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I have read several stories on someone seeing or hearing of a teen getting a spanking from their mom while shopping. I always had a hard time believing that a parent would actually spank their teen otk in front of strangers.
Well, I now do believe it. I was at the mall this afternoon and I saw a mother actually sitting down on a bench with her not one but two teens (one at a time) put them over her knee and spank them with a hairbrush.
The mother raised their dress and spanked them on top of their panties. Each girl received approximently 8 to 10 swats. Each girl was kicking and crying during the spanking. Each girl did the spank dance after the spanking. Their mother told them both that that was just a sample of what was going to happen when they got home.
If I were to guess their ages, I would say 13 to 15 years of age. I can just imagine that their mother spanked them bare bottom when they got home and they are now suffering with sore bottoms.
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Oh yes, I have been in the restrooms in malls many a time for a good long hard spanking, and in many a store fitting room/dressing room also. And of course the reminder spankings once home again. Only been over the back of a bench in a mall once, and that was at the suggestion of a security guard, and Mother used his belt.

Yes my Mother, and pretty much all my disciplinarians, are super strict, and don't put up with ANY nonsense. I had kinda forgot to put down a bottle of perfume and it slipped its way into a pocket while I was focussing on other products. (In other words, I was being totally an idiot and not paying attention to what I was doing) When we went to leave the store, yep the alarm went off... Luckily the security guard told mom, instead of going through the whole process and paperwork of the shoplifting rigamarole, he would just take the perfume back, but I needed a good whippin' to remind me to not cause such a problem to begin with. So next thing you know, his belt is in Mother's hand, I'm bent over a bench, skirt up, luckily a rare panties up event... And about 40 swats with that belt are landing on my rear. Then the dude says, next time you may want to take her to the restrooms and do it properly with a tad less exposure... Go figure! Mother's reply: "I should have had her get those panties down, and gave her a lot more than that little love tapping!" Anyway!

I was 16, and just being pure scatterbrained. Never intended to steal anything. Just absentmindedly dropped it in my pocket whilst looking at other stuf and lip flapping with other gals.... Like I siad, being an idiot. I was a lot more careful about those things after yes, but there was, and is always some other reason for Mother, or Aunties etc to take me in a restroom, or fitting room, or parking garage, manager's office, or other "semi-private" area. Have me bare my bottom, bend over something, or lay me over something legs up, and give me a good, long, hard spanking.

Most of the time I always got another spanking once home, no matter if the 1 spanking in the restrrom/fitting room was severe enough to leave my butt black and blue, or even if I had gotton 2 or 3 trips to restrooms/fitting rooms for spankings. Someone, or multiple someones were going to spank me again! Of course after all the years, now if I know I am getting cranky, or just gouchy, I am smart enough to ask to get taken for a spanking. I even have a deal with one Great Auntie, that if she is going to be shopping ALL DAY, that every couple of hours just to keep me from getting in REAL trouble, she has to take me to iether a restroom, or a fitting room, and give me a LONG, HARD spanking on the bare bottom for my own good. It usually gets witnessed by at least 2 or 3 other ladies/girls, or ladies with thier daughters in the restrooms, and is only heard usually in the fitting rooms. There are some occaisions where those get witnessed or even assissted in by shopkeepers/salesladies/managers if I have earned it.

Yeah the "spanked out, spanked again in" type rule applies, whether that is a school spanking, at a mall/store/restauraunt/church/friend's house... If I get a spanking away, then I get a spanking again at home. And yes that includes the Great Auntie I have the "arrangement" with.

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I was smacked in public as a teenage boy by my dad. It hurt!

I've never actually spanked a teen in public, although I did give my oldest two very good, firm cracks on her butt once at Wal-mart when she was 15. But actually putting her across my knee and spanking her? That waited until we got home.

when i was in china last year: i saw a mother spanking her boy in public on the bare butt (in front of a supermarket)

sarahfolan1980 just curious, how old was your daughter when you spanked her inside a store. These girls were teenagers that I saw get spanked.

wow how embaracing! every one could see them and they had their skirts up !

Wow yah that's crazy. My mom just stops shopping and takes us home. I have gotten in trouble more then once at a store. Last time she just dropped my siter and I off, went back finished shopping, came home and spanked us. We were shocked a bit when she left but knew we would get it when she got home. <br />
I can't say for sure but in a store with skirt up, would be a bit inappropriate. My parents freak out if I have a skirt or dress that is too short, can't imagine them putting my butt on display themselves. So yah wow

Yeah really. Would love to chat ans share experiences Lilyish. Do you have yahoo messenger?

No I will soon. Getting a new pc, I added u

Phoebe yes it was something to see but I think I was more dumbfounded to see it. Now that you mention it, I am surprise no one called for mall security.

Interesting. Must have been something to see. That would get the mother arrested in a lot of places.

although you may be correct depending on the situation ,it is NOT illegal for a parent to use corporal punishment in their discipline plans.i do not know if there are guidlines withing that allowance by law.what i do know is,today we have a mostly disrespectful amoral group of children in this world than has EVER been.children being abusive to their parents and other elders.they are not being taught to respect people and property or evewn responsibilty for their actions.our jails are full of them as are our juvenille halls .its vewry sad to see a group of family members in public with their kids running all over them and them just standing there and giving the kid what the fit was about in the 1st place.let them tantrum,.....i dont advocate beating a child or teen,but in this age of timeouts and non spanking punishments and redirections we are raisng a generation of brats nobody wants to be around