Friends Spanking

Between the ages of 6 & 9 i was friends with the two girls that lived next door to us til they moved away.Caroline was the same age as me & her sister Maria was a year older.We would often spend time round each others houses playing as little girls do.One day after school i went to their house to play,their parents were out leaving their older brother in charge. Because their parents were out they decided that between themselves they would 'cook' tea for us.Their brother did'nt seem bothered by this & carried on watching the TV.20minutes later they had every cupboard open the refridgerator was wide open & various food & drink was all over the floor & worktops,the sink was full of pots & plates,& someone had forgotton to turn the fawcett off!! And all we were eating were potato chips & drinking coke.We must have been making a fair amount of noise as their brother came to see what was going on.He went nuts,screaming 'what the heck are you 2 thinking of ,you've left the fawcett on,Mom is going to go mad,they're home soon,quick lets get this cleared up'. We all started running around trying to tidy up,but we were'nt quick enough. 'What has been going on in here?' boomed the deepest voice i had ever heard,we all stopped what we were doing spun round to be faced with their father. 'You he said to their brother get upstairs i'll deal with you later,you 3 in there now'. Caroline & Maria quickly ran into the living room & i followed,by this time their Mom had come in & was screeching like a banshee.I was told to sit down while the 2 sisters were stood in front of the fireplace.After their Mom had calmed down a bit she came in with a hairbrush in her hand. I had'nt yet been spanked with a hairbrush & nor had i seen my brothers being spanked with one so i wondered why she had it in her hand,As soon as Caroline saw her mother she burst into tears & Marias lip started to quiver,i still was'nt sure as to what was going on. 'Right girls i don't need to tell you what to do,do i?' said their Mom,with that the sisters hitched up their skirt & tucked into the waisband & removed their pants.She grabbed Maria first & made her bend over the arm of the couch,it suddenly dawned on me that they were going to get spanked,their Mom smacked that hairbrush on Marias bare butt i don't know how many times,but by the time she was finished Maria was howling & her butt was bright red,she ran off crying to her room. Then her Mom turned to me & said 'Susan does your mother spank you?'.At that time my Mom had'nt so i said 'No ma'am she does'nt',i could see by the look on her face that she was surprised so i quickly added 'But my Daddy spanks my bare bottom with his belt'.Hmm she said i think you may be in for a spanking sooner than you think'. then she grabbed Caroline forced her over the arm & spanked her butt til i could see no more pink skin just bright red.Caroline was trying to wriggle free so after her Mom had finished with the hairbrush she started to hand spank her legs,once they were crimson red she sent her off to her room. I was marched around to our house where their Mom told my Dad exactly what went on,guess what? yep i got a bare bottom spanking.
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Did the three of you ever talk and/or take notes about e/o's experiences with spanking? Did you ever play spanking games together. Such games were quite popular among kids of that age in my day. We play spanked as part of the game of house or school. I usually played the spanker in both these games.