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My Cousin

The first time I ever saw someone else spanked was when I was 8.  I had a 3rd cousin, his name was Denniy that lived within walking distance.  We played together fairly often in the summer and it was a nice summer morning when I got to his house.  All the windows were open and I could hear what sounded like a scolding.  I stood on my tip toes and peeked in the window and saw his mother taking him to her bedroom.  The door was unlocked so I went in followed very quietly. 

Peeking around the corner of the door into his mom's bedroom, I saw her pull his pants and undies down to his ankles and put him over her knee and spank him.  Boy did she spank him!  She blocked most of my view of him but I could tell she was smacking his bare little butt over and over with her hand until it had to be a bright red because he was crying.  My foot hit the wall as I tried to get a better view of my poor cousin's spanking and his mom looked over and saw me.  She quickly covered his bare bottom even though I couldn't see it very good and and looked embarrassed herself.  She asked me how long I'd been there, so I lied and said I just got here.  I told her no one answered the door and I heard noises so I came in looking for her or Denny.   She stood him up and told him to behave after this.

I asked her what Denny had done and she just told me he was being his usual naughty self and needed a spanking.  I know I should have felt sorry for my cousin but I was actually very fascinated by seeing him spanked and hoped it would happen again but I was not lucky enough to be there when he was spanked again, not until the next summer that  is when we were 9!  > 
Debbiekb Debbiekb 61-65 9 Responses Nov 8, 2011

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Very teasing

nice story

Thank you ckaty45. There has been some interest in hearing more about my experiences with Denny and his mother so I am considering writing more.

Nice story.... I think its very natural to be curious about others spankings I was certainly curious about my sisters and know she was curious about mine

How did you feel watching him being spanked. Were you spanked when you were growing up?

Love you to spank me just like that Debbie !!


have you ever been spanked

loved your story. there is something always fascinating when people talk about these experiences that they actually admit there was something "interesting" or "fascinating" about it in which it kept their attention and made them want to see more. I think that is why a lot of like to have conversations about this as it is very intriguing. Thanks for sharing your story.

i was around 7 or 8 an i saw my cousin he was 7 get spank his mom pull down his pants an underpants over her knees for spanking