My Sister's First Spanking

My sister , named Allie, was always my dad's favorite child. This was clear to me, but my dad still showed his love for me, but the bond between daughter and father was something I wouldn't beat. This is the reason why she was rarely ever disciplined and hardly ever spanked. However, some of her actions got her a trip over my mom's knee, but there were only three of these occasions. My parents only spanked Allie when she had done something horrible.

The first time she did something horrible was when she 14 and I was 11. My sister had been caught smoking with her friends behind the school and she had been suspended. She was only a freshman and and my school, three suspensions earned an expulsion. My parents were outraged and I could tell that my sister knew what was coming as we waited in the living room. Spanking was new to my parents, since I had only been spanked a year, so they were in the kitchen discussing this.

When they finally came in the living room, my sister was blushing wildly. I was sitting in a nearby chair as my mom took a seat next to my sister on the couch. My father walked upstairs and didn't come back downstairs until dinner, which was three hours later. My mom placed Allie over her lap and flipped up her skirt. Then she slowly pulled down her panties and completely removed them. I smiled, looking forward to seeing her suffer the same fate that she had teased me for many times. Since she was facing me, she noticed this and gave me a dirty look. Mom gave her fifty swats with a hairbrush and my the end, tears were rolling down her cheeks. I smiled even more, but Allie was too busy sobbing to care.

She got thirty minutes of corner time with her skirt completely removed. My mom went to talk to my dad upstairs, but I remained in the living room, staring at my sister's bare butt. The TV was on, but my sister knew what I was really watching. "Stop looking at my butt," she yelled. I simply replied, "I'm watching TV, what are you talking about?" Then I laughed.

For about a month, she acted distant around me. She stopped teasing me about my spankings, but then she realized how much power she still had. She had accidentally broken a somewhat expensive lamp and got away with a simple scolding from my father. When my next spanking happened, I was teased mercilessly by her.
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I always enjoy witness stories that sound credible.<br />

Well thank you!

Great story!

Thank you.

Good story. I really liked it. It was an experience. I was your age, when I frist time saw my 13 yo sister spanked. It was my first naked girl. I liked to watch her bared private parts. <br />
<br />
Did you watched at her privates, was it the first time you saw naked teenage girl?

Yes, I did. And yes, it was.

Were you excited looking at it. Did she had hair down there?

I was a bit excited, haha. And she had a bit of hair.

thats a good story

i think you mom should have pulld your psanes down i thank she should havespankt you ofer your skirt

Well, I'm a guy, so...

I say if you have had many bare bottom spankings before and your sister always teased you then it would be fair and fine if you teased her this time.

How fun!

For staring at her bare butt, after being punished, you deserve a good thrashing. they should put a few cigarette butts in your room, and tell your mother that you've smoked.<br />
Hopefully you'll get not just spank butt with the brush, but also the cane on your bare in front of Allie.<br />
<br />
And I hope, she is smiling and teasing you, when you have to present your bare bottom being welted.

Believe me, I agree. In fact, if you would to like to volunteer...

Fabulous idea!

You really deserved to be teased by her merciless, when getting spanked on your bare ***.

I agree.