boy.<br />
<br />
You probably scolded them a little for watching, maybe even threatened them with a spanking until you realized and remembered that you didn't specifically tell them they couldn't watch (and their aunt apparently hadn't either). So since they had already brought the luggage upstairs for unpacking, you helped them get settled in and - depending on their age - answered any questions they might have had about seeing the bottomless boy.<br />
<br />
Personally, I think your husband was terrible for staying there and observing his teenage niece half-naked. The polite and gentlemanly thing for him to have done would have been to excuse himself, perhaps doing some of that suitcase carrying himself. If anyone deserved a spanking from you once you got upstairs, it was him! (and if he didn't get one, only a week has passed so it's not too late to give him one now)

Being there were kids of both genders, either both visiting parents or neither should be present. Why is it okay for the woman, but not for the man? This double standard stuff is f*ed up.

nice story marci!<br />
next!<br />

I hope it ended with your step-daughters soundly paddled on their bare bottoms, and that their cousins were allowed to watch. Never underestimate the benefits of a good spanking, they help a lot more than they hurt.

Wow great story thanks for sharing.