My Best Friends Brother's Spanking

We all grew up in a Melbourne suburb where all the kids knew one another. We would be regularly visit one another's houses. I would stay around my best friend Kerry's house. We did everything together and I loved going around to hers. Kerry also had a twin brother that I really fancied which made going around there even more special. He was in year 11 at the boys school two minutes down the road from ours. Matt was a real prankster but a lovable rogue. He was always playing tricks on others and was always getting himself into trouble with their mum.

I was due to stay at Kerry's for the weekend. We walked to hers straight after school. As Kerry opened the door we could hear her mum shouting at the top of her voice at someone. We could hear something about the fire service being called to the school. We stepped into the hallway and slid off our t bar school sandals. We carried our sandals into the house and made our way to Kerry's room. on route Kerry's mum called us into the dining room, as we entered the room we could see Matt looking really glum. Kerry's mum informed us that Matt had called the fire brigade out to his school as a joke. She asked us if we knew anything about it, we knew nothing of what happened. Kerry's mum carried on shouting at Matt telling him how lives could be lost because of a silly prank being played. She said to Matt that grounding him wasn't good enough for such a serious situation.

She announced that she felt he should get a spanking. Myself and Kerry looked at one another in disbelief. Mrs Cartright was normally firm and fair and had never mentioned physical punishment in all the times I had been staying over there. Kerry looked totally puzzled and Matt looked even more dumfounded. Matt said to his mum that she didn't believe in spanking. Mrs Cartright re-emphasised the seriousness of the incident and that she could not think of any other punishment which would fit the misdeed. Matt told his mum not to be so ridiculous, this comment got her back up even more. She told him that she wasn't going to change her mind. Mrs Cartright pulled one of the dining room chairs into the centre of the room with the back of the chair facing us. She grabbed his arm and pulled him behind the chair so his back was facing us. You could see that Kerry was worried for her brother; she pulled my arm and directed me out the room. Mrs Cartright stoped Kerry and told her that she both wanted us to see Matt's punishment.
She told Matt to place his hands on the back of the chair and bend over. Matt begged her to stop but she snapped back at him, telling him to be quiet. He placed his hands on the back of the chair and bent over in front of us. Mrs Cartright started a barrage of smacks on the seat of his school shorts.

Matt continued to beg her to stop but his moaning just enraged her even more. She started to moan about Matt's blazer getting in the way. She told him to stand up and take his blazer off. Matt pleaded with her saying that he had learned his lesson. She said that the lesson had only just begun. In a couple of movements his blazer was off his back. Mrs Cartright gave Matt a lecture about him not understanding the seriousness of his prank. She said that she wanted to make sure that the punishment was getting through to him. She undid his tie and threw it to the side of the room, she then started to unbutton his white school shirt. Matt didn't say any more. Soon his shirt was off his back. I was still in shock and felt for him.

Mrs Cartright directed him to place his hands on the chair which he reluctantly did. As soon as hands were on the chair Mrs Cartright went behind him and reached around his front. I looked at Kerry and she looked back in shock. We could hear the zip of his shorts being pulled down. She tugged on his shorts past his knee high grey socks onto the tops of his school shoes. Revealing his black boxer shorts. I looked at Kerry and I couldn't help but smile and she smiled back. Mrs Cartright started another barrage of hits to his bottom. He was really laying into him, with every a hit a slapping sound echo around their large dinning room. Matt kept pleading with his mum to stop, telling her that he had learned his lesson. Every time he spoke she would continue to hit his bottom harder and quicker.

Mrs Cartright apologised to me for having to witness his punishment but said it would act as a good deterrent having others witness his spanking. She told Matt to step out of his school shorts as they were getting creased. Matt carefully stepped out of his shorts. She gathered them and placed them on the dining room table. She stopped spanking and told Matt that she was unsure whether the spanking was having any effect at all. She told him to place his hands on the back of the chair. She informed Matt that his underwear would need to be removed for her so see if the punishment was taking any effect.

Kerry and I looked at one another, again in shock. Surely she wasn't going to remove his underwear in front of us. Matt pleaded with her to stop his punishment and not to remove his pants in front of us.. Mrs Cartright explained that he should not have risked people's lives by making prank calls. She placed her fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down in one quick movement to join his school shoes. His white muscular bum cheeks sprung into view. I could not help but let out a gasp and shriek of laughter when his bare bum come into view. Kerry could not stop laughing at the sight of her brothers naked bum. Mrs Cartright told us to stop being so silly. She instructed Matt to step out of his boxer shorts, he was now crying at this point. I could hear him sniffle as he manoeuvred his feet out the shorts. He was stood there wearing only his grey knee high socks and black school shoes.

Mrs Cartright said that her hand was sore and she needed something durable to spank Matt with. She asked me if she could borrow one of my school sandals. I wasn't going to argue with her. She placed her hand around the back of my school sandal and proceeded to spank his bottom; with every spank you could see the outlined of the shoe mark his backside. Every time she hit is bottom the buckles on the sandal would make a jingle sound. Matt continued to sob with every hit. I could not believe what I was seeing, I was in total disbelief. Matt's bum got redder and redder with every hit. After 5 minutes of Matt being spanked Mrs Cartright told him that his punishment was over.

