Mother And Daughter

This weekend, my brother in law was babysitting his granddaughters. The oldest is three now. It is forbidden to go on the stairs – which she did. Her grandpa warned her that she should stop this, or get a spanking on the bare buttocks. She didn’t heed his warning, and he said “Now you did it. Come here, I’ll spank you.”

To my surprise, she came immediately. I remembered a very similar scene with her mother when she was a toddler, a very naughty girl! As her mother, the kid was not in tears, at most looking worried. She knew the drill: as a matter of fact, she pushed her underpants down, put her hands on the floor, and stuck out her naked bottom.

The spanking was no joke, though. Her grandpa smacked her firmly: two ringing slaps followed by two yelps.

Then he helped her upright, put her underpants back up, hugged her and said “and now you will never do it again, won’t you?”. She rubbed her backside and cried for less than a minute, then went back playing. But she stayed away from the stairs. Just as her mother!
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It is in the story - there were two smacks. We start at an age when the child is old enough to choose to be disobedient and can learn from the punishment, at around age 2,5.

Wow at least she understood how many times did you tap her behind did you just use your hand do you ever spank over your knee how old is she when do you begin spanking