Neighbour Spanking

Just after christmas last year,a girl about 25 yrs old moved in next door with 3 children,twin boys aged 6 and a 3 yrs old wife was friendly with her and about a month after she moved in one day we went round to have a cup of tea with her while our kids were at school...she had one of the 6 yr olds at home due to him being sick thru the night...when we had been there about 30 minutes the lad started be nasty and showing off in front of me and mandy,his mum told him to cut it out or else...he continued so she sent him to his room where 5 minutes later there was a huge bang,she headed upstairs and dragged him down and apologised to us as she was going to spank him....she pulled him towards her and sat down,pulled down his trousers and undies and put him over her knee,she then spanked the top of his thighs constantly about 30 times which made him cry loudly,the tops of his legs were red raw and he was screaming and she hadnt even started spanking his bottom she started spanking his bottom he was howling,within another 20 slap his bottom was the same colour as his thighs....he was then pulled up of her knee and sent to wife asked her why she did that and the girl said it was what her mum did to her and because it hurt when you hit there thighs first the bare bottom spanking would be excrusiating as you are already in serious pain
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Years ago we rented a home and had only one neighbor. The property backed up to a state park. One holiday weekend our neighbors were heading to the husband's parents house with there kids so we would be alone. I was out mowing and cleaning up branches that had fallen from a few days earlier. My wife came out with a cold beer and we sat at our picnic table talking when all of a sudden she got up, came over to me, told me to stand up and started stripping me right out in the open. My wife told me to relax, nobody was around. When she had me completely naked she said, if your uncomfortable or embarrassed about this, wait to you see what happens next. With that she sat down and pulled me across her lap and started giving me a spanking at high noon for all the world to see. After a few minutes like that she slipped off a leather sandal and started to really get into it with what sounded like rifle shots as my paddling continued until I started bouncing up and down and begging her to stop. After a few more smacks she flipped me over and started giving me a ******* then a ******* as she looked me right in the eye just before I lost control she looked up to see Linda our neighbor looking out her window at us. The two women smiled at each other just as I let go. My wife then grabbed me by my ear and marched me back into the house where she told me about Linda.

Growing up when spanking was accepted and widespread, I first witnessed my next door neighbor get it from her mom with a switch on the back of her thighs for being disobedient. Her mom didn't even bother to bare her bottom. A few years later, I saw another playmate get it over her mom's knee on her bare buns and thighs with a belt. She had also disobeyed her mom. Both girls started crying from the first lick. I also caught a glimpse a neighborhood boy with his pants down getting it over his mom's knee with a hairbrush. He was crying, but not nearly as hard as the girls. <br />
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Years later, I walked in as an older cousin was being bent over and to be spanked by her husband. Still, I was a little surprised because, although she was a tomboy growing up, she was remarkably submissive. It wasn't as big a deal as it may sound because I already knew women sometimes got spanked much like teenage girls - only harder and longer. Still, I was a little surprised because, although she was a tomboy growing up, my cousin was remarkably submissive. My cousin didn't start crying until her husband spanked her legs.

Very well of her to get down to business and to show the lad who is boss.I can,t stand it when a child gets unruly and the parent says,"Now stop that and be good."in a gentle voice.That makes me want to sick up.

I agree !!!

being a person who has spanked adults she is right starting on the inter legs and thighs makes the point much greater. I currently have a new neighbours who are a couple women who move in a few months ago and they spank there girls almost every few weeks because of dumb things they do. There girls are 8 10 and 14 we live on a busy street and they love kicking the kick ball in it.