We went to sleepaway camp and all of us had such a great time. One day we all decided to play a joke on the councels. We hide her mail from her boy friend that just arrived. Lol after we read the letter. It had very personal detsils so we made fun of her and she did not even know why. When she found out her boyfriend sent her a letter and we went throurgh her property. We all got bare butt spankings with the camp paddle. When she was done we had to write a letter to her boyfriend stating what we done and how she punised us for it!!!
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yo wrote in one of your stories that you are a girl and in one of the responses on here you say that you're a boy. what gender are you? or don't you know?

How old were you boys and how many got paddled? Were the paddlings all bare bottom in front of each other? That had to suck getting paddled by a girl and bare and her seeing you naked in the front and back? Did she see you naked other than that like changing clothes, or showering or while changing for swimming? Were you spanked bare bottom at home at that age too?

I was at that time 14 years old. And yes it did suck having a 19 year old girl seeing my privates. She did bed ckecks, so she did she the cabin chaning for bed and geting in and out of the showing areas. Yes at that age I was spanked at home,but usualy from dad in my room so no one else saw.

Were all thge boys in the cabin the same age and had all of you started puberty? How did she give the paddles and how many of you were in the cabin? Did she line everyone up and seaparately tell everyone to drop them or make everyone drop them at the same time? How much of each boy do you think she saw during the spanking with the camp paddle and did everyone cry?

So she saw all you boys in the showers and also changing clothes at bed time? Anyone of the boys try to cover up?

Did mom spank you at home too or see dad spank you sometimnes even at age 14 and 15? Did you have sisters that saw you spanked or saw you bare bottom sometimes?

We were age14throurgh 16. We all had manly ha ir in our private area. There were 12 boys in the cabin,she made us drop our pants and under wear and bend over a chair. I think she saw all the boys balls bounce. She even got to see virgin ****. Yes all cry when getting paddled. It hurt like hell,and very ebarsing to be hit by a 19 year old girl. When we were in the showers or changing for bed she saw us nude,yes some tried to cover their dicks.

She should not have been allowed to see 14 o 16 year old boys naked in the shower or changing their clothes. An adult man, I could see doing that, but not a 19 year old girl. She could have checked on you and made sure everything was alright before it was time to turn the lights out in the cabin. You all did wrong by taking her mail from her boyfriend, though. I don't blame her for getting upset about that and you all needed to be punished for doing that. However, I would have had a talk with all the boys first, giving them a firm lecture, left your clothes on, and given you each enough whacks with the camp paddle, to make your bottoms sting through your clothes and bring tears to your eyes. I would not have made you write a letter to her boyfriend explaining what you did and I did to you for punishment.

Why is that so funny? You never got spanked by a camp counselor? Well let me tell you camp was never the same. Tell me some of your adventures mabee I will laugh so hard as to wet myself. NOT!!!

Yes my mom spanked me as well as dad. Sometimes my sister got to see me get spanked. As well as I got to see them get spanked. My sister sometime got to see me bare butt coming out of the shower. Also sometimes I got to see their bare butts leaving the shower.

The camp story is interesting. Was that the first time at camp you had a girl counselor and did other cabis have girls as counselors as well. When did you and the other realize the girl counselor might be seeing you all butter ball naked, was it the first shower when she came in or was it when she saw you all changing at night.

When it came time for the spanking did some of the boys try to beg off and not get spanked? Did some hesitate on pulling down their pants and boxers? Diud she place the chair in the middle of the cabin and have all of you boys lined up and call one up at a time then tell each one to drop his pants and underwear and bend over and then the paddling started? How many licks and was there any bare bottom dancing afterwards or begging while the swats were coming?

What age did you last get spanked by your mom? What age by dad and how did they differ in how they gave their spankings? Did you cry on all of those spankings too and did any freinds ever see you spanked or cousins or sisters freinds?

I am still spanked by both mom and dad. I cry and try to get out of spankings. Mom would lower my pants and boxer.put me over her knee and use a paddle about 50 times. My butt is very red and dancing holding my butt. Not even knowing my balls are on full deplay bounsing up and down. My dad spanks harder and longer. He use the strap. Giving a good 100 hard swings. Some of the spankings my sisters got to see me get spanked and they enjoy the spankee dance. YesYes I Cryed all the time,hate getting my butt spanked by anyone!!!

The camp story is interesting. Was that the first time at camp you had a girl counselor and did other cabis have girls as counselors as well. When did you and the other realize the girl counselor might be seeing you all butter ball naked, was it the first shower when she came in or was it when she saw you all changing at night.

When it came time for the spanking did some of the boys try to beg off and not get spanked? Did some hesitate on pulling down their pants and boxers? Diud she place the chair in the middle of the cabin and have all of you boys lined up and call one up at a time then tell each one to drop his pants and underwear and bend over and then the paddling started? How many licks and was there any bare bottom dancing afterwards or begging while the swats were coming?

