My Cousin Getting A Whipping

When I was  8 I was visiting my aunt and uncle. They had a daughter, 4 years older than me.
I remember she was caught cheating during a maths test. So after that she was told to go to the director´s office and her mother was called.
When they arrived home I only heard my aunt saying to her: Marie, you are getting grounded and wait until your dad is at  home. He´s going to give you a spanking for what happened. My cousin went upstairs to her room and she was crying. I went to her and she told me, that when her dad is home, she´s getting a very hard whipping with a belt on her bare bottom. Once she did the same and the punishment was very hard. So this time it could be harder than the last time.
After my uncle arrived my aunt told him what happened and he went upstais to his daughter´s bedroom. I still was with her. My uncle started shouting at her and told her to get naked from the waist down and to bent over her desk, that means taking  the pants and panties completely off. She did what she was told and I was still sitting on her bed. Her dad took off his belt and told her she would get 40 licks for that stupid act. Then she bent over the desk and the punishment began. After each stroke she had to count loud. She was really sorry and after 20 licks she also was begging for mercy and saying she was sorry for what she did.
After the punishment I was really scared. My uncle left the room and I helped my cousin laying on her bed. She cried for a very long time, while I stayed with her and hugging her. Her bottom was really bruised.
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Wow 40 bare with a belt at 12 and counting too. Makes my butt cheeks clench thinking about it.<br />