Its Embarrasing

I feel sorry for the kids really cuz most times the parents only want to put on a show to the rest of the world rather than why.

I seen my aunty roslyn thrash the guts out of Robert one night... I thought she was gonna kill him he was only 2 or 3 and my god did she thrash that kid.

I seen my grandmother hit Robert on the head with a fry pan one day.  and Bill throw a hot cup of tea at him which just missed him by a fraction.

my cousin bashed her kid one day ... I felt so embarrassed ... I think some parents mean well but over react then the kid suffers shaming

one day I was at my music teachers place and she bashed into her kid with a wooden spoon ... far out I felt like hiding up the table myself.

I got a few in company as well... so I know how it feels and like the parents dont are ... they don't have time to listen to the poor kid ...

its shocking.

I am against bashing into kids.   I seen my sister bash into her son one time... and she couldn't see how traumatised he was ...I could ... I said to her

"that kid has been traumatised today by those older kids in the pool... " and I was right later I got it out of him they had been pushing him around

I knew cuz I remember as kid older kids doing that to me... pushing me around and pushing my head under near drowning me...

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You know you do have your point of view when I grow up my mother would spank me sometimes in front of other people mostly family. But a few times in front of friends that was real bad. But I too saw a lot of my friends boys and girls get punished when I was in there house or at the park. It was normal when I was growing up and some mother was watching you. She would punish you for acting dumb. The traumatised for me was when one of them told my mother and it was 50 times worst. My mother at the dinner table would tell us kids what would happen after dinner and before any home work or anything else. On Sunday night 1st go take your bath after let her know you were out go to your room bare your butt lay across the end of the bed and wait. The waiting was the hardest. She would come in scold you about why you were getting it. She would use a belt,switch,wooden school paddle or her hand it depended on why you were in there. On the other hand my dad would always do it over his knee bare bottom in the kitchen for all to hear. So sometimes every kid needs punishment in some way but I am against beating kids for just because. Good luck