Mothers Punishment

Well it is almost August 30th and to most that day may not mean much but it is a day that I’ll never forget, or the next one either, but like each one is a different day that is a different story. It is the story of Debbie, my lovely dark haired wife gone 6 years now, but I can no more tell you of her without telling you of Mother. It started when I was a child and Mother raised me well. It was Friday and I had just walked in from playing softball with some guys. It was still hot for being so late in the summer. I think sometimes summer just grabs a hold of the earth and won’t let go, but then when it does it does slowly but you know it just the same. I think the summer was slowly letting go, and the house was cool upon entering compared to the outside. I was headed for my room when I heard my mother call me.
“Come here young man”, she demanded standing right outside of her room.
It was instant dread hearing those words “young man”. It meant that I had done something wrong and I would be paying for it. I came to her room trying to think of my transgression, while mentally preparing myself for the payment that I would soon be paying. It also meant that I wouldn’t be getting anything to eat, and I was real hungry, but I wondered if I would still be hungry after the lesson. I couldn’t think of anything I had done wrong, but upon seeing mother standing outside of her room I knew that it was bad.
“Is there something wrong mother”, I asked coming to her room.
She replied, “Indeed there is young man, and this is very serious”!
I walked in her room and she closed and locked the door after us, which I can’t remember her doing for a long time, ever since I was a little kid. I wouldn’t consider 13 a little kid anymore, but it did seem very serious. Coming in the room there was her massive bed and standing next to it were my two older sisters Joyce and Janice. Joyce and Janice were twins and were three years older than me. They were always up to no good, and if they were here they were out to get me somehow. Mother walked over to her bed and picked up a white object off the bed and turned and held it out to me asked me what this was?
I looked at it and told her it was my sock. Things were starting to fall into place and I needed to stall to try and form some kind of defense to answer the charges that I knew would be levied against me soon.
Mother turned to the girls and said, “Oh that’s it. I just knew it had to be something, and now we know. It’s his sock! We should have known”. She whipped back around to me and stuck her face real close to mine saying, “That’s not what I’m talking about and if you don’t start answering my questions you’ll be very sorry young man. Now I’m just going to ask you one more time what is this”?
I knew what it was and I knew what she wanted. I was going to get punished and if I didn’t want to be punished for lying or not answering her questions I had better start standing up for my actions and give her straight answers. “It is my sock that I used to ********** in, ma’am”.
She rose back and looked sternly at me. The girls were smiling and almost to the point of giggling. I’m sure that soon they would be dismissed but they would try and listen to hear my spanking. I was mentally trying to prepare myself for what I would have to endure soon, trying to figure out if it would be better if I cried out or stayed silent. Sometimes I couldn’t remain silent, but maybe I could try and keep it muffled.
Mother looked at me and then asked, “And how long have we been abusing ourselves”?
I had never heard it put that way before, but I figured out what she meant, and I told her, “about three months”. I also added, “I really didn’t keep track, I just started”.
She continued on with, “Oh and do you have any nudie books cached away that Pantogie (our cleaning lady) may come across while making the beds, cleaning out the closet, or maybe you have them stuck in a drawer somewhere”?
I assured her that I didn’t have any books anywhere and she could check if she wanted to.
She told me that she would indeed in the future, but now she wanted to know the object of my attention while I was abusing myself.
I really didn’t want to tell her, especially with my sisters standing right there. But I knew if I didn’t there would be hell, even more hell than there already was to pay. “Well I thought of Debbie Dawson”.
“Debbie Dawson”! Exclaimed Joyce, and then both girls started to laugh.
Mother whipped around to them and said they should be quiet and reminded them, “You don’t have a pony in this show my ladies”.
Joyce turned to Mother and defended her excitement, “but mother she is so stout”!
Mother told her that it was just baby fat and that she would lose that and she was sure that she would be a lovely young lady. She then turned back to me and stated well young man, I’m sure that the last time that you abused yourself will be just that, and I shall make sure that it is the last time. She then walked to the waste basket in her room and using the foot pedal raised the lit and then dropped the sock in the small can. The can lid slammed and she turned back to me, and told me to prepare for your punishment.
I don’t know if everyone knows what a prayer desk is but in Catholic homes there are prayer desks that you kneel on to say your prayers. I’m sure that other religions use them also, but I have only seen them in Catholic homes. Mother had a prayer desk that was richly carved and very old and unlike some that I have seen hers was open and didn’t have a solid piece of wood that you rested on when you were kneeling down. Hers was made with a kneeling pad, and two strong legs extending up to support a padded board to rest your hands on while you were praying. When I was much younger I was just bent over the bed, but then I stood on the knee pad, and when I outgrew that I just stood on the floor and bent over the top of the desk. Mother pointed to the desk and I walked over and stood on the opposite side as Mother pointed the way. She went over to her closet and out of the recesses withdrew her paddle that she used. It was just over 2 feet long and about 4 inches wide. It seemed very thick and it must have been very old as the varnish on it had yellowed and in the dimming light it kind of glowed.
