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Sweet 16

Well Trey came home a few days ago and he told me that his family was going to be in town well we all talked about it for a few days and ended up having his cousin birthday party here at my house since it is a little bigger then anyone else home so no problem at all, when his aunt and uncle got here we all went into town Trey has not got home from work yet he call me early yesterday that he was going to go home early then getting off late like normal well he would have got off at 5 then it is a hour drive, but he did get home a little after noon we thought we would do a cook out so Trey and his uncle went to the store for food and drinks you know, me and his aunt we went shopping for his cousin party you know some gifts for her, my mom she was making the cake, we got her some Cds she really wanted and I got her a gift card for clothes you know how us girls like to shop for that kind of stuff, and we got her some new shoes, when we got back to the house people started to show up, us girls we was finishing up the cooking and everyone wanted to see the baby, the guys was making the hamburgers, well dinner was great I was stuff then we wish his cousin a happy birthday and had cake then let her open up her gifts she love them all, what was funny we was all in the living room talking and her dad call for her she came into the living room with my sister behind her and a friend and she was like yes daddy and he said it was time for your birthday spanking I never seen a girl take off like she did and Trey grab her and put her over his shoulder and came back into the living room and she was doing everything she could to get away well Trey put her onto the ground and was holding her down and her dad started to smack her butt we all counted them you know 1 2 3 4 5 she was kicking and trying to cover up and her mom came over and grab her arm and 6 7 8 and so on before long we was up to 14 and 15 then he smack her butt as hard as he could and that was 16, she got up and she most been sooo embarrass she had a small skirt on and she left the room rubbing her butt with my sister and her friend we never seen her again for a few hours
jennylovestosmile jennylovestosmile 18-21, F 4 Responses Apr 28, 2012

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can you explain ?

explain what

why she was spanked .

How did you feel to watch this?

well she went shopping with my sister and her friend that is why she was gone for a few hours and that was fine they had a great time shopping

I am happy they had a great time. How do you feel about what happened?

no big dear just a birthday party spanking

fiction I hope...