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Watching Her Big Sister Get The Paddle

From one of my yahoo messenger interviews.
Camry: Hello. I noticed that you were also a member of a group on yahoo that I am in and wondered if you'd like to chat or anything?
Po: I am Phoebe 17 Las Vegas.
Camry: I am Camry 14 from a small town in Kansas close to Missouri.
Po: So do you get spanked?
Camry: Unfortunately yes. It's really not fair!!!
Po: What are spankings like at your house?
Camry: Over the knee with a ping pong paddle from my mom or brother.
Po: Brother? How old?
Camry: Almost 18
Po: How come he can spank?
Camry: I don't know. Our dad left like 2 1/2 years ago and my mom works all the time so my older brother is usually in charge. So my mom gave him permission to spank me and my siblings.
Po: I see. Pants up?
Camry: Over panties. I have 3 siblings. Trey is the oldest (17) then Leila (15) then there's me (14) and then Cooper's the youngest (11).
Po: Does your older sister get spanked?
Camry: She's like "little miss perfect" so not very much.
Po: Ever seen her get it?
Camry: Yes. We see a lot of each other's spankings. The latest one I know of was last summer. She's almost 16 and I just turned 14. I think she said something bad, not a cuss word, but a word that my mom doesn't let us say, and then mom grabbed her and bent her over the couch and pulled down her pants and started smacking her with the ping pong paddle.
Po: Over the back of the couch?
Camry: Well more like the side of it where the arm rest is.
Po: Did she take the paddle bare?
Camry: Yes mom always does it bare.
Po: And you got to watch, wow.
Camry: Yes, spankings in our house aren't too private.
Po: Was she crying when her panties came down?
Camry: Yes. it was a little funny, but no one would dare laugh or we would be the next one getting spanked. Now I wonder if I look funny when I’m getting spanked lol. She was yelling and crying and trying to beg her way out of getting one.
Po: Before the spanking you mean or during?
Camry: Both.
Po: Did she go over the arm of the couch on her own?
Camry: Oh no, my mom pushed her over it.
Po: Did she say anything when her panties were coming down?
Camry: She just whined. She sounded like a 5 year old. I was like “Oh wow.” Like “Oh wow, mom is pretty angry so I’m gonna have to stay away from her and that paddle in her hands until she's calmed down! Lol..
Po: what is your sisters name?
Camry: Leila.
Po: How did Leila take her paddling?
Camry: She cried, but she took it better than I would have.
Po: How many licks?
Camry: oh wow. like 30 maybe.
Po: Oh wow that was a real fanny tanning?
Camry: Yes. I normally get like 15 for mine.
Po: Do you think that really stung?
Camry: I’m sure. Some crazy lady told my mom that girls spankings should be at LEAST 5 minutes! I was like holy cow I would die!
Po: Well how did she act - did she stay still? 30 is a lot of spanks.
Camry: Yes it is. She didn't really do anything except lay there and cry and get spanked.
Po: Not kicking or wagging her bottom around?
Camry: Well yes of course. though we try not to kick or my mom smacks the backs of our thighs.
Po: But she did wag it trying to shake off the sting or twist away?
Camry: Yes.
Po: What did her bottom look like as the paddle smacked it?
Camry: It got pink and then redder as it continued. She kept saying “I’m sorry” and crying and everything.
Po: When it was over what did she do? Did she do a spanky dance?
Camry: Ha ha yes and rubbed it a lot.
Po: With her panties still down?
Camry: No she pulled them up as soon as she got up.
Po: So she got her bush covered fast?
Camry: Yes.
Po: But then she danced and rubbed?
Camry: Yes.
Po: Who was watching just you?
Camry: Nope. Trey and Cooper too. We were on vacation. She was faced away from us.
Po: You were all behind her?
Camry: Yes, we were getting ready to go somewhere I think so we were by the door.
Po: It must be so embarrassing in front of the boys to be panties down.
Camry: Well we're pretty much used to it. it happens quite a bit.
Po: Well thanks so much for telling me about it.
Camry: You're welcome... later.
Po: Goodbye.
Phoebe20 Phoebe20 18-21, F 9 Responses Apr 18, 2012

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Did your sister put lotion on her butt to ease the pain?

you're really good in interviews :)

Ha ha Thanks a totally useless talent, red bottom journalism.

if you want I would let you interview me,I know you probably don't talk to boys but I promise that I will only answer questions :)

Thanks I'm sure you are a nice guy but although I do like reading some of the stories hear from men I can really only relate to girls spankings.

My yahoo is if you decide to add me :)

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How lovely. Punishment and pleasure.


Camry said that she found watching a spanking funny (hence punishment and pleasure), but tried not to laugh in case she got a spanking too.

Oh ok I get it.

Seriously, I know many posts are written by devoted spankers/spankees but how many of those spanked do you think ended up taking any pleasure from it? Was it sometimes seen as a sign of affection or just abuse? For me it was rare and unpleasant.

Of the girls and women I have talked to and I don't talk to these people who think spanking is about sex or adult play, they have their own thing going which is fine, but of the ones I have talked to about like high school age punishment spanking, the number who said they got any pleasure out of it was close to zero. Some said they got a sense of relief of guilt however but that's not the same thing as pleasure.

Thank you. I did wonder. It strikes me as similar to the use of guilt as a control that most churches and the catholics especially rely on. Make your victim feel that it is their fault. Is this just the malicious control method of the weak and mean or the self-justification of the weak and heartless? I never had a problem with corporal punishment, but when it amounts to bullying it is the same as bullying and when it includes humiliation then I have to suspect that it is either bullying, voyeuristic or sexually motivated on the part of the spanker.

