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Spanked Over Tacking Out Garbage

i was over at my friends house. we where both 12 at the time he has been my friend sense we where 3. i always new he got spanked and he new i got spanked but this is the first time i seen him get spanked we where playing a game and his mom told him to bring out the garbage he side in a second and he never went to take it out he's mom came age and side bring out the garbage and he side give me a second so an hour later his mom came back age and side the garbage is still siting there and he side i know i will take it out when i fell like it then his mom passed him the bag and side take it out now! he side ok he opened the bag dumped it over her head and side your the garbage can. his mom garbed him pulled him over her lap pulled down his pants and underpants and gave him 40-50 wakes with a thick leather belt right in front of me it looked like it hurt. then he had to pick up the garbage and he was grounded for 3 weeks.   
stevens9753 stevens9753 13-15 2 Responses Nov 19, 2011

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until what age was your freind spanked and until what age were you spanked at home? were your spankings bare bottom too?

Looks like he got what he deserved for not listening in the first place. I too would of put him over my knee and spanked his bare bottom until it was red raw.