Born in 1989, spankings were not out of the ordinary in my house. With only three children being raised in my house, our butts definitely got the attention they needed. We were spanked, but not like the usual kids at that time.
Our father was a hard working carpenter, and our mother stayed at home due to seizures and anxiety.
We had what my father called "Maintenance spankings." Instead of spanking us when we did something wrong, my father (and mother) set up a daily spanking routine. It went like this: on weekdays we would be spanked before breakfast, then before bed. On weekends or holidays, we would be spanked before breakfast, after bath, and before bed.
It was very unusual for you not to witness a spanking! On one particular day, i was 13, my sister (Bella) was about 15, and my brother (Andy) was about 10.
I remember this night perfectly. It was January 2nd, and we had all taken our baths and we went up to my father's room for our spanking. My sister was far ahead in development (or so it seemed to me) while my brother was still an energetic, athletic little rascal. We all chose a corner to stand in and it felt like immediately after, my father entered the room. "Okay, Bella. Come here." My beautiful older sister walked (in only her lime green tank too) over to where my father was sitting on the bed. I turned back to face my corner, and heard a lot of shuffling. But no spanking. Next my father called me. I was made to hold my sisters legs up and open so that my father could have a clear view of her bum to spank her, and give her a few swats with a spoon on the ***** . We were each rubbing our bums and wailing way before the end of the spanking. He spanked each of us like this that day. It was the first and last time. I never knew why, but we never talked about it. I have four kids, and I spank all of them over my knee, bared bums, once a day before bed. I believe this is all that is needed for positive behavior.
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If that works for your kids then by all means you should continue doing it.

you did not know why you got spanked?

I didnt know why my father never talked to us about spanking like that. It was out of the ordinary, and only happened one time.

i cant imagine or approve such a thing, i believe in spanking kids but not under 15 yo. or without a proper reason, but maintenance spanking ........., i guess u should stop that with your kids