There is no question home punishment spankings for teenagers is bullying. As far as sexually motivated I'm sure in some cases it can be kind of a form of non-touching ****** or something but I think your analogy to religion is correct. Basically the idea is to create a situation so humiliating, embarrassing and painful that they think twice before they do something that would get them in that position again. It works with some kids and doesn't with others but it is definitely a form of bullying in my opinion.

Do you ever wonder if those for whom spanking is a sexual pleasure became hooked through discipline? For example I've met a few women who return to abusive relationships because it is the only form of recognition and affection that they've ever known. If spanking shows that Mum/Dad/Teacher/Pastor cares about you and your future, do you feel cast adrift without it? Who do you seek out to replace them? Or do you feel that these people come into it later in life as a variant on dominance and submission?

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Thats kina life story , between ur story and her story , idk what to say but thats a lot of spanking there

Oh wow you guys seriously have to watch her get a spanking that is just so embarrasing why do you guys have to watch anyways what did she even say!? thats just wrong.

that is a lovely spanking story,i have been at a friend wen the girl 8 was given a good spanking , over the dads lap panties down and bare hand spank ,happend a few times,the girl would somtime do a little p.. wile been spankd

Yes I know what is for girl being spanked. My sisters and cousin were spanked in front of me bare bottom, flahing their bushes to me, my cousins. They were very ashamed and embarrassed.

About why the "crazy lady" may have suggested 5 minutes:<br />
<br />
Paddling a teenage daughter isn't really about turning her bare bottom red. Any idiot can do that. To be effective, a paddling has to be about a girl's mind. Moms know that. Most have been right were their daughters are at one time or the other while they were growing up. That's why experienced moms are sometimes harder on their daughters than are the fathers! <br />
<br />
Spanking is all about a girl "learning her lesson". If it's not, then the exercise just puts her body in pain without doing her mind any good. That's a form of torture because it just leads to more ineffective paddlings. <br />
<br />
When dealing with a strong-willed older daughter, especially one inclined to think she's Ms. It, it takes time for the full effect of the paddling to completely saturate her brain to the extent that she is in full agreement with her mom over what to do about her attitude or behavior. The intense stinging is merely highly effective means to a more important end. That's the reason why paddlings need to longer rather than just harder. <br />
<br />
Sometimes a paddling or two is the only way that a mother and her daughter can come to an understanding over what needs to change.

Interesting thoughts.

re benroundtheblock:
Yes probably various colors and also spanked boys who jump up and down with their little thingies bouncing up and down would not look so very amusing if it were over at the three ring circus over close to the elephants and the man on the flying trapeze and quite apart from any big deal about neurology and whether the sort of girl that you describe would get it into her head any better if she got paddled a little bit longer instead of too hard and too short I had the impression that the things that everyone has been talking about around here are kind of like a person who went looking for shelter as if the hope and the passion had nearly been said in some song from the 1970s about how its just a shout away. And over there if I don’t get some shelter then “oh oh I’m gonna fade away.”

And “Hey, Children….it’s just a shout away…” and I don’t remember the name of it nor the group of musicians and maybe by comparison a world that would just believe you instead of one that spreads rumors about spankings would be like a place where you could walk through the walls of it and know all its secrets.

Also if sometimes the matter of special concern has been the lively affair instead of too much like if it may as well have Mohammed Ali the famous boxer gets a lesson from his mother with maybe a switch of some sort over close to the kitchen somewhere (and for all I know maybe it is really sometimes like that for especially over on the Afro-American side of the tracks) then so far this one sounds ok to me (well if Leila came over to whine and complain about it and with her derriere still colored up so much and also with envy then as long as it seemed to be that way I would probably make more of a big deal about her feelings about it instead of too much respect for her opinions) and also I have noticed some other ones in various reports that seem to be probably real ones and as far as I can tell what these very healthy spanked people deserve is for everyone to make light of them for a while and the one that I would trust the most was reported by SammyScott and that one seems to deserve a very good reputation. Rock solid. See SammyScott 04/01/12 in I Saw Someone Get Spanked/2167418 “Exchange Visit Spanking.”

I didn’t feel so comfortable about the more aggressive looking one that was reported by anthony 403 in I Saw Someone Get Spanked/1649652 “Older Sister Gets It” since that one has a big deal about whether someone is going to eat her dinner and what kind of a spanking is that and maybe it gets out of hand unless maybe if it were more involved with what a sharp tongue she had and the spankings that seem to be holding up better for sure include one very lively one reported by det123 on 06/19/11 I Saw Someone Get Spanked/1649652 “Friends Older Sister Got Paddled.” I don’t think that that Lauren would belong in charge of anything for a while. Even if it had been abuse. And it wasn't abuse was it? Shouldn't everyone should make light of that naughty girl for a while? Does maybe everyone else think so too? Except for maybe people who are sicko in the head like AngieHolbrook or otherwise those who are missing some of it anyway like jimrich? And jimrich seems to be a much bigger problem than Angie because jimrich has a much higher standing but if I was an employer then I don’t think that I would give Lauren very much of a job yet and as long as she seemed healthy enough I would tend to believe that her rather funny kind of a household is ok and each to their own and maybe I would also make her bring a note of permission from her mother for if she deserves to get allowed to have any kind of a job yet or something like that for example…?


Well for some reason that spanking doesn't sound bad.<br />
<br />
If I had been there then I would probably have smiled and evidently Leila is supposed to have a clean tongue huh and nothing wrong with that but I would have been frowning on it if it had been from a bad report card... unless maybe if the report card said that she had been getting naughty.