As Mother walked around my sisters she came and stood next to me. She held the paddle in her hand and lightly patted her other hand. Just the sight of it would start me to shaking. She looked at me and said, “Ok young man let’s drop those trousers”.
I looked at her and then at my sisters, and Joyce and Janice turned and started for the door. Mother interrupted them and told them to stand right there and be a witness to my punishment. I looked at her and I could feel the blood draining from my face as I realized that they not only would listen, but would get to see Mother punish me. She looked at me and then said, “Didn’t I mention something about you dropping your trousers”?
I looked at my sisters and started to unbuckle my belt. Mother stated that maybe the shame of being punished in front my sisters could help her teach me the correct way to act, and I knew that they would tell everyone they could. I was so scared and humiliated that they would be watching. I sneaked a peak at them and it was all they could do to not burst out in laughter. I got my belt unbuckled and then unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them taking as much time as I could. I looked up and looked at my Mother glaring down at me with her paddle in her hand. Finally there was nothing else I could do so I pushed down my pants, and when they cleared my thighs they fell the rest of the way. I moved a little to the desk and started to reach over and, “grab the angels”. Carved on each of the large legs of the desk were an angel and you could cup your hands on them and hold on very nicely.
Just as I was about to bend over my Mother stated, “Hold on young man, we also need to drop those panties (that is what she called my briefs). I looked at her and I was just about in tears. I hung my head in shame as I took a breath and sneaked a look at my sisters. They were about to bust but keeping it all in so that they wouldn’t be sent out of the room. I swallowed and bent over and with my thumbs started to pull my white briefs down. I had to pull them all the way down, and I was so ashamed. I rose back up and I heard one of them giggling and Mother whipped around to them and ordered them to be quiet, and then she turned back to me and said, “Ok let’s grab an angel”!
I shuffled about a foot to the desk and bent over and grabbed an angel, and with a deep breath pulled up on both of them. It is strange that when you’re very excited and full of fear certain parts of your body can betray your true feelings. When some young boys start down the road to adolescence some of those parts of your body can become a source of pride as you begin manhood, and those same parts that don’t respond favorably can be a source of shame. As a young boy I think my penis stopped growing at about ten or so and I thought it was very small. I know at camp it was a source of shame for me as some guys made fun of my small size. Combine this with the blood racing through your body in the state of fear and apprehension, and it makes for a strange sight as my small penis stuck straight out surrounded by the dark hair that had just started to grow around it. The hair made it look even smaller and seeing it I understood why the twins would laugh at my little wee-wee as I would soon be required to refer to my tiny penis.
I took a deep breath and lowered my head and waited for the first question. It would always start with a question.
“You do know that it is wrong to lie to me don’t you”, my mother asked?
“Yes, ma’am I do know that it is wrong to lie to you”, I replied. We always answered in complete sentences. There was never any yes and no answers.
“And you lied to me anyway knowing it is wrong, so you did it on purpose”, she stated! I never do hear a swish sound. Maybe because it is so thick, but I always hear and feel when it contacts me, and now when it contacted I could hear the slap against my bare skin and feel the intense pain shoot up from my butt! I really don’t feel the sting as much as I feel the shooting pain.
Mother continued, “So you knew it was wrong, but you went ahead and lied to me anyway”. Then another swat landed and shot through me again. “Did you do that just to hurt me? I expect an answer young man”!
“I’m sorry ma’am, I should have known that I couldn’t fool you, but I’m just weak and I would never try to hurt you”, I stated. “SWAP!” The paddle landed again and I exhaled deeply feeling my bottom already starting to throb with pain.
“Well maybe we can make you stronger”, Mother said and then she let go with another stroke from her paddle. “THWACK!” This one kind of knocked the air out of me and made me start to breathe deeply. “I keep hoping that you will start acting like a young man, but you continue to act like a little scared boy. You knew what you did was wrong, but no you had to lie to me to try and cover up your bad deeds”, Mother rationalized.
“Yes ma’am, I did and I’m very sorry because I realize now how it hurts you”.
“SWAP!” The paddle landed again and now it really was starting to hurt. Nothing existed in the room anymore except for Mother, the paddle, and me.
“Yes it did hurt me, but not as much as it will hurt you”, she commented. “Now we need to talk about abusing yourself. You do know that was wrong don’t you”, Mother asked as her fingers traced the bruises and whelps that were already starting to appear.
I do now Mother and … “THWACK!” The paddle interrupted me and Mother told me to be quiet unless she asked me a question, because I don’t know what I’m talking about. I didn’t say anything, but just tried to breathe deeply and slowly.
Mother continued, “It is bad because it selfish. “THWACK!” Another deep breath followed by a whimper when I exhaled. “It is selfish because it isn’t shared with another person. Now if you were older and had a wife you and her could share making love to have children. Not to selfishly indulge yourself in self abuse!” “THWACK!”
This time I voiced the pain coursing through me. I was on the verge of crying, and bent over in this position made breathing that much more audible. Mother heard it and as she always said, “tears will wash away the sins.” “THWACK!” This last one opened the tears, but I still tried to keep them back so what came out was muffled sobs, and inadvertent sneezing trying to keep back the air trying to come out. I could feel motions on my butt now with every movement as air tossed and tumbled around my red throbbing whelps. I felt Mothers hand on the small of my back and then another “THWACK!” Oh my this one was really hard and I could feel the tears building but I had to hold them back. I didn’t want to start blubbering like a little baby. I wonder how many more she was going to give me, and then that thought was answered with a loud and much harder than before, “THWACK!” I was shaking now and I couldn’t stop for some reason, and then Mother asked, “Well young man have you learned your lesson?
I replied, “Oh yes Mother, I have learned and I’ll never lie to you again”!
She rubbed my butt and only said, “You’re such a liar, that is what you said last time, and here you are lying the first chance you get!” “THWACK!” “I think right now you’d tell me anything I would want to hear, wouldn’t you?”
“Yes ma’am I probably would”, I blubbered and then the sobs started and I couldn’t stop them. But it didn’t faze Mother one little bit. She just pulled back and let go with another swat. “THWACK!” “So are you going to lie to me any more”, Mother asked?
I assured her that I wouldn’t lie to her or anyone else anymore. I was thinking that maybe she was finished and that I would be able to go my room before I couldn’t keep the tears back. But she wasn’t just yet…
“What about abusing yourself? I’m I going to walk in on you in your room and catch you? You do know that I had better not. So if your going to do that in this house anymore you just need to get out right now and go hang out with the homosexuals on Gaston Ave.” With that last exchange she let go with the most powerful stroke I had ever felt.
I cried out in pain unable to hold back anymore. And then continued with, “Oh please Mother, I won’t do it ever again, please you must believe me, I’ll never do it ever again I’ll show you please just give me one more chance.”
Mother came around and looked at me and told me to look up at her and she stared for a few moments, and the announced that I was lying and she headed back around behind me. I was shaking and my breathing was in short rapid gasps. I was thinking maybe I should try to turn to talk to her when she landed another swat, “THWACK”.
Oh this was too much for me and without actually realizing what was coming out of my mouth I spurt forth, “oh please, please mommy, I won’t lie to you ever again, and I won’t abuse myself ever again, just please don’t hit me anymore, oh please mommy I will do whatever you want me to do. Please mommy, please!”
“What if you don’t, the last time that you lied to me you told me that you wouldn’t do it again, but here you are being punished for lying to me, and on top of that you were caught abusing yourself. What if one of your sisters walked in on you, can you imagine what that would do to them, I don’t think you can, I don’t think that you even care, but you will”. And with that I knew I was in for more, but I wanted to plead just one more time, at least is worth a try. “Oh mommy I want to ensure you that I...” “TWHACK”
This one hurt me more than anything I think I had ever felt and the tears were just flowing out and down my cheeks, “Oh please mommy, please don’t hit me any more, I will never abuse myself again, please believe me” I was crying with out holding back now. I couldn’t stop myself. “Oh please mommy, please please believe me, I’ll be good. I’ll be the best little boy you’ve ever seen, you just wait. I know how to please you and I’ll try and please you every day. I’ll do extra chores around the house, You won’t have to call me young man ever again. I’ll be your young gentleman, just you watch.
I was sobbing as she stood in front of me and told me to stand up like a man. I stood up and had to push up a little on the angels. I was sobbing and snotting out my nose in between my tears. As I finally stood I could feel the pain in my butt and my thighs. Mother grabbed a tissue from her dresser and gave it to me and told me to wipe my eyes and clean my nose. I did and thought about blowing my nose, but for some reason I didn’t think it would be what Mother would want. Mother bent a little and told me to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I did and I smelt her strong perfume. She stood back and pointed to the floor and told me to step out of my trousers and panties and pick them up and go to my room. She then told me that she would see me tomorrow. As I walked out of her room with my little bundle of clothes and tear trails staining my cheeks, I passed my sisters. With a quick glance I could see the smile on Joyce’s face, but on Janice’s face while she wasn’t smiling I could see no pity in her eyes. The long walk down the hallway, and finally to the safety of my room I walked, closed the door, then I dropped my clothes by my bed. I fell on my bed on my stomach and once there I let go and cried. I cried until I could cry no more and I finally slept.
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Jan 8, 2013