My Two Female Cousins

My mother was close friends with my father's sister who had two girls Linda one year younger than I was and Marcia two years younger. My youngest sister Susan was the same age as Linda and we had spent a lot time together when we were young. Several times we had been spanked together and I thought of the girls like sisters. They lived in a small town about 50 miles from where we lived and since my aunt's mother and many of her friends and relatives lived here she travelled here on almost on a daily basis. If they weren't in school Linda and Marcia often came along usually to visit my sisters.
One summer day when I was 13 the two girls arrived about 1 o'clock after having walked from our grandmother's house which was about four blocks away. Susan came out from her room and the three went out on the porch to talk. About an hour later I heard a car pull up in the driveway and I went into the living room to see who it was. When I looked out the window I saw my aunt get out her car and walk up the front steps. Once on the porch she grabbed Marcia by the arm and while motioning to Linda to follow she came through the door and into the living room. Still having Marcia by the arm she got mom's hairbrush from the bookshelf
and went over and sat down on the couch. Marcia stood beside her putting up no resistance as her shorts and panties were taken down. Once my aunt had Marcia over her lap and in position she took the hairbrush and gave her one hard whack.
She then asked "Do you know what you are being spanked for"
After a moment's hesitation Marcia answered "yes"
My aunt then put down the hairbrush and began spanking lightly with her hand. She gradually increased the severity of the spanks until Marcia was crying softly. She stopped after what must have been about fifty spanks Even though this was very mild spanking up to this point Marcia's bottom was bright red. My aunt then picked up the hairbrush and the real spanking began. Marcia began screaming and then began crying loudly. Once the spanking was over and Marcia was helped to her feet she stood there several minutes rubbing her bottom. Finally her mother said that's "enough" and Marcia slowly pulled up here panties and her shorts. Now it was Linda's turn. Linda was tall with black hair in contrast to Marcia having light brown hair and being fairly short. Without coaxing she came and stood next to her mother and like her sister put up no resistance as her shorts and panties were taken down. Linda got the same treatment as Marcia and by the time she stood up rubbing her bottom she was crying as loudly Marcia had. After watching Linda crying and rubbing bottom for several minutes I left and went out side.
About an hour and half later my aunt and mother came out of the house and left. I went in the house and joined my cousins and Susan in the living room. I asked if everything was alright.
Marcia replied "Well, two of us have sore bottoms"
Then Linda asked "You didn't tell any of the neighbors, did you? I said of course not.
Marcia face lit up and she said "Susan said you wouldn't"
Then she said "You know we are going to want to see you spanked'
As I left to go back outside I said 'You can never tell what might happen".
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How old were the girls that time? I liked seeing my boy and girl cousins "getting it"

The oldest would have just turned 13 and the youngest would have been 12.

Those are embarrassing ages to be bare bottom spanked, I know I hated having my panties pulled down at those ages.

On the other hand, your boy cousins loved it when your panties came down.

Gee, thanks for reminding me...NOT!

Just like you enjoyed it when they were bared. It was a big part of growing up for so many of us.

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Those were the days

At what age did your cousins see you spanked and were you spanked bare bottom too? Were you ever spanked by your aunt?

When they got up could you see everything front and back? Did they see you front and back when you were spanked and what age were you last time they saw you naked and spanked? Were you embarraqssed at all with them witnessing the spanking/

That must have been awful for them, soo embarrassin!!

I love your stories you would like to hear more of what you saw and experienced.<br />

I was 16 the last time I saw one of my cousins spanked. They saw me spanked on several occasions.

How old were you when you were last spanked and how often did your female cousins and sister see you spanked bare bottom? Who did your spankings and what was your most embarrassing spanking and what were you spanked for?

My sisters and I were often spanked with our cousins by our aunt and by our mother at various times. It wasn't unusual in those days.