Spanked With My Best Friend

As a boy, I was close friends with a girl I'll call Jenny. She was a couple of years younger than me. Our moms were best friends and owned a small business together. After school, Jenny and I would play together after school while our moms worked. This opened the door to endless mischief and lots of spankings. We never did anything terrible, but somehow we often found ways to disobey our moms and get our bottoms toasted.

Probably one of the worst ones came when we were 13 and 11.  We got the brilliant idea to go off to the 7-11 without telling anyone. Of course now it sounds crazy, but it seemed like a good idea at the time . Hey, we were bored and thirst and darn it we wanted Slushees.  And moon pies.  What kid could resist their marsmallowy chocolaty goodness?  We could have used the marshmallow middle to cushion our bottoms later, as you will see.  Well, when we got back our moms were happy to have us back and safe but they were furious at us for running off. Long story short, we were both escorted to a private room where down went our pants and underwear and over we went across our moms' laps for a long lesson with the hairbrush.  Our moms always had one handy.   What's up with that?  They must be part of the official mom's toolkit, along with tissues, band-aids and kisses to make everything better :) As I got my spanking, a long affair that could have ended at halftime without a complaint from me, I could not help watching Jenny's mom roasting her bottom. Our moms played quite a symphony on our rears that day.   After our spankings, I sat and tried to rub while Jenny did her own little dance-n-rub routine.  We were hugged and forgiven and we promised never to do that again. After we were alone, we looked at each other's butts and agreed that our moms did an equally good ob on us.  We never pulled that trick again, but we found other ways to punch our tickets to Lapland, usually misbehaving together and being spanked together.  This continued well into our teens.
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How far into your teens did it go on till? Did you still see each other get it bare in your teens?

I don't remember exactly when it stopped, but sometime in our early/mid teens.


We saw each other very often, which inevitably led to some spankings, even in our teens. We weren't bad kids, but we found our share of mischief together and we had strict moms.

Wow, since your moms had a business together. Did Jenny mom ever spank you and did Jenny get spanked by your mom as well?

Yes and yes. We were both spanked several times by each other's mom. Both of our moms used haibrushes. Jenny's mom also had a wicked little strap while Jenny sometimes felt my mom's school paddle.

As you two got older did you ever have sex together?

We never had sex together, but we did almost everything else; kissing, touching, looking at each other naked, etc. Back then, I don't think teens, at least where we lived, were in the same rush to have sex as the average teen today in America.

There's nothing than having a good friend to get in trouble with as well as being punished together. Are you still friends? Did you ever play spank e/o? I had many friends I play spanked but few were the types to get in trouble WITH. No matter the situation, I alone was blamed and punished. I was the one to get a "ticket to Lapland." I was eye witness to only one spanking in my life. I also overheard a few back in the days before central AC in homes.

Yes, we are still friends. We keep in touch through various social media. We played house, doctor and other kids\' games and spanking was often included. Mostly, it was otk, bare hand to bare bottom. We usually avoided implements like the hairbrushes our moms used, so we wouldn\'t be caught red handed or red bottomed.

@ least it didn't bother you to be spanked together/in front of each other. I don't know if I would ever be able to do that. Mine as you know were private. The only times thy were semi-not private were those occasions when I acted up away from home and was punished at my aunts house or at my parents really close friends that were like an aunt and uncle to me. And those were still in a guest room or in a finished basement with the door shut. I say semi-private because when I was lucky enough for that to occur it was a known fact what was happening. But when I think about it, if there was any person it wouldn't have bothered me in front of or with would have been my cousin. We shared everything and had been in some hot water situations together. I wasn't embarrassed to talk to her about my spankings when they did occur. She was the only person that I wasn't embarrassed to talk about it with. So I guess there is one person...

We probably would rather have been spanked separately but it wasn't that big a deal to us since we weren't really shy or modest around each other and we knew we both were spanked as needed. Most of our spankings were in private but if we got into trouble together we were spanked together. Even when we weren't spanked together we often compared notes and battle scars later.

Battles scars from growing pains, that's what I refer to my spankings, growing pains. Must have been nice in some way to have someone that could be sympathetic with you.

it really was nice to have her to empathize with me and me with her. We both knew what it was like to be spanked, so when one of us got the hairbrush or belt (or the rare switching) we were there for each other to listen and try to make it all better.

