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I See It All The Time

I can't ever remember seeing a random kid get it or anything, but I have 3 siblings and I see them getting whenever it happens. It's not really often because we're all well behaved, but our dad is strict so it does happen. Our mom has never spanked us, more than a swat or two when we were younger. The last time I saw it would have been earlier this week with my second youngest sister Alley who's 10...we were at our cottage and she wanted to go to the beach but my mom said no because it's too cold now here and she would freeze to death, my dad wasn't there at the time, so Alley started fussing over it and asking again and again - something she would have known better to do around our dad and then it turned into a full fledged tantrum when my mom said no again and my dad pulled up in the drive way in the middle of her tantrum. When she noticed him coming she tried to calm herself and stopped the screaming and sat down but he already saw what she was doing and he doesn't ever tolerate tantrums so he asked her what she was doing and she didn't answer because she was probly scared, and so he was like "get up" and she stood up right away and then he just grabbed her arm and reached around to her butt and spanked her quiteee a few times hard and yelled at her asking her if she thought she could get away with it because he wasn't there and if she had a problem obeying what our mom said and how she knows what throwing a fit will get her. She started crying and when he finished and after like 10 or more smacks he told her to get inside and she went in quickly. I was just sitting watching this all lol it doesnt' really phase me.
HannaBees HannaBees 13-15, F 5 Responses Nov 15, 2012

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do you have any brothers and how old are all your siblings? Have you seen them all spanked in the last 2 years at one time or another and have they all seen you spanked too and bare bottom?

I was spanked in puplic with a belt with studs

Add me

I added you :)

Just hand spankings over pants?

That time that's what it was. My dad uses the belt too for worse stuff and doesn't hit us bare unless it's on the backs of the thighs with the belt. never bare butt though.

Sounds like it was deserved for the tantrum

Yeah it was lol