Matt took his hands off the back of the chair and asked his mum if he could put his clothes back on. She informed him that he would be serving 30 minutes corner time. He went to grab his clothes but was stopped. He was told that he wasn't allowed to have his clothes back until he served this time . Mrs Cartright grabbed his wrist and lead him past us giving us an opportunity to see his willy. Kerry looked at me and smiled as he was walked past. I could not remove my smile after seeing it. Matt was placed in the corner in front of the dining room table with his naked bum on display and told to place his hands on his head. Mrs Cartright told us to sit down and to make sure he didn't move while she made a cup of tea.  I could not help but tease him about the situation. I remarked on how nice he looked just wearing his school socks and shoes. Kerry could not stop laughing at my remark! Matt didn't say anything and just put his head down in shame. Kerry dared me to rub his bum!, I stood up and made sure the coast was clear. I went over to Matt and started to smooth his bottom, I could not stop laughing whilst doing it. Matt kept on asking me to stop but I was having to much fun. Eventually I removed my hand from his bum and moved to the side of him so I could see his willy. I could see that he was semi erect and enjoying the attention. I looked at Matt and said I can see your willy. Again he just lowered his head in shame, Kerry could not stop laughing. I could hear that Mrs Cartright was making her way back into the room so I quickly sat down.

For the next 25 minutes we sat at the table drinking our tea and carried on like matt wasn't there. I could not help but have a glance at Matt stood in the corner. Mrs Cartright caught me looking a couple of times, she looked at Matt's bare bottom and looked back at me with a smile. You could see that she was gaining pleasure in having him stand naked in front of us all. After 25 minutes Mrs Cartright gathered his uniform and gave it to him. Matt quickly scurried out of the door and ran upstairs. I always tease Matt about his punishment and remind him how I saw everything. Kerry told all the girls at school!
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I could feel that his bottom was clammy and had indentations. I was always teasing him about the spanking and seeing him naked after. I must admit I did get a real thrill from seeing him naked and seeing him semi erect. I think if his mum had left I would have started playing with him there and then in front of Kerry.

I bet - I would have spent days ******* off with that picture of his semi hard erection and red bruised bottom in my mind.

Did Matt's bottom feel hot to you - could you feel the welts on it? Did you and him ever discuss it any further - seeing him get excited as you rubbed his butt must have turned you on as well?

That had to be embarrassing for Matt. Had he started puberty and was his front parts swing and bobbing around as he walked past you two. I assume he was embarrassed with you seeing him naked. Was that the last time you saw him spanked and saw him bare ***?

He had deffinately had gone through puberty. We saw his willy bouncing around when he went past us. He begged and begged for his mum not to pull down his pants but she knew that she wanted them down. He was certainly embarrased especially when we were making fun of him and he had to walk past us. That was last time I saw him bare. We were always trying to get him into trouble after that occassion so we could see him nake again.

Did Matt have real tears flowing during the spanking and was he hollering a lot out loud as he was being spanked? Did he try to cover up his willy as he was walking past and was Matt circumcised? Was he the first boy into puberty you had seen and the first one you ever saw spanked?

He started crying as soon as his mum pulled down his pants. You could see tears in his eyes. He was crying quite loud, i think the crying was due to embarrassment rather than the pain of the spanking. He tried to cover his willy when he walked past but his mum pulled his hand away, leaving him totally exposed! He wasn't circumcised. He was the first boy and the only one I saw spanked! I still think about it today and smile. I did get a thrill from seeing the situation unravel.

Great story. Seeing someone of the opposite sex spanked, especially bare, was always fun growing up.

who have you seen of the opposite sex get spanked and what ages were you and them? Are you a guy or a girl? You get spanked before as a teenager and also any one ever see you spanked?

tbar147.... wonderful story! for those of us not familiar with the school system, how old were you (year 11) when this happened?

I would have been 15 at the time.

I didn't really have a choice but to hand them over. It did make me smile, knowing that Matt's bum was going to be spanked with them. They would have been Aus size 8.

Matt's punishment reminds me of my cousin. He was getting fitted for a new suit, and in Europe, especially England, kids suits come with short pants. My cousin didn't like it and ran into the street, without any clothes beneath the waist.<br />
<br />
My uncle grabbed him, and said, "If you want to show your bottom, then this won't bother you." <br />
<br />
He then sat on a bench and spanked my cousin's bottom quite a deep shade pf red.

Nude and spanked in front of witnesses in one thing, but the rest, that's going too far.

matt deserved it, my mother did the same to me only it was in front of my sisters and their freinds, I was 15 and got home late from school and mum told me my supper is ruined Iv'e warned you about this she said now remove all your clothes and bend over that stool, but mum I said there are people here, do as your told or I will take them off you myself,with that, mum crabed my arm and pulled me to her then she removed every stich of clothing I was wearing, my sisters and their freinds watched as i Stood there completly naked and mum pulled me over her knee, she asked my sister to fetch one of dads slippers and proceded to spank me in front of everyone untill I was yelling like a baby, i tried to get up but mum pulled me back over saying, Im not finished with you yet my boy and if you want to act like a baby then you will be one then carried me over to my kid brothers changing table and laid me on it, she then got all my brothers baby stuff and a cloth nappy, put nappy rash all over my private area and pinned the nappy on me and then a pair of rubber pants, she then told my sister to go get the silver cross pram that she kept in the garage strapped me firmly in it and wheeled it out in the garden saying that I will stay in it all day and pushed a babys dummy in my mouth and told me to suck on that and said that if I dont stop crying she will make me a babys bottle to drink, she fixed a string of baby toys across the pram and placed a rattle in my hand and said I was to use that if I needed anything, my sister and her freinds could'nt stop laughing at my embarresment saying to use my rattle if my bum needs changing then left me in my pram out the garden and told me they were going to alter my room to a nursery and untill I learned my lesson I will be a baby for the rest of the summer holidays.

I believe in a good spanking but that was too creepy. I would have have waited for mom to be fast asleep and planned an escape.