It must have been really nice & comforting. Even though my brothers knew what it was like we just never talked or discussed it. When it happened, it happened. Whether it was me on the receiving end or one of them, the overall tension was often too much. And when I say embarrassing it was embarrassing. You couldn't have a tv program on where a child was getting in trouble or a movie where a spanking occurred without me wanting the couch to swallow me whole. My friends, the few that I had didn't know that I was even spanked. I never talked about it, that was a secret to ppl other than my family or close friends of my parents that knew when I was in trouble, it was kind of hard not to hear. Maybe if I had someone it wouldn't have been so embarrassing an event but then again that probably wouldn't have made a difference for me.

I'm sorry your spankings were so embarrassing for you. I think a certain amount of embarrassment is part of most spankings but I don't think they should be humiliating or in any way traumatic. Most of my friends knew I was spanked and I knew they were, although we didn't share as many details as Jenny and I did. Maybe I'm wrong or overgeneralizing but I think it's usually more embarrassing for girls than boys. For boys, especially back when we were growing up, being spanked was almost a badge of courage and not something to be hidden at all cost.

Yah I just found it embarrassing. Nothing traumatic, well I've bad traumatic experiences that happened that were the reason for a spanking but not the spanking. My dad wasn't into humiliating but teaching a lesson when needed. I think you are right when you say girls find it more embarrassing. I am glad I never had to take my pants down, I would have died if I had to do that and probably would have made it even more embarrassing for me. My brother most times I overheard his spankings it would be several licks in before he let go and cried. He did that to be as macho as he could, not me...There was nothing for me to be a hero about. It was going to hurt, I cried before, during, and after.

Before, during, and after! You bet. That was certainly most kids' style. They claimed otherwise but in fact they were wimps when actually getting it.

How long did your brother manage to hold out?

How was the age different between your brothers and you Utopia? Until what age did your pants and underwear come down and you were spanked? What age did you start getting embarrassed? For me I was embarrassed and hated spankings and was kinda modest but that went out the window once the spanking started and I was howling. Afterwards I would jump up and clutch my bare *** and jump all over the room not caring what was showing. I just wanted the sting to go away. How did you and your brothers react after a spanking. Did you feel sorry for them when you saw them spanked and did they feel sorry for you?

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Ouch. Until what age were you when you got your last spanking in front of your freind bare bottom? After that spanking when you were 13, had you started puberty by that time? Did you pull your pants up right away or did you do a dance or sit there bare bottm for a few minutes totally exposed. As a teen did your friend see you naked in front and back as well as your freinds mom and your mom? I was spanked till 15 by my aunt and mom and sometimes in front of my girl cousin and my sister even at 15. It sucked and was embarrassing but it didnt keep me from doing the spanking dance. It hurt a lot.

This was toward the end of our mischief together. I was 14 when we were last spanked together. By the time of this story's spanking, both of us were into puberty. We both rubbed some before pulling our pants up. Both she and I and our moms had seen us naked since we were about 3-5 so the exposure wasn't a big deal. We were more curious than embarrassed ;-)

I would still be embarrassed getting it in front of a girl that was my best freind even if I saw her getting it too. And what had you two done when you was age 14 and did your pants and boxers come down to below your knees that time too as well as hers and was it a hairbrush spanking too?

What age were you the last time you were spanked by your mom bare without your freind present? What was the last age you were spanked by your freinds mom bare bottom?

My most embarrassing when I was involved in Halloween mischief and my Aunt called me and my cousin who was 14 into the living room and made us disrobe and tore our bare ***** up good so we never wanted to do that stuff again.

I don't really remember every spanking we got together. 14 is a guesstimate. We got another from her mom while I was spending the night there for staying up late and refusing to go to bed when repeatedly warned. I got my last spanking bare from mom around the same time as my last one with Jenny. Everything came off from the waist down except my socks. I was really an angel but she got me into trouble. Really. I'm serious LOL *slides aside as lightning strikes*

I bet your spanking was embarrassing and painful! Were you both fully nude or bare from the waist down? I've never really seen the need for full nudity but I know some parents and relatives spank that way. It's amazing how one red sore butt can prevent a lifetime of trouble.

When my aunt spanked us for the vandalism our pants and boxers came off and we were spanked bending over the arm of a couch but we had to take everything in the living room. When you were spanked by your mom with Jenny did she tell you to take off your pants and underwear all the way off even when you were 14? Did you ever try to cover up and did you ever do a spanking dance and jump up and down with your pants still off. Sounds like after a spanking you were bare at least for a few minutes until you and your freind calmed down. Did it matter to you if your freinds mom spanked you or your mom and lastly did your freinds mom take off your pants and boxers all the way even at age 13 and 14.

Sounds like you were the innocent one but your girl freind got you in trouble alot. How many times a year were you two spanked after age 12?

