Spanked At The Beach

I just got back from vacation to Gulf Shores with family members. One day we were all sitting out on the beach just relaxing and playing sand vollyball. While there a man came up and ask us if we saw two girls with in the last hour. We had not. He gave us his cell number and ask us to call him if we saw them. About two hours later we did spot the girls and we call thed gentlemen and said they were with us.
The girls were told that they were to stay with us per one of the girls father, and that he was coming to get them. It was only ten minutes and the gentleman showed up. He scolded the girls and then gave each one of them about five swats across their bathing suit bottom. Both girls wimpered a little afrwe recieving the swats. They were then told they were both getting bare bottom spankings when they got back to the car. We were in eye sight of the car and the onlt thing we saw was them lowering the bottoms of their swim suit. We did hear them screaming and crying while getting their spankings. 
After their spankings they were both doing the spank dance and rubbing their bottoms. After about five minutes they were both ordered in to the car and they drove away..
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

They look to be around 9and 11.

How embarrassing! poor girls, parents can be so inconsiderate sometimes..spankings are saposed to be private.

Private? Who says?

its better that way