Spanked By Mother And Sister In Law..

We were celebrating thanksgiving in Atlanta @ my in-laws. Wify was out during the day and I was home alone with her mom and sister. I took a shower and forgot to take my towel off the floor and put the seat back down. Oh lawd.. The mother came into my room when I was only wearing a t-shirt and "tighty whitties" and I got surprised and said: Sorry, but I'm not dressed. She just said: Don't bother, you are going over my knee for a spanking!! I almost dropped my jaw. My mother in-law is very good looking and she have a lot of class and style. She looks like a royalty from an African country. Anyways, she called her daughter (wify's sister) that got 3 kids that she spanks all the time with her leather belt. The mom called her and asked her to bring the belt and the wooden hairbrush. It is a BIG square hairbrush I have seen many people from the latin culture use but mainly blacks, west indies etc. In the room I was there was a chair with no armrest, my mother in-law sat down and tapped her thighs with the brush pointing with her finger for me to get over her knee. I have never felt so stupid in my life. The worst part was that the sister were just standing there in the doorway with her leather belt smacking her hands giggling as she looked at me when I was laying over the mothers knee. Then she scolded me for a good minute and she was moving a little since she was so passionate about it and I felt I started to get an erection from feeling my crotch against her thighs!! SHe had her had on my still covered but pinching it while she was lecturing me. Then all hell broke loose. Pow pow pow pow pow!! Jesus christ. She must have been a tennis player when she was younger, that hurt!! I was bouncing up and down from the wallops I got and I started to get really stiff even though the pain was really hard to manage. At this point she had her legs crossed and she most likely felt my c**k getting hard rubbing against her leg, because she then told me to stand up. I was right in front of her when she sat on the chair and she just looked me in the eyes and pulled my undies down!! My happy warrior just raised himself to the max and she did not care! She did hardly notice! The sisters could not believe her eyes as I saw her Jaw just drop as she could see my c**k in the air. I was so close to the mother mouth I could feel her breath touching me down there it was so embarrassing! Her mom continued to lecture me, and said it was necessary for all woman to discipline young boys like me and if they got hard, she would make sure to spank it out. She said that the spanking feel much worse if the boy is allowed to release. At this point I was about to explode cuz I thought she would blow me or something! But Nope she sis not, she simply grabbed my balls and positioned my c**k IN BETWEEN HER THIGHS!! It was like it was jammed between her legs and my butt was perfect positioned for her to spank now. She started spanking away and said to me: I will now spank you in a west indie rhythm that will make you *********. The sooner the better for your bum cuz were not stopping until then. Then she started. It was slow, heavy and hard swats. POW..POW..POW.. as she noticed I started to move up and down with the rhythm she increased it gradually and I went into ecstasy. I came after about 100 really hard swats on my butt and when I came she was spanking me in the highest tempo you can imagine. It was so loud! She told me to get up and get on my knees in the corner. The sister got some paperttowels to clean and the mother fixed her clothes. (she was wearing a tight black dress and high heels) She then told her daughter: Now it is your time to give him the real punishment - The BELT! Ashley giggled and then got serious when she positioned me over the end of the bed (this is how she spanks the kids) then she aimed and started to belt away! This was so hard and I was Not excited anymore, it was very painful and it brought me to tears. After the spanking she caressed my butt and said "Now be a good boy" and left the room. Her mom gave me a long hug and told me to get dressed and take a nap. Dinner was soon **The end** P.S This is a TRUE Story!! took place 2010
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I use to be spanked by both my wife's parents. Her mum used woodenspoon and her dad a strap.

True story? The guy says it is so I believe him. Maybe the story is a little dresssed up<br />
but i am sure that the main topic took place. He is not alone where over mother in laws knee experience occurred. I had an identical situation with my mother in law who gave me a good hard spanking/thrashing over her knee. And with her hand.And in the presence of my wife who allowed her mother to inflict this upon me. I found it to be fantastic and incredibly sexually arousing. I had alway had this longing to be over her knee and i went out of my way to cause an argument to make her cross with me.<br />
When my wife and I got back home after we had come away from mother in laws home in Essex England my wife decided she would do as her mother had done and she gave me the same treatment over her knee!. But that is nothing new as I always had a regular spanking from my wife. for sexual as well as disciplinary purposes.

That's a joke, right?