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Spanking On The Sea

I'm curently on the sea with aunt and cousine.
We were on the beach,I meet to great boys age 15 and 13 and they love football. When it got to hot we were preparing to go to our suits,and then they asked my aunt can I go with them to their house that was 15min with the car from the beach,aunt aproved,and gave me dry clothes to change. We went there,It's a great house,in the car mom told the older one a couple of times to put eye glasses on,after 4th time he put them,mom told me that he has eye problems and that he need to wear them.In the house we played with the ball a little,and then we went on their laptop,to show me some football pictures,after arround 20min,younger one and me went to his room,to show me some jersey,then I heard some yelling,we went downstairs,mom was holding a belt,and telling older one that he knows that doctor said no more than 20min in front of computer daily.She told him to go in the living room and to wait for her bare bottomed,then she called two of us to watch.I was shocked,but I went in,he was standing with his arms on the wall,and underpants were at his ankle,he wasn't moving.His brother told me that it was mom's rule.She started lecturing him a little,and then started with the belt swats.She gave him 20,and after each of them he said sorry mom.When she finished,sent him in the corner for 20min.Then asked the youger one would he like to join his bro,he said No.Then she asked me how much time do I spend in front of comp,I said a little,and she ordered us to go to play.I looked at his behind,it was blistering red,he was crying in the corner.I don't think that I should go there again.
spank92 spank92 18-21, M 5 Responses Jul 30, 2012

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So did you ever go back there? I could see why u wouldn't want to its a bit embarrassing

no I didn't return

Did u hang out with the two boys or did you stop? And how old we're u when this happen

no I didn't hang out with them after that, this was last year I was 20

Right it does say 2012 when the story was written sorry about that I guess see what happen u didn't want to hang with them anymore

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ma6 be a bit harsh iam very stricked but i just lock away for a week or so maybe wityh a grounding 2 as a way of making him remember or set a timer so he dont over do it again

Why wouldn't you go there again? You might get lucky and she might spank you!

because it would be embarassing for me to get spanked by woman I meet two days ago.

who was spânked and by hand by belt bare bumor else

When I saw the title of your story I thought it was you who were going to be spanked. I am glad it was not. I am sorry for the boy who got spanked. It was not a good thing to happen.