I was referring to another spanking you wrote about which I think involved a girl cousin. That one sounded pretty bad and probably more embarrassing for both of you than the one with your male friend. Of course, neither one was good. Was there a big difference for you between getting it with a boy vs a girl

Yes definately more embarrassing for me. You said you didnt mind if your female freind saw you bare and spanked and saw your front and your pubic hair. I hated it and was red faced and also my butt was super red. I hated any female seeing me naked after age 11 or 12. You said your freind saw you spanked even when you were 14 and sometimes you had to pull off your pants and boxers all the way and stand there before going over the knee. I would die knowing everything is hanging down and so exposed. What part of country were you two from? I am from the south in Alabama.

I am from Georgia. Like many Alabama parents, mine took the phrase "Bible belt" literally and spanked the hell out of us LOL. We weren't abused but we definitely got our share of whippin's. It may seem strange but I think I would have been more embarrassed being whipped with a guy than Jenny since we were used to being bared and/or spanked.

Did you have any siblings? And yes in Alabama spanking was the norm and I got it in school too. I went to a private Christain Academy.

What grade do you believe you were in when you got your last spanking from mom and with Jenny? For me I was in 10th grade.

Did you expect your pants to come down for a spanking even with Jenny and her mom there or doing the spanking? Who took down the pants most of the time you or the parents? What age did you start puberty and started getting pubes and did that chage the way you felt when getting spanked?

I have 2 brothers, no sisters and I am in the middle. I went to public schools and they paddled through Jr. High (middle school). High schools paddled ,but not as often. In K-5th grades, we would hear hall paddlings at least 5 times a day. Teachers always called home to report paddlings. I wasn't paddled at school but I got into enough trouble that mom took lots of those calls. I often heard "oh, don't worry. When I'm done with him, Jon won't even think about misbehaving again in class for a long time."

I was about 11 when I started puberty. I think I was 14 and in 9th grade when I got my last spanking with Jenny and from my mom. Jenny was 12 then and we both were well into puberty. We both had plenty of hair and she had been wearing a bra awhile.

I knew my pants would come down. The order to "get on into your room and get your butts bare" sealed our fates. When her mom entered, Jenny and I were both bare and waiting nervously for what we knew would leave us sore and sobbing. Her mom did not disappoint :(

How old were your brothers compared to you? Did they get spanked as often as you and did they ever see Jenny spanked? Did Jenny ever see your brothers get spanked? Did you ever get spanked with both of your brothers all at the same time and how old were yall then?

Did you ever get spanked for getting in trouble in Jr High School or only in Elementary school from mom? Did your brothers ever get spanked for school stuff and did anyone other than siblings, Jenny, Mom or Jennys mom see you get a spanking, like a freind, brothers friend, cousins or the like?

One brother is 7 years younger and another is 5 years older. Neither ever saw Jenny spanked nor did she see them, to my knowledge. I don't remember being spanked with both brothers at once.

I don't remember any specific spankings from mom in Jr. High but my memory of that era is cloudy. My big brother was paddled once in P.E. for being tardy repeatedly and got the belt at home that night. I don't know about my little brother. Nobody else that I remember ever saw me spanked.

When you and your brothers were spanked at home, did you get the belt sometimes or just the paddle? When your older brother was spanked for being tardy in PE how old was he then and did you see him get the belt. Did mom make the pants and underwear come down for him too and what age was your older brother when he last got spanked? What age was your younger brother when you last saw him get a spanking from your mom and what kind of things was he spanked for?

When you and Jenny got that spanking when you were 13 and she was 11 did either of you hesitate to take down the pants and underwear? Did you ever try to cover up before the spanking started and how much jumping around did you and Jenny do after a spanking?

At home we got the belt some. I remember my spankings more than my brothers' and I got the hairbrush more than the belt.

When Jenny and I were spanked we both briefly hesitated to to bare ourselves but we knew it would be worse if we did not cooperate. Neither of us covered up much since we had seen each other plenty of times. Our moms had also seen everything we had so we were more concerned with our spankings than covering up.

what age did you start getting hair down there. I see Jenny already started when she was 11 so she started early, when did you start? When Jenny's mom last spanked you at age 14 when you spent the night at her house where you shocked she spanked you and took down your pants and underwear? Did you sleep in the same room as Jenny when you slept over?

When dad spanked you was it worse than mom and did he always spank bare bottom? What age did dad last spank you bare bottom?

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I think on balance you deserved thecspankings for all thecworrynyou both must have caused your mothers. They were clearly both very caring.

I agree. I don't think I ever got a spanking I didn't deserve, including that one. If anything, I missed some I should have had. Jenny has said the same during past conversations.