She placed the chair in the middle of the room and called us one by one.All crying and saying dont do this to me.then we Lower pants and unerwear. Over the chair get paddledabout60times. Dance in pain. Then stand in a corner,the next boy got gust the same. After see was done see say take a shower and go to bed.

yes that would be embarrassing..what state was this camp in and was it an all boys camp and was she the only girl counselor?

The camp was in california. She was not the only girl councel,but there was also boy councels. It was a coed camp.

Even if it was a coed camp, the girl counselors should have been there for the girls, and the boy counselors should have been with the boys.

She was a tall blond hair girl. Very sexy looking,in her bikini and defiantly nacked in the shower.

All you boys even the 15 year olds were crying even before the first spank landed? How long did it take to pull up the pants and underwear after the paddling from the counselor? Was that the only spanking she gave out then and the only day she saw all of you campers naked?

How did you older boys end up with a girl counselor. Were you shocked when you found out you all had a girl counselor and that she would go into the shower area too and see you all naked? When did you realize that was going to happen?

We got the female ,just our luck. Yes I was VeryVery Very supried when I saw her in the suposly boy,s shower area. We found out she would share the cabin and use the toilet and shower area together the first night together. It was a big surprize to see a female in the shower with just a towel around her waist.

did you see more than the towel on her?

when she left the shower with her towel, sometimes she bent to put on underwear and pajarma,s and yes we saw a full bush and jiggling titts. it made our night.

And she saw just about everything every one of the campers in her cabin had front and back, lol. Were the older boys any more embarrassed than the younger ones when she was in the shower area or during the paddling? Did she ever say something like yall aint got nothing I aint seen before?

When the younger boys were embrased,she said do not worry I seen my brother,s and that small thing is not anthing new for me. The older boys seemed to be more at ease,saying that it an,t small. Your titts are small lol. Both young and older boys cried during her spankings. Wont you too!!

If it hurt real bad I woulkd cry. When did most boys start crying before the spanking or after how many licks? While you were lined up for the spanking did you still have on your pants and underwear and then when you got to her knee did you then pull everything down? Did anyone get hard? I never got hard during any of my spankings from my aunt or mom.

The boys were made to *****,and go over one by one to get spanked. We started to cry before being spanked. Then louder as the spanking begined. Yes it was hard enough!!

Everyone had to ***** at the same time and wait in line in their underwear till it was there turn? So you started cryin as soon as she said all of you were going to spank and cried louder when it was you turn? How far back in line were you?

We had our underpants off. I was about 5 out of 12 in line. By the time I was to receive the spanking,i was already crying with fear of what we already wittnessed.

Did you ask her to go easy as you walked up to her for your turn. What did she say to you and were you trying to cover your front at all? Did she hold you in place real tight and did you try to get up or twist around? What did you do after she let you up? Were all you boys white or was the cabin mixed?

The cabin racial mixed. We were crying and saying no please dont do this. She just said next next. When we did get to her we were pined between her legs. Scirrer syle. Could not move. The spanking lasted about 10 minutes. Very hard hitting. After the spanking we were let up and did the spankee dance. Yes trying to cover up,but she and everyone saw red *** and bounching balls. Very embarishing!!

That description is funny now but I am sure it wasnt when it was happening. I can just picture 12 of you boys when she says you are getting spanked and tells all 12 to take off your pants and underwear and stand and wait for your spanking. How did she call each boy up? Were all you watching the boy up over the lap getting the spanking and when did you start crying? When did most boys start crying? How many licks were given to each boy and how red did the butt get? Were all the boys circumcised? How many of the boys were white and how many black or hispanic or asian? This thread is so interesting.

She called each boy by name.yes we were all watching the boy in front get spanked. She gave about 50 licks,the butt of the other boys extremly red. I beleive they were all circumcized. Out of the twevle,there were 5 white,5 black,2hispanic. Im glad you find this topic interesting!!

fifty licks thats a lot. How many before they started hurting and stinging real bad? Did the black kids or hispanic kids cry or holler anymore that you white boys? Had to suck to be all standing in line with pants off and underwear off and all 12 boys bare *** just waiting for the spanking. The thing interesting is when did the crying start, as they were still in line or once they got up to the counselor. Were some boys openly crying before they were even near to be spanked like the boys that were 9-12 in line were they crying before hand too.

You were used to be spanked at home so this should not have been a big deal.

Also did your counselor see other boys from other cabins naked too as they were in the showers or did each cabin have its own shower. In the camp I went to there was one big shower room for like 12 different cabins.

how old were you then, 14, and when were you last spanked by your mom at home before going to camp. Doid mom always spank bare bottom too and didnt your sisters see you spanked before too so others had seen you spanked?

