Third Grade

When I was in third grade there was a young boy that repeatedly interrupted the class. He would get in the teachers' faces and was defiant of all authority. It got to the point where we had the principal sitting in the class part of the day and many times the young boy would be sent home with his parents. Finally, his mother began attending classes with us in an attempt to keep the young boy in mainstream classes.  

She had been sitting in on classes for a little over a week when something the teacher said to the class made her son mad. He jumped up to get in the teacher's face and when he did his mother grabbed him by the back of his neck like a mama dog carrying her young. She picked him up effortlessly as he tried to punch at her. She put him over her lap, pulled a hairbrush from her purse, and began to punish him for his misbehavior. That was the last time that he ever interrupted the class. 

I can still see the utter embarrassment in his eyes and the tears as they streamed down his face. I don't think I will ever forget that day. 
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Or was it a howl.

The disappointed look and knowing that you put yourself in the situation is the worst part in my mind.

I grew up in small town USA as well where my mother, my four aunts, and two of my mother's cousins were all teachers in the same school system. I couldn't get away with anything.

Oh and my mom's first cousin was the principal at the Jr. High so that was messed up for me too. LOL

I was in the ninth grade and my High school had permission to hit me with this switch thing. I got caught skipping school so that was my punishment. When you like in a small old fashioned southern town, you can get away with that.


MoonDance, I was spanked as a child and I learned my lesson not to do whatever negative act again. I also only had the spankings as a younger child but you are right, my dad only has to look at me in a certain way or use my full name and I will shut up and listen immediately. I have never been afraid of my father but those spanking taught me respect for authority and the boundaries that are set for my well-being.<br />
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MD, He was very bad but what is funny is that I talked to him maybe four months ago. Guess what profession he is in!!!!! You got it... he is the assistant principal of a primary school. <br />
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HG, What do I think if spankings? Well I don't think I enjoyed them as much as I know I needed them to make me a better, more obedient person. I don't lash out violently for being spanked. It is just a part of learning in life.

LOL My dad was a good man, I never feared him, I hated making him mad and owning up to what I did. He NEVER left a mark, and even at 22yrs old, he grabbed me by the scruff of my neck when I went to tell an 80 year old lady about herself. This woman rammed my cart in a grocery store to move me out of the way in a grocery store.
He said, anyone who lives to that age has the right to be cranky, and if he lived that long, I had better like it. You know, that "cranky" old lady gave him the sweetest smile! I didn't know whether to stomp my foot or laugh:)

That was a very bad boy.

so where did you get the idea of spanking...?

More parents need to discipline today. As long as it is done carefully and not done in anger. I was spanked while I was growing up, my Dad always made up think about what we did for a little while, then we had to explain why we were being spanked. Waiting to get spanked was worse than getting spanked! We felt twice as bad because he hated spanking us. Until the day he was killed in a car accident, all he had to do was say my name in a certain voice and give me a look, I stopped in my tracks and listened. My last spanking was 8 years old. Mostly because he felt I was getting to old.

Amen. Just spank me and get it over with...I can't stand listening to
y dramatic self whenever I am nervous.