My Cousin Christine

I think this is the spanking that started my whole fascination with spanking...I don't know. I just know I was probably 5 years old or a little under if I had to guess and it would have been the first time I saw a girl's bare bottom. So I've just always made that association between girls' bare bottoms and spanking. For some reason that I don't remember she made my aunt really mad. I just remember how angry my aunt seemed. Normally she would have taken my cousin to the bathroom to discipline her for at least a modicum of privacy. But on this occasion my cousin wasn't so lucky. My aunt sat on the couch, pulled her over her lap, yanked down her shorts and began hand spanking and paddling her bare little bottom -- one of those hard and fast spanking like you often give a younger child. I just remember the look of determination on my aunt's face and the flurry of her hand and paddle. It was like she was in a race to she how fast she could turn this naughty little bottom red. There was always one of those old souvenir paddles close at hand around their place, this one had a picture of a little deer and a little bear that said, "For the Cute Little Dear with the Bear Behind." My aunt applied it according to the directions. Between the paddle and her hand, I actually remember Christine have red hand prints visible on her bare bottom when the spanking was finished and the lesson was learned. That has always remained one of the most memorable spankings of my life.
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I've been looking for one of those souvenir paddles for over a year. They used to be in every little shop along the Blue Ridge Parkway and State Park stores. Now, nothing. Also, the Cracker Barrel used to sell a paddle shaped like a racquetball paddle, but those are impossible for me to find as well.

Every once in a while the souvenir paddles show up on ebay. And the best paddle I've found that's like the cracker barrel one you mention...I found here:
I bought it at our local mall at Christmas time...but they sell it on their website as well.

Thanks Stephen. I've heard e-bay has paddles, but theyt never seem to when I'm looking, or they are outrageously priced. I guess Cracker Barrel didn't know they were sittin' on a gold mine with those paddles!