At that time I was 15,yes mom spanked bare and my sister did get to see me a though times. So yes others wittnesed my body parts before camp. And it,s still ongoing.

There was a shower in each cabin. Yes it was nothing new to be spanked. Except this time it was from a girl of 19. The fear began on line but the real crying began as she started the spanking. After about 20 we were realy yelling and tears coming down our faces. Yes the hispanic boys cryed louder in different wording. The black boys took it better than the rest but still cryed.

I was spanked by my mom until I was 22 because when I was home from college I still had to abide by my parents rules.

Yes parents rules. It,s tough after freedom of beeing on your own at college and making your own deceions. How did your mom spank you? Bare butt with the paddle or strap?

From the time my younger brother and I were 5 yrs. old we were always spanked bare butt otk. From 5-9 we were spanked with mom or dad's hand only. When we turned 10 we started being spanked with a small oval shaped wood paddle. Mom did most of the spanking. Most of the time all spankings were in the dining room so it was in front of whoever was visiting.

At ten it all changed. Spanking over her knee with a paddle. Everyone could see your privates? How did that make you feel that your brother got to see you this way? Are you still getting spankings. If yes by who and with what?

I'm the mom of 2 teen boys they are 14 and 16. I do most of the spanking but my husband also spanks the boys. I pull their pants and underpants down and spank them otk with a paddle. They are spanked in the dining room in front of whoever is visiting. If there are girls over then I will take them to the nearby den so they are not visible but the crying and sobbing can be heard.

When my brother and I were spanked our front and back was viewed by all. My parents believed a healthy dose of embarrassment would make us think twice before misbehaving when company was present. My brother is only 13 months younger than me and we frequently saw each other spanked and were were also spanked together.

How old are you? You said your dad spanks you 100 swats with a strap. That seems way too much. I would think it would be hard to walk or sit for over a week.
I'm sorry you are spanked this way by your dad. How do you hold still for a spanking like that?

I am 18 now. When my mom spanked it was 50 with the strap. Yes it made my *** very red. I just took the punishment,not taking it would be worst!! More strokes as a penitly. I just hold on to the chair very tight entill the spanking is over. Yes I could not walk or sit without pain for about 10 days.

When my dad spanked it was 100. He beleived to double whst mom gave. I still was not able to walk or sit for about 12 days. Worst of all was having my sister who is 2 years older see me jumping over the knee. Then after seeing my private area on display!!

Until what age were you and your brother spanked and did any of your freinds or cousins see your brother spanked? Did you see any of your cousins spanked and did mom spank any other kids besides you and your brother when you were growing up?

Its nice you give your boys some modesty considerations even though you do see them totally bare but visitors only can heart the spanking. Do they do any spanking dance after a spanking? Did you and your brother dance at all?

this so so funny😂

The last time my mom spanked me I was 22. My brother was last spanked when he was 20. Mom spanked him in private but I heard it all. Even as young adults we always cried like little kids and did the spanking dance. We cried because it hurt like hell but I was also ashamed of letting mom down. All the crying helps purge you of guilt and after a spanking all was forgiven and the slate was wiped clean. Even though my brother was bigger and stronger than mom he would have never dreamed of not allowing mom to spank him. I imagine Jr you are also bigger than your mom but you know you have to accept and cooperate with your spanking. Does your sister still get spanked also?

I saw cousins spanked by their parents and I was spanked by my aunts and grandparents.

Yes my sister is still spanked for bad beheivor. I still get to see her spankings. When she done her spankee dance showing off her very red butt and privates. Do you now ever get spanked by your husband?

How old we're the cousins that you saw spanked? We're they boys and girls and was it bare ttOo. Did u ever get spanked with a cousin?


How old were your cousins that you saw spanked by your Aunts? Were they boys or girls?

What age was your brother the last time you actually saw him spanked and end up doing the spanking dance. Did you see him spanked while he was in Jr High and did you and brother ever get it at the same time before and seen each other get it? What type of spankings did you and him get while in Jr High and High School. Any for grades or school misbehavior?


When you spank your own boys, do they cooperate or complain and have they been spanked in front iof each other? What grade are they in school and have they gotten spanked recently? What school related spankings have they had to get from you?


When you were at camp at age 14 or 15 and the counselor decided to spank the entire cabin was that the first spanking she gave to anyone in the cabin? Was everyone shocked when she announced the spanking? When did you first tear up then and when did you start crying out loud?

How many of you resisted taking down the pants?

On the first day at camp and you met her were you shocked she was a female in the male bunk house and how many days went by before she saw you all naked and saw everything?

Before that day, had anyone outside of mom and dad seen you naked when spanked? Was mom still taking down the pants for spankings at age 14 and 15 before you went to camp?

Hope you don't mind the questions and reviving the thread.

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