My Poor Sister

One night after my dad and brother had went to bed me my girlfriend mom sister and her friend were in the living room after my gf left it was time for my sister friend to leave and they were begging for my sister to come over to her house after my mom said no she left my sister was mad and called my mom a jerk and knocked some papers off the bar my mom said ok that's it and told her to go to the living room and to take off her pant and panties and lay face down in the love seat my mom got a wooden spoon ( witch hurts bad) and spanked her around 20 times and made her clean up this mess I was going to my room when my mom said not so fast this is what you get for watching she made me pulled down my pants and underwear and lie face down on the love seat and I was spanked and we were both grounded she was for a month and me for a week but a few days later my mom apologize and said she was just mad
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

thats really unfair as u didnt even do anythin wrong!!

That was Very "EVIL" and obviously U.N.F.A.I.R even though she Apologised!!!