Before I Started

Before I started spanking, my husband's sister showed me how she spanked her little girl, Samantha. Samantha was a peite tiny skinny girl of 11. Now her mom told me that she spanked Samantha, not Samantha's father because he did not want to spank his kids, he wanted her to. Her mom, Kelly was a tall lady with tons of force compared to her small daughter. Kelly said that she was about to spank Samantha and I should see it. I went over. Kelly was in her room yanking Samantha's underwear down ( she had a shortskirt on) Samantha started crying. "I have not slapped you yet," Kelly said. She asked me for the belt and I was scared because Sam was such a tiny small girl, a girl who was 6 passed her up. Her mom applied many spanks to each butt cheek which was now red. Samantha was bawling, trying to grab her bootie, but could not knowing she would get more spanks on her butt and the belt would slap her hands. Her mom put her panties on but lifted them exposing her lower butt and thighs which she spanked with the belt. When she was done she slapped Samantha's tender, red, butt and sent her off to the corner. Samantha crying she would NEVER create a fake facebook account a be mean to her friend, Libby. Her mom later deleted her account. You might say that you have let your children get them, okay but Kelly spanked Samantha for being mean online to her friend, Libby.
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Wow looks like she learned her lesson did she ever use anything besides a belt and where did she spank her at bedroom kitchen does she spank in public thanks for the story

Best she learns early?

Well she was 11 and has been spanked since 3. But when she was younger, she was slapped on the hand.