Daddy's Little Girl Gets The Belt

My friend, Kate and I were sleeping over at our other friend, Emily's house. Emily's older sister, Tori was in 4th gr. (we were in 1st at that time) Tori was Em's dad's favorite. Her brother Thomas smacked his face aganist the wall. Tori had a bad temper so she took the kitchen spoon which had batter over it and smacked his face! He started crying he was only in 3rd grade. Her parents rushed in. and were like "Tori Marie did you do this?" "No daddy Emily did. All 3 of us 1st graders were like "No Mr. Kentwell Tori did we saw!" Tori had never been spanked before so she looked scared. Mr. Kentwell looked insulted, "VICTORIA MARIE-ALISON YOU WERE NOT A BRAT UNTIL NOW SO YOU ARE GONNA GET IT WITH MY LEATHER BELT, THE THICK ONE! he pulls tori over the knee takes her undies off and spanks her til shes crying~
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Besides his hands, what other implements were commonly utilized to give harsh belt lickins.

Since witnessing a friend's punishment was new to you, we're you able to leave the room or if not, at least close your eyes.?

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Wow - you tell a good story well :)

Thank you!