I feel a little guilty and I feel a little upset at my friend Stacy. Stacy is my friend from church since we were little and she invited me to her house last Sunday after church "for a surprise." Stacy is 18 and I'm 19.
I went over anticipating a "surprise" like a new CD or something but when I got there Stacy was all "just wait, Sandi and Tim are in for it!"
I realized she meant her 15-yr-old sister Sandi and her 13-yr-old brother Tim were due to be spanked as their family often sets Sunday after church as discipline time. In the old days sometimes Stacy and I would get to see one or both of her siblings spanked (as they saw us a few times) but that was when we were all pretty young.
Last Sunday I felt uncomfortable cuz Stacy thought it would be "sweet" for us to watch her bro and sis get spankings but we are all teenagers now and I felt embarrassed just thinking about it!

I could have just left but it all happened so fast. As soon as we got to their house after church it was everyone in the living room and Tim and Sandi had to take their "good clothes" off so they were just in their underwear!
I'd seen this before but now they were both super embarrassed in front of me and their big sister but their parents didn't care and I admit I was curious to see how they would be spanked this time.

So I just sat there as Tim got called to his Dad and he pulled his underpants down and took him over his lap for a hand spanking. He was shamed and his Dad's hand hurt but he tried not to cry much in front of me even though his bare butt turned bright red. It was interesting to see when he got up that he had some hair down there and he had to stand in the corner with his bare fanny showing which I admit I stared at him like that.
Sandi was crying and pleading in just her bra and panties she looked so grown but wimpering like a little girl (I know that feeling) and I should have left but it was too late now I thought so I saw her get her panties pulled down and go over her Dad's lap for a similar hand spanking. She cried for real and I felt sorry for her in the corner sobbing with her panties down.

I admit they both have very cute butts! But I was not ready for the next part as their Dad took his belt off and gave it to their mom. He grabbed Tim and held him bent over so the Mom could whip the boy's bare bottom with the belt OMG poor Timmy was screeching and wiggling his roasted rump like mad and he twisted and turned showing too much of himself to me!
I felt guilty but I could see Stacy grinning at me like "isn't this fun?" and I didn't know how to feel cuz it was a bit exciting.

Then Timmy's spanking dance - when I could see EVERYTHING he had front and back - he was again in the corner this time bawling and rubbing. I think that was the "top" for me as seeing a boy spanked like that did "get to me" but I did NOT wish to watch his older sister's whipping as it reminded me too much of my own belt strappings.

But I was stuck there so I did witness poor Sandi bent under her father's arm while her mother strapped her buns and thighs with the belt, with Sandi screaming and kicking like I do when spanked. And I blushed at seeing all Sandi's "girl parts" between her legs - just like I show :-(

Afterwards Stacy was all "wow can u believe that?" like it was a circus or something and I was mad and told her it was mean of her to make me come over just to watch those spankings and how would she feel if I invited a friend to watch her get spanked?

Stacy and I are not talking right now but I feel guilty about that and everything as I COULD have left if I wanted and maybe I should apologize 2 Stacy (she thought I would like it..and I kinda did) and maybe apologize 2 Timmy and Sandi too?


ps LOL, I guess I could invite Stacy to my house next time my sister is in for it!

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I'm 21 year old guy was raised by a strict mother so was frequently spanked on the bare bottom with either a belt or paddle. Mom spanked on the spot no matter who was around . Many teachers, my Aunts, sisters, neighbor ladies, etc. have seen me spanked. My last spanking was at 17 and was in front of Mrs Jardon the high school principal after I was caught driving my car across the school lawn as a prank.

OMG I would die of embarassement if anyone saw me like that with nothing on getting spanked otk by mom or dad -.-

It has been a very long time since I've seen anyone get a spanking (and I was in for one at the time so it was different than this instance i suppose) but I understand your feelings of embarrassment. I wouldn't want to see that either. Yes you could have left but I can also understand why you didn't.

Yup, TOTALLY different seeing someone spanked when U are in for it \"fun\" watching my sisters get it before me...just worse dread than usual having to see/hear exactly what I\'m about to get!

wow to see the body parts of these kids is sooo wrong!!!!!!!!


Part of your problem may be that you realize Stacy is a mean girl. What you witnessed was a form of bullying on her part. Some of her meanness rubbed off on you and you feel a little dirty. You are old enough and bright enough to realize that spankings should be private. <br />
<br />
From a parent's perspective, I can assure you that Stacy needs a spanking. <br />
<br />
The first think I you should do is to talk to Stacy about your concerns. Tell her that you were offended. <br />
<br />
Next, if Stacy blows you off, talk to your mom. Tell her what happened.<br />
Then, either the two of you together or the best prepared of the two should have a talk with Stacy's mom.<br />
<br />
This isn't so much about getting Stacy in trouble as it trying to put a stop to this type of behavior. Bullying does not occur in isolation. What Stacy did was calculated. She's done other things like this that needlessly hurt someone. <br />
<br />
To stumble up a parent disciplining a child is one thing. An example occurred some time back when a newly married young woman walked in as her mother-in-law was just starting to blister her husband's teenage sister with a hairbrush. Initially shocked and the scene of a 17 or 18-year-old go from promising to be good to crying and squirming in three licks, it took her a few seconds to realize that she was where she didn't have any business. <br />
<br />
However, to treat discipline as a sideshow requires a lack of empathy. This amoral attitude is dangerous when loosed on the world. Eventually, it can lead to truly psychopathic behavior.

I think both of you girls were naughty and I think their mo and dad should have done the same exact thing to u 2 brats maybe harder or longer since u 2 r older?

I have to agree with pq that Stacey was showing a serious mean side and that you were wrong - as you seem to understand - to go along with her bullying.

And that leads me to agree with becky about the appropriate consequences.

That's disturbing on so many levels... while seeing spankings is hot in the abstract or in real life when it's consenual, I think I'd be sad watching someone get hurt for real.

Why do you think you stayed to watch? You could have left anytime you wanted to, right? I think you're right, you should apologize to Timmy and Sandi, and maybe express to Stacy that you don't want to be invited over in the future if there are spankings to be handed out.