'twas The Night Before Christmas And A

Let me say that I did not actually see this spanking in person, but I did overhear it VERY, VERY, WELL over the telephone! This IS a true story and it really did happen on the night before Christmas 2012. I had called my girlfriend that night, as I do every evening before going to bed. She shares a mobile home with my late brother's girlfriend, and her 3 kids: 2 daughters, ages 9 and 12 and a son 10-1/2.

Anyway, as my GF and I were nearing the end of our conversation, I heard the children's Mother in the background announcing that she was leaving for work, (she was working 3rd shift that night), and from the what I heard, she had just handed Jerri, (her 12 yr. old), a basket of freshly laundered clothing and instructed her to fold them and put them away and mentioned that they should have already been done earlier.

Now Jerri on one side, has a great sense of humor and is normally sweet, kind, tenderhearted and a bit of a mischievous prankster! Lately however, she has begun to get herself in trouble by becoming rather abrupt, and "lippy," as well as using foul language at times, towards her mother, siblings, peers, and teachers at school!

Anyway, after hearing her mother give her the instruction to take care of the clothes, there was a brief bit of dialog I missed, then, I heard Jerri speak up in her "lippy" sort of way and say some words to the effect that she was "NOT GONNA FOLD THEM!"

The next thing I heard was her mother basically hitting the roof and shouting: "WHAT??!! Did you just say that you ARE NOT going to fold those clothes?! OH NO, NO, NO, YOUNG LADY, you ARE NOT going to stand there basically GET RIGHT IN MY FACE and DISRESPECT ME LIKE THAT and tell me that you ARE NOT going to do something after I've just told you to do it!"

The next words I heard were: "PULL THOSE PANTS DOWN!" Now this took me by a bit of a surprise let me tell you!! I say this, because I even though I had been at their house many times before and witnessed Jerri and each of her siblings being disciplined with either a wooden spoon or a small wooden stick, I had never witnessed their Mom give any of them a bare bottom spanking! However, I did witness her telling Jerri once that if she ever heard of her doing a certain thing again, she would pull her pants down and spank her on her bare butt!

Well, the next thing I heard was Jerri's Mom ordering her to, "BEND OVER THERE!" I knew right then from past experiences, that she was making Jerri bend over one of their two couches to receive her paddling. Then came the unmistakable sound of a wooden spoon slapping against Jerri's bare bottom in what sounded like 7 fairly rapid swats! "SLAP! OWW! SLAP! OWW! SLAP! OWW! SLAP! OWW! SLAP! OWW! SLAP! OWW! SLAP! OWW!! Then Jerri let out two long sobbing wails! WAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! WAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

During those two drawn out wails, I thought I'd heard a few more sporadic swats fall on Jerri's bottom, but it was hard to tell over her wailing and sobbing. When I got to visit them a few days later, her Mom spoke openly about using that spoon on her bottom, and told me that she had in fact, administered a total of 12 swats to Jerri's bared back-side, and that when she spanks any of her children she administers one swat for each year of their age!

Anyway, after her Mom finished paddling her bottom, I heard her order Jerri to go to her room and take care of those clothes like she'd told her to do in the first place! I could then hear Jerri leaving the room, still continuing to sob moderately, as she went on her way. I must say that I am especially fond of Jerri, and she is very much like a daughter to me. I feel for her each time her behavior earns her a sound paddling from her Mother like the one she received that night.

She DID deserve it though, for "lipping off" at her Mother the way she did. Most importantly, it appears to me that Jerri has learned from it. I say that, because when I first arrived for the visit I mentioned previously, I was very pleased to see her busy with not only FOLDING, but also washing and drying a few loads of her own laundry! .....ON HER OWN and WITHOUT being told to do it! :-)

I am also very pleased, because Jerri, in her own way acknowledges deserving it. During that same visit she spoke briefly to me about her spanking and the little stinker actually giggled at one point, and said, "It didn't hurt!" I chuckled in return and said, "Yeah right little girl, I was on that phone when you got it, and I heard just how much it 'didn't hurt!'"

She then flashed that mischievous grin of hers while raising her little eyebrows and nodding her head and said, "Yeah IT HURT!" It rather did my heart good to hear her speak of her punishment in that way, because that basically tells me, that Jerri accepts that she deserved the paddling she got and is not resentful towards her Mother for it. I did have to counsel Jerri some during my visit about controlling her attitude and her tongue, but all in all, most of the time, she was being a good girl!

I feel that this should serve as an example that spanking, if administered within reason and not overdone, DOES actually work some of the time!!
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Definitely nothing wrong with it. Your moral to the story is very accurate. Thank you for sharing your experience and making it into such a well-written story!I hope to see more stories from you. : )


wtf what? Didn't think anything was wrong with my story! :-) If so, tell me what